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The CHALLENGER 650 PRIVATE JET, is the Best & Biggest that Bombardier Aircraft Builds! We can Charter this Aircraft for you!

The CHALLENGER 650 PRIVATE JET, is an Ultra Long Range Private Jet that is one of the Most Spacious!

The CHALLENGER 650 PRIVATE JET, Bombardier Aircraft is a 50 Million Dollar Plane!

The CHALLENGER 650 PRIVATE JET, This is one of the Roomiest Aircraft Available for Private Jet Charter!

The CHALLENGER 650 PRIVATE JET, Ultra Long Range Private Jet. This is the Ultimate Aircraft because it is one of the Biggest Long Range Private Jets!

The CHALLENGER 650 PRIVATE JET, Challenger 604, & Challenger 601, but the 605 is the Newest!

The CHALLENGER 650 PRIVATE JET, Jet Charter and you will Experience a Truly Luxurious Aircraft


  1. Passenger Capacity:9.
  2. Lavatory: Full.
  3. Airspeed (M.P.H): 488.
  4. Range (nm): 4,200.
  5. Cabin Width: 8′ 2″.
  6. Cabin Height: 6′ 1″.
  7. Cabin Length: 28′ 5″.
  8. Baggage Capacity: 115 cu. ft.

Private Jet Charter in the Challenger 650 with its redefinition of the ultimate in-flight experience, industry-best overall value, proven reliability and efficiency.

AIR CHARTER SERVICES in Bombardier’s Challenger 650. New performance capabilities, the CHALLENGER 650 is another example of Bombardier’s industry leadership. A better standard equipped Aircraft than any other Business Jets in its class provides customers with everything they need and more. A better standard equipped Aircraft than any other "Business Jet" in its class provides customers with everything they need and more.

"CHARTER A PRIVATE JET" in a "Challenger 650 Ultra Long Range Aircraft." The Bombardier Vision flight deck provides pilots with a new cockpit experience and unprecedented levels of both comfort and control.

  1. "Widest-in-class and completely redesigned cabin with leading technology, setting new standards of comfort and connectivity."
  2. Fully equipped performance, featuring Bombardier Vision flight deck and optimized engines with higher thrust delivering shorter take-off field length and extra payload.
  3. "Lowest-in-class direct operating costs and industry benchmarked reliability provide total peace of mind."
  4. "Top rated customer service - 24/7 service with 14 regional support offices worldwide."

This is the best "Private Jet Charter" in the industry’s best selling large platform, with an accumulation of over 5 million flight hours and airliner-level system redundancy.

Enhanced higher-thrust engines offer increased payload and runway capabilities, allowing more passengers even easier access to more business destinations. Central Jet Charter Inc. "Challenger 650."

This Challenger series of aircraft sets the benchmark for dispatch reliability with numbers averaging above 99.9% Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your aircraft is ready for business whenever you are.

"The Challenger Private Jet" is a valuable asset to corporate clients. The newly-evolved GE engines with higher thrust deliver improved take-off field length, extra payload and better range capabilities out of challenging Airports. The result: more operational flexibility and access to more of your business world with more passengers.

"JET CHARTER" in the "Challenger 650 Aircraft" redefines the ‘ultimate in-flight experience’. Its widest in-class cabin has been completely redesigned to offer even greater comfort and productivity

"The CHALLENGER 650 AIRCRAFT" has superior creative masterwork inspired by the design of the "Challenger 350 Aircraft" featuring attractive fluid lines and luxurious comfort, industry leading wired and wireless connectivity as standard, new levels of control and infinite flexibility in its work and dining areas.

The Challenger 650 has A COMPLETE CABIN REDESIGN. THE ULTIMATE IN-FLIGHT EXPERIENCE. A masterful expression of high-end design, craftsmanship, form and functionality.

"Private Aircraft Charter" in the Challenger 650 which has the widest cabin in its class. Almost six inches wider than the closest competitor, the cabin takes comfort to the next level.

"The Challenger 650 Plane" passengers experience which has exceptional seat width, integrated deployable headrests and ergonomic leg-rests for more comfort.

"The CHALLENGER 650 AIRCRAFT" new in-flight experience results in great part from a more efficient use of personal space. "The Challenger 650" has every opportunity to leverage the width advantage and elevate passenger comfort—working, dining, or relaxing—has been seized and to a stunning effect.

The "Challenger 650" Private Jet can be chartered at and this Jet generally goes for $6500 per hour and up.

PRIVATE JET CHARTER" in the new Challenger Design. Completely rethought, the exquisitely-appointed new galley increases counter space and optimizes appliance placement for new levels of efficiency and productivity. The 72% larger oven can literally halve meal preparation times, of key importance with as many as 12 passengers on board.

The Challenger 650 is powered by two GE Aviation 9,220-pound-thrust CF34-3BMTOs, which have 5 percent more takeoff thrust than the CF34-3B engines on the 605. The additional thrust is pilot selectable via a new performance thrust setting.

The Challenger 650 is a refreshed version of the nine-year-old Challenger 605, featuring more powerful GE Aviation CF34-3B engines.

"The Challenger 650" offers exceptional stand-up headroom, larger seats, more leg room, a flat floor throughout, and full in-flight access to baggage in an even more comfortable cabin.

"CHALLENGER 650, Jet Charter"


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"CHALLENGER 650, Information"

"The Challenger 650" has the best equipped Cabin Management System, largest-in-class HD monitors, Audio Video on Demand, Bluetooth integration and industry-leading connectivity capabilities among its many standard package advantages.

  1. "Layout with four-place divan."
  2. "Second handrail."
  3. "Jump seat."
  4. "Large galley with a 70% larger oven."
  5. "Galley pocket sliding door."
  6. "Iridium phone system."
  7. "Bulkhead monitor."
  8. "CMS with Wi-Fi audio/video on demand and 24-inch monitor."

With impressive range and performance, flying near or far is a breeze with the Challenger 650.

New performance capabilities, the "CHALLENGER 650" is another example of Bombardier’s industry leadership.

A better standard equipped Aircraft than any other "Business Jet" in its class provides customers with everything they need and more.

"JET CHARTER SERVICE" in a "Challenger 650" comes in many seating configurations but they generally can hold up to 12-14 passengers.

"The CHALLENGER 650 AIRCRAFT" is a truly comprehensive technology offering sets the "Challenger 650 Aircraft" ahead of all in its class, with "Business Aviation’s" most advanced flight deck experience.

"The Challenger 650 plane" with its 4,000 nm (7,408 km) range capability, the new Challenger 650 aircraft connects more key business cities non-stop, consistently flying fully-equipped with 6 passengers between London and New York, Dubai and London, and Sao Paulo to Miami.

The Bombardier Challenger 600 series is a family of business jets. It was first produced by Canad air as an independent company and then produced from 1986 by Canad air as a division of Bombardier Aerospace.

The Montreal-headquartered air framer (Booth 281) is refreshing its classic, 10-passenger Challenger 600 series with redesigned cockpit and cabin interiors.

It has optimized GE CF34-3B MTO turbofan engines that will provide additional takeoff thrust on a limited basis to facilitate shorter takeoff distances.

It also can take greater payloads and more range from “challenging” airports during high/hot operations. Planned maximum range of the new model is 4,000 nm (with six passengers and standard NBAA IFR reserves).

GE Aviation’s 9,220-pound-thrust CF34-3BMTO engines have 5 percent more takeoff thrust than the engines on the Challenger 605.

The higher thrust setting does not impact engine maintenance, provided it is used no more than 10 percent of the time.

The new feature would be particularly effective at airports such as Aspen, Colo., and Hilton Head, S.C., and that the extra thrust would not impact engine specific fuel consumption.

The manufacturer claims that the new model will offer more than $1.5 million worth of equipment as standard items than is available on an optional basis with its nearest rival the Dassault Falcon 2000.

Improvements include wider seats, a galley with a high-temperature oven, more personal storage in and around the seats and Lufthansa Technik’s nice HD cabin management/in-flight entertainment system.

The freedom and flexibility to come and go as you choose has never been greater.

"The Challenger 650" superior aesthetics, ergonomics and technology unite to engage passengers at every conceivable touch-point in the re-engineering of business aviation’s widest cabin—promoting productivity, enabling enjoyment or just ensuring better rest en route

"Challenger 650, Private Jet Charter!"


"Private Jet Charter, in a CHALLENGER 650"

A state-of-the-art large cabin jet, the new Challenger 650 is designed for maximum comfort and mobility.

As part of the new Signature Series™, the Challenger 650 boasts a number of unique features and custom enhancements to meet the needs of Jet Charter Clients.

Many have wondered what Bombardier’s next step will be to retain the Challenger 605’s best-selling lead in the heavy jet category of business jets as the type approaches its 1,000th delivery since the aircraft was introduced 1986.

The new Challenger 650 leans heavily on Bombardier’s experience in evolving the super-midsize Challenger 300 into the 350.

With a heavy focus on comfort in the up-to-12-passenger cabin as well as improvements to the flight deck and avionics systems.

Given the response to the Challenger 350, the scope of the changes is very similar from the Challenger 605 to the Challenger 650.

Launch price is $32.35 million in 2015 dollars, up $500,000 from the Challenger 605.

That includes up to $1.5 million worth of standard equipment that is available only as options on its nearest competitor, the Falcon 2000 family.

Highlights of the makeover include what Bombardier claims to be most advanced cabin management system in the industry (it’s the fifth Bombardier aircraft to feature Lufthansa Technik’s NICE system that also equips the Learjet 85 and 70/75 and the Challenger 350).

The Vision flight deck from the Global 5000/6000 (Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 Advanced), and 5% more takeoff thrust from enhanced GE CF34-3B MTO engines.

The new engines improve shorter-field takeoff lengths. The thrust boost has no impact on engine life or maintenance.

This is available on the Globals, and is now being introduced on the Challengers.

A total of 985 Challenger 600 series aircraft have been delivered since 1986, of which about 960 are still in service.

The Challenger 650 designation is a “me-too,” following the Cessna Citation 650, Embraer Legacy 650 and Gulfstream 650.

The Challenger 650 features the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21-based Vision flight deck, a version of Lufthansa Technik's Nice cabin management system.

New GE CF34-3B engines that produce 5 percent more thrust. The engines deliver shorter takeoff distance, more payload capacity and greater range, now stretched to 4,000 nm, according to Bombardier.

Features of the new twinjet in the front office include synthetic vision, Rockwell Collins MultiScan weather radar, optional HUD and the latest generation Collins flight management systems.

The cabin will be fully-equipped with multimedia system and allow passengers to store and play media. Passengers can access the content on their devices by connecting them to other portable devices via USB, HDMI, Bluetooth and other ports. The cabin also features two 24in bulkhead monitors for entertainment and information display.

The delivery of the large-cabin business jet, serial number 6053 – which was added to the Federal Aviation Administration register on 14 December 2015.

That accommodates the latest technologies including HD and audio/video on demand.

Styling cues from other Bombardier models include larger interior window cutaways to let in more natural light, bullnose accents that run the length of the drink rail, in-wall speakers and stylized passenger service units.

Vision features large 15-inch displays and includes head-up guidance, synthetic vision, enhanced vision, MultiScan weather radar and the Integrated Flight Information System.

Improvements include wider seats, a galley with a temperature oven, more personal storage in and around the seats and an audio/video-on-demand system.


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