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aircraft sales

AIRCRAFT SALES: Let Us assist you with selling or buying the Aircraft. Please CONTACT US at Anytime! We can help Sell your Aircraft!

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AIRCRAFT SALES: We can also help you Manage the Aircraft! CONTACT US! We would love to hear from you!

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AIRCRAFT SALES: Any type of Plane, Jets, Turbo Props or Multi Pistons. CONTACT US!

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AIRCRAFT SALES: We can find the Best Aircraft that Suits Your Needs! CONTACT US!

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AIRCRAFT SALES: We can get the Best Price for your Aircraft, Try Us! CONTACT US!

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AIRCRAFT SALES: Private Jets. We help with this very important Decision, CALL US!


  1. "Through our sales staff our clients can avoid costly pitfalls with our our personnel help."
  2. "Identify the right Private Aircraft for each client’s intended itineraries."
  3. "Perform a thorough market search for pre-owned Private Aircraft.
  4. "Act as liaison with manufacturer for new Aircraft."
  5. "Identify the best values of available pre-owned "Private Aircraft" and recommend offers."
  6. "Negotiate and coordinate the sale, pre-purchase inspection, and delivery of Private Aircraft."
  7. "Coordinate the completion or modification of Private Aircraft after purchase."

AIRCRAFT SALES: Our goal is to connect Aircraft Sellers and buyers to allow you to find and sell your Aircraft not only to your local market but to the worldwide market as well.

"Airplane Sales"

aircraft sales

"Buying or selling an Aircraft" can be a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be. We have the expertise, experience, insight and process you need to smooth out the bumps along the way. Whether you’re buying or selling an Aircraft for your business or personal use, we bring the best to every transaction.

We would highly recommend "GLOBALAIR" to assist you because Aircraft Sales are very complex there are many choices, and they can assist you with the purchase or sale. Without the proper guidance from experienced and knowledgeable professionals, a very costly error could be made on a particular "Aircraft acquisition."

"Plane Sales"

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Buy an Aircraft with our help. We can ensure that the best Private Aircraft is bought for the best price. We can handle every step of buying and selling an Aircraft from beginning to end. Then we can set up the Aircraft Management for you.

We are your Private Airplane Broker in your next Aircraft transaction. We are committed to serve you and will be by you during your next transaction. If you’re looking for an Airbus/Boeing or any type of Aircraft please see the ”Boeing/Airbus” page. If you’re looking for a Corporate Aircraft please see the aircraft page.

New or used Airplanes for sale, commercial Aircraft, Business Jet sale, Helicopters for sale, single engine Aircraft for sale, Twin Pistons "Aircraft sales," turbine "Jet Aircraft" for sale, vintage and war-bird Aircraft for sale, let us help you with this process!

"Private Aircraft Sales"

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"AIRCRAFT SALES" Through every step of the process — whether it’s a listing, a showing, a viewing, an inspection or a closing — our group is there for every key moment of the transaction. We anticipate and respond to your needs, large or small.

You don’t just get the know-how of one professional on your side. With our Sales Team, you get the collective benefit of a close-knit group of experienced, smart and motivated professionals.

"Private Airplane Sales"

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"AIRCRAFT SALES" We leverage our collective knowledge and experience to customize the process for your specific needs and apply an unparalleled level of intelligence and skill to successfully complete your transaction.

Aircraft Sales provide a great experience for you whether you are listing your Aircraft for Sale or when you are buying an Airplane for Sale. We will find you a large amount of Aircraft for sale.

Aircraft Sales start’s at %5 and up. Aircraft Sales.

"AIRCRAFT SALES for any type of Aircraft."


  1. "Very Light Jets"
  2. "Light Jets"
  3. "Super-Light Jets"
  4. "Midsize Jets"
  5. "Super-Midsize Jets"
  6. "Heavy Jets"
  7. "Long Range Jets"
  8. "V.I.P. Airliners"
  9. "Turbo Props"
  10. "Piston Aircraft"

"Private Jet, AIRCRAFT SALES."

"C.J.C. Inc. Aircraft Sales" will create an "Private Aircraft" for sale listing with as much information as possible about your Airplane while making your aircraft for sale ad visually appealing as well.

"AIRCRAFT SALES" We help in finding an "Private Aircraft" for sale which is quick and easy as we have many different options, and also the ability to compare "Private Airplanes" for sale listings to each other.

When listing an Aircraft for sale you will find the experience quick and easy and you may also choose for us to create your Aircraft for sale listing for you.

"Aircraft Sales" for whether you are buying a "Private Airplane" for sale or selling a "Private Aircraft: you will find the experience quick and easy.

"Let us sell the aircraft for you, or at least let us work as one of the companies trying to sell the Private Jet. We promise to get you the Best Price for your Private Jet!"

Central Jet Charter Inc., has the ability to assess, market and negotiate the sale of your aircraft at the highest professional level.

We keep abreast of industry trends, maintain a thorough, working knowledge of aircraft models and their current values, and continue to develop a worldwide network of brokers and buyers so extensive that many clients turn to us for our connections alone.

In keeping with our mission to always provide service excellence with consummate expertise, we are committed to maximizing your sale.

We will work tirelessly to generate leads for your listing, find the right buyer for your aircraft, and successfully close the sale.

We have the in-house resources of our own full-service maintenance department to draw from, with the ability to expertly assess and validate your maintenance history to help determine a market value.

We know what is highly desirable in the marketplace.

Our sales professionals and maintenance technicians conduct a careful review of your aircraft with the intention of identifying and highlighting the features and benefits that get the most attention from buyers.

Finding the qualities that will attract them to your aircraft over similar listings. Then we help you establish a realistic price for a sale within the time frame you have set.

Value is a matter of opinion. We know how to shape it.

So we go to work researching current market conditions to formulate a marketing plan for success.

AIRCRAFT SALES: The error could cost the buyer hundreds of thousands of dollars! We can assist with buying or selling or buying a Private Aircraft. BUYING a Private Aircraft or selling one is very complex process. We will provide help with and all aspects of buying or selling a Private Plane from start to finish!

"AIRCRAFT SALES" Understanding the differences - and selecting the right Aircraft for your needs - will ensure years of happy missions!

"Aircraft Sales, and Private Jets!"


"AIRCRAFT SALE, Private Jets!"

Our experience allows us to properly represent you through the contract phase to minimize your exposure to undesirable concessions or unreasonable requests.

"Private Plane Sales"

aircraft sale

We develop a buyer profile for your specific model, and ascertain the likely means of connecting with them.

We get a clear picture of the competitive landscape, and prepare an effective, targeted strategy for marketing within it.

We start with professional photography and an expertly produced video presentation, downloadable images of the exterior and interior, and a detailed specification sheet.

jet aircraft sale

We then employ print advertising in trade publications with global circulations to communicate to a mass audience, and we pinpoint targeted prospects through direct emails and strategically placed advertising on select websites.

We constantly monitor and update database services including JetNet and Amstat, and we modify our strategy as needed to adjust to our findings.

Our expert sales negotiation is the key to your success. After more than three years in the business, we have established a proven track record of success, one that is confirmed by the many referrals from our satisfied clients.

As your representative, we consider it our duty to maximize the return on your aircraft investment, which makes sales negotiation the most crucial stage of the process.

"AIRCRAFT SALES" or "PLANE SALES" or what ever type of Aircraft you would like to buy! The world of "Corporate Aviation," like most industries in our modern world, can be a complex and daunting environment, but let us assist you!

"AIRCRAFT SALES" is very complex and if you’re just starting to consider the possibility of owning your own Aircraft, one of the first things you may want to understand is the difference between piston engine powered Aircraft and "Turboprop Aircraft."

"Let us help you sell your Aircraft!"


"AIRCRAFT SALES" You won’t find a more experienced or analytical group—buying and selling "Aircraft worldwide." Each transaction is unique—and we treat each one with the care and concern it deserves.

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"Private Aircraft Charter Quotes, 24/7/365, Call Us!"