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"COMPANY: "C.J.C. Inc."

We are all about Private Aircraft Charter Services and that is our passion here. We make sure that it is inherent in our philosophy and company culture. We are all about "Private Jet Charter" and the best possible trip and experience."

We can also do any type of "Airplane Charter," and "Helicopter Charter," at We can take care of everything, and we offer a complete range of related services to complement your Private Air Charter.

  1. "We also provide a full array of concierge services, depending on what ever your needs are."
  2. "You can have a Private jet ready and waiting in as little as two to ten hours. You’ll enjoy the support of an entire company. Whether your "Private jet aircraft" is out of service for maintenance or already booked, "Central Jet Charter Inc." can provide just about whenever and wherever you need it."
  3. "If a pilot ill or a crew approaching their maximum duty limit? No worries. With "Central Jet Charter Inc." you’ve got a reliable backup plan."

Its all about you, the trip, the "Private Aircraft" and your experience and we make it one to remember, with access to over 10,000 "Private Jets.

"BOOKING a PRIVATE JET" is something we have been doing a very long time and that is our specialty. We take care of everything.

  1. "We aim to give clients total peace of mind. We thoroughly screen employees, tightly control Private jet aircraft access, and work closely with authorities on the ground to provide risk and threat assessment on an international scale."
  2. "Quote before each flight, no hidden fees or unexpected charges."
  3. "No blackout dates or peak period surcharges."
  4. "Custom menus and the latest in-flight amenities, all coordinated by our 24/7/365 staff of professional flight coordinators."

We have access to the largest network or "Private Flight" operators to enable you to chose the most suitable, efficient and economical "Private Charter Flight" possible anywhere in the world.

"COMPANY: C.J.C. Inc." "Private Flight" Concierge Services: You will be assigned your own "Private Air Charter" travel consultant and personal concierge to assist with your travel, dining and entertainment needs. "Central Jet Charter Inc." executive "Jet Service" can meet the needs of the most discerning traveler.

  1. "No monthly fees, No membership costs, and No long-term investment."
  2. "20-30% savings when compared to fractional programs."
  3. "Only 4-hours’ notice required for all of your travel arrangements."
  4. "Access to more than 5,000 aircraft and helicopters in over 6,000 airports worldwide."
  5. "24-hour concierge service."

"FLIGHT CHARTER" with the highest levels of service to and from anywhere in the world for our clients.

CHARTERING A PRIVATE FLIGHT is something as easy as signing a few forms. That is something we can do for you, and we will go to any lengths to make sure everything goes great on your trip. Come Book a Private Jet Flight.

By giving passengers the power to choose how and when they fly, we're pioneering a new kind of private jet and luxury service—one that's personal, flexible and on-demand.

We will cater to all your needs and will provide what-ever is requested, it is all about our commitment to serving your needs. "CHARTER a FIGHT" with us and we will included bespoke hospitality before as well as on board your Private Jet Flight.

"C.J.C. Inc." offers pricing that is different, too. We're an on-demand service, so customers pay only for each trip they take.

"Private Jet Charter Company!"


  1. "Very Light Jets"
  2. "Light Jets"
  3. "Super-Light Jets"
  4. "Midsize Jets"
  5. "Super-Midsize Jets"
  6. "Heavy Jets"
  7. "Long Range Jets"
  8. "V.I.P. Airliners"
  9. "Turbo Props"
  10. "Piston Aircraft"

"Private Jet Charter Company!"

We believed it was time for "Private-Jet" customers to benefit from the Internet and the growing trend towards national brands.

"Charter a Private Aircraft" which is all about serving your wishes to the fullest, so we know your experience will be a great one with many fond memories.

  1. "Charter flights free you from the obligations and constraints of fractional ownership."
  2. "Charter arrangements eliminate any ownership related contract payments."
  3. "Charter flights allow you to select the most suitable aircraft for each trip instead of the one fractionally owned."
  4. "With Charter flights you only pay for where you want to fly, not from the location of your own private plane."

  5. "Flying charters you get on the right plane anywhere, anytime, anyplace, with as little as 4 hours notice."

"PRIVATE JET CHARTER" with our dream team, joining forces and experience to fulfill a shared vision of what a true leader in the "Private Jet Charter Services" industry can be.

One dedicated to a "Luxury Private Flight" experience that is based on superior "Private Flight" safety and exceptional "Private Air Flight" customer care. Come fly with us, we are "Private Jet Charter."

We have a history of working with some of the biggest and best companies in the "Private Jet Charter" Industry.

We also recognized that Private Jet passengers were paying too much with "Flight Cards" and "Fractional Ownership Programs."

All of the national programs are priced significantly higher than what "Central Jet Charter Inc." can deliver. "Central Jet Charter Inc." is dedicated to unifying and improving the "Private Charter" industry by creating a national network.

"Central Jet Charter Inc." designed "" and our sister company to deliver simple online (or telephone based) reservations on "Private Aircraft" operated by "FAA Part 135" Air Charter carriers.

  1. "We Represent our Clients with the operators."
  2. "The relationship our Private Jet aviation specialists have with our clients."
  3. "Our aviation specialists are charter flight travel specialist that work for you."
  4. "We are not a charter flight operator."
  5. "We do not own any planes we need to keep flying."
  6. "We are able to obtain at least three competitive bids on each charter flight request."
  7. "We pass the savings resulting from competitive bidding to our clients."

We offer more choices of "Private Aircraft" and features — and provide travelers with more essential information about the aircraft listed on "" — than any other company.

Our FAA Certified Part 135 "Air Charter" suppliers are carefully chosen for their ability to provide superb, reliable service.

"Private Jet Charter, C.J.C. Inc. Company!"


"Company Jet Charter Flights!"

In-flight Wi-Fi. Take advantage of valuable work time to conduct personal and business transactions between destinations.

Central Jet Charter Inc., access to private jets has fully Wi-Fi enabled, allowing travelers to employ their own smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Want to entertain? Boutique concierge services include fresh and innovative in-flight catering.

Central Jet Charter Inc., delivers quality, consistency and the highest level of professionalism to our clients. To maximize the advantage of our extensive domestic and international networks.

Central Jet Charter Inc., passengers experience exceptional service, consistent pricing and the ultimate in luxury travel with each flight on the private jets.

With access to more than 10,000 airports throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean, and worldwide our travelers find convenient air travel meeting their exact specifications.

When you fly with Central Jet Charter Inc., you have the comfort of knowing that each of our highly trained expert pilots is committed to meeting Central Jet Charter Inc.,'s standards of excellence in safety, professionalism and customer service.

Point-to-Point Pricing. Flying round trip or one way, you’ll appreciate an hourly rate that reflects only your actual flying time.

Every time you fly with Central Jet Charter Inc., you’ll appreciate our exceptional service and highest commitment to safety.

"COMPANY Central Jet Charter Inc." members have an entire fleet of "Luxury Private Jets" at their disposal. We recognize that travel needs are as specialized and unique as our clients-that’s why we have access to over 5,500 "Private Aircraft" available worldwide including: fuel efficient "Turbo Props," sleek "Light Jets," versatile medium and "Super Midsize Jets," luxurious "Heavy Jets" and even "Helicopters."

"CHARTER a PRIVATE FLIGHT" and we will make sure every aspect of your "Private Jet" trip is handled in a way you will always remember. The client always comes first and it is something we strive for.

"COMPANY Central Jet Charter Inc." Limousine and Helicopter transfers to and from "Private Flights" and hotels, restaurants and security, plus an array of more specialized services. If you require it, you have but to ask! Let us Charter a Private Jet together.

"CHARTER a PRIVATE FLIGHT COST" is always the best with us because we match "Jet Charter Quotes."

We will do what ever it takes to make this the best "Private Jet Charter" trip at the best price. We can be reached at anytime through our website at We have "Jet Charter" trips starting as low as $1,500.

"C.J.C. Inc." does not set fixed hourly prices for flights: pricing will differ from trip to trip, depending on a number of factors including the odds of matching a client's itinerary with that of other customers.

We've made it easy to fly at a moment's notice without upfront fees and long term commitments.

Central Jet Charter Inc., can also be reached us at ""

If you need a "Helicopter Charter Flight" you can reach us at ""

"Private Aircraft Charter Quotes, 24/7/365, Call Us!"