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  1. Passenger Capacity: 6 – 10
  2. Lavatory: Full
  3. Airspeed (MPS): 510
  4. Range (nm): 2,950
  5. Cabin Width: 7′ 2″
  6. Cabin Height: 6′ 3″
  7. Cabin Length: 17′ 10″
  8. Baggage Capacity: 80 cu. ft.

The GULFSTREAM G200 is a Large wide body Super Midsize Private Jet that has transcontinental range and is truly a Premier Large Body Jet.

"Gulfstream G200 Private Jet"


CHARTER A PRIVATE JET, The GULFSTREAM G200 that vaults to the head of the Midsize Jet category with a long-range cruise of 3,400 nm at Mach .80, initial climb to 41,000 feet and a ceiling of 45,000 feet. The Gulfstream G200 offers the range and comfort of a large cabin jet – for a midsize cabin price.As the first super-midsize jet of its kind, you’ll get fast, nonstop travel in a spacious and comfortable cabin. "CHARTER A GULFSTREAM G200" and you get a cabin that will have what Gulfstream calls its “cabin essential” design.


The Gulfstream g200 Private Jet is one of the most popular "Private Jets" and they are great for longer range "Jet Charter" trips. It encompasses, outstand performance, comfort and, advanced technology to bring together this best-in-class Aircraft.


"The GULFSTREAM G200" design of basic airplane systems, redundancy and separation of key functions assures that the cabin will be a comfortable, workable space on trips that can span New York to London, or London to Dubai.

"The GULFSTREAM G200" can hold up to 10 passengers comfortably, in a variety of seating layouts.

"Gulfstream G200 Cabin"

Some typical amenities include an ergonomic galley, spacious in-flight-accessible baggage compartments, and 19 large windows-4 more than the G200-for increased natural light.

The roomy height and width of the "GULFSTREAM G200" cabin are the same as that of the previous version-6 ft 3 in and 7 ft 2 in, respectively-but the length of the cabin has been extended by 1 ft 5 in, giving it a total length of 25 ft 10 in for extra stretching and storage space. "Charter a Gulfstream G200 Private Jet."

"GULFSTREAM G200 JET CHARTER" is one of the best ways to travel but the newest "Private Jet Aircraft," the "Gulfstream G280" & "Gulfstream G250" boasts superiority in all areas of the super mid-size "business jet" market.


"GULFSTREAM G200 JET CHARTER" with the most spacious cabin in its class, the "Gulfstream 200" cabin can provide seating for up to ten passengers in two seating areas.

"The GULFSTREAM G200" large galley and in-flight access to baggage provides the best accommodations for passengers. At can be chartered for $4,150 per hour and up.

The 100 percent fresh air, low cabin altitude, quiet cabin and large windows reduce fatigue and promote a comfortable cabin environment. Let’s do a "Jet Charter Gulfstream G200." Charter a Private Jet "the GULFSTREAM G200" with Central Jet Charter Inc., just give us a call!

The Gulfstream 200 has everything that could be desired in a private jet: great range, cabin size, and speed. It’s the ideal jet for completing long-range missions rapidly and comfortably.

"GULFSTREAM G200, Private Jet Charter!"


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"GULFSTREAM G200, Information!"

Central Jet Charter Inc. & The Gulfstream G200 Private Jet

"Gulfstream G200 Private Jet Charter"

It also has a cruise speed of 540 mph, making it ideal for nonstop transcontinental travel. One of the first things you’ll notice about the Gulfstream G200 is how spacious it is.

There are power outlets available for any piece of office equipment in addition to an outlet for each passenger. There is 125 cubic feet of baggage space available in an external compartment, able to contain up to 2,400 pounds.

The cabin of the Gulfstream 200 can be configured to hold anywhere between eight and nineteen seats. The cabin itself is 24.4 feet long, 7.2 feet wide and 6.3 feet high.

"Gulfstream G200 Exterior"

Optional additions include a radio phone, entertainment systems, and interior design upgrades.

It can seat nine passengers comfortably and has 6’3” of stand-up headroom, which exceeds all other aircraft in its category. And it has the largest baggage capacity in its class.

It’s not every day that an early-generation private jet turns out to be such a success, but the Gulfstream 200 is a definite exception to that rule.

Few other super midsize private jets can fly eight passengers 3,680 miles (3,200 nautical miles) at .80 Mach.

For that matter, few first-generation private jets are so reliable. The success of the Gulfstream 200 was unanticipated by the private jet industry, and continues to perform at high standards of excellence.

When Gulfstream purchased Galaxy Aerospace in 2001 for $330 million, the deal was sort of the aviation equivalent of the reality television show Flip This House.

"Gulfstream G200 Airplane Charter"

The Galaxy purchase gave Gulfstream, previously a maker of only large-cabin jets, the type certificates of two downstream aircraft.

The Galaxy super-midsize business jet and the smaller Astra SPX, both designed and manufactured by Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) of Tel Aviv.

Gulfstream quickly rebranded the twin-engine jets as the G200 and G100, respectively, and overnight it had a diverse product line. (Rebranding of the Gulfstream IV-SP and GV models to the G300 through G550 designations came a year later, in 2002.)

At least on paper, the eight- to 10-passenger Galaxy/G200 looked like a winner. It has the operating-cost structure of a mid-size jet like a Hawker but offers a large-jet cabin.

"Gulfstream G200 Charter Flights"

On the performance side, the G200 has a maximum cruise speed of Mach 0.85, a ceiling of 45,000 feet and a claimed 3,400-nautical-mile range with four passengers at Mach 0.8 (although operators say it works out to more like 3,100 nautical miles). Theoretically, at least, that means nonstop trips, such as Los Angeles to Caracas, Seoul to Singapore, Berlin to Delhi and Detroit to London. The Galaxy was based on a new wider fuselage, attached to a strengthened Astra SPX wing with integrated winglets and modified high lift devices. Cabin volume measures 868 cubic feet and the G200 boasts a generous 150 cubic feet of baggage space.

"Private Aircraft Gulfstream G200"

But you'll be taking very thin people with almost no luggage. Maximum payload with full fuel is only 650 pounds.

"GULFSTREAM G200, Jet Charter!"


"GULFSTREAM G200, Chartering a Private Jet!"

The Gulfstream G200, formerly known as the IAI Galaxy is a twin-engine business jet. It was designed originally by Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) and was produced for Gulfstream Aerospace from 1999 through 2011.

"Gulfstream G200 Jet Charter"

In 2005, Gulfstream began designing a follow-on aircraft. The new model, known as the G250 was launched in 2008.[9][10] It was later renamed the Gulfstream G280.
The changes made to the G200 were not cheap or easy, but they paid off. Today, G200 owners generally give Gulfstream's industry-leading product support high marks (see chart on preceding page).

"Gulfstream G200 Airplane Charter"

Properly retrofitted and maintained used G200s, while not perfect, are good values.

The Gulfstream G200 is a Super Midsize Jet that can seat up to 9 comfortablyl.

The Gulfstream 200 was one of the first private jets in the Gulfstream series, jets that would become top competitors in the super-midsize category.

"Gulfstream G200 Cockpit"

The G200 was the second super-midsize aircraft to hit the market-Dassault's Falcon 2000 was first in 1995-and it quickly garnered attention for several reasons.

For one thing, the stylish 24.5-foot-long cabin, created by the New York design firm Henry Dreyfuss & Associates, is roomy, light and airy.

Three possible cabin layouts are available: double club four; single club four with conference grouping opposite a berthable divan; and club four with half club and divan.

"Gulfstream G200 Charter Flights"

You'll find master cabin controls at the VIP seat location, three 110-volt outlets throughout the cabin with adjacent data ports and a 15-inch LCD monitor embedded in the forward cabin bulkhead.

The standard entertainment setup includes two DVD players, a CD player and Airshow 400. G200s can be fitted for satcom, XM satellite radio and high-speed Internet.
The forward galley features a microwave, coffeemaker, sink, ice drawer, trash compartment and storage doors and drawers."

"Gulfstream G200 Private Jets"

The rear lavatory has a solid sliding door, vanity with storage, sink and running water and an externally serviced chemical toilet.

By an inch, the airplane actually has more headroom (75 inches) than the much larger Gulfstream IV, but with a tube only two inches narrower (86 inches).

Gulfstream rightfully points out that the airplane can typically use shorter runways on most domestic trips; for example, the G200 needs only 5,000 feet to take off and fly from Los Angeles to New York.

"Gulfstream G200 Super Midsize Jet"

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