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The KING AIR 350 PRIVATE AIRCRAFT, Turbo Prop Private Plane, Charter Aircraft. Private Aircraft, Charter Flights, Plane Service at Any Time, in Any Place. Please CONTACT US!

The KING AIR 350 PRIVATE AIRCRAFT, Turbo Props, Private Planes, Charter Aircraft. Please CONTACT US, we would love to hear from you.

The KING AIR 350 PRIVATE AIRCRAFT Charter. Private Aircraft Charter, Flight Plane Service at Any Time, in Any Place.

The KING AIR 350 PRIVATE AIRCRAFT Charter is here for you, so Please CONTACT US!

The KING AIR 350 PRIVATE AIRCRAFT, Turbo Prop Private Planes, Charter Aircraft! Aircraft Charter Flights just take one Call.

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"The KING AIR 350"

  1. Engines | TWO 715 horsepower each
  2. Seats | one or two pilots and six-10 passengers
  3. Max takeoff weight | 11,800 lbs
  4. Max cruise speed | 280 MPH
  5. Takeoff distance | 1,898 ft
  6. Landing distance | 1,290 ft
  7. Range | 1,160 nm
  8. Wingspan | 45 ft, 11 in
  9. Length | 39 ft, 11 in
  10. Height | 15 ft, 5 in

The King Air 350 Private Aircraft with its class–leading capabilities and efficiency, the next–generation "King Air 350" is the responsible, sustainable alternative that "business aviation" has been waiting for. "The KING AIR 350 TURBO PROP AIRCRAFT."

"King Air 350 Private Aircraft

"The KING AIR 350" is its segment’s greenest aircraft, the "King Air 350" can take more passengers farther on less fuel for consistent savings for your business.

"King Air 350 Specifications"

  1. "Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 integrated avionics suite combines the latest flight technology and intuitive design."
  2. "By increasing fuel efficiency without sacrificing payload, the twin–engine "King Air 350" cost per seat–mile is less than the leading. single–engine turboprop on typical 300–600 nautical–mile trips."
  3. "Perfect for the go–anywhere global business traveler, the "King Air 350" can often operate from runways shorter than 3,000 feet."
  4. "Standard seating for nine passengers and storage for their baggage."
  5. "At maximum weight, the twin–engine climb rate ascends to an extraordinary 2,730 feet per minute."
  6. "Backed by the industry’s largest product–dedicated factory–owned global service network."
  7. "Unbeatable performance, refinement and versatility – No wonder it’s the number one turboprop of all time."

The KING AIR 350 has state–of–the–art design and performance enhancements represent new heights of power and durability.

"King Air 350 Cabin"

Whether you’re traveling to "Smaller Airports" or unimproved airstrips, the versatility and comfort of the "King Air 350" will show you why pilots, companies and governments in 105 countries have trusted more than 6,500 "King Airs" over the years – more than any other "business aircraft."
If you require extended range or high–performance for a special mission and need a great Aircraft the endurance and economy of the new "King Air 350iER" (Extended Range) delivers the ultimate solution. This "King Air" can be custom modified to fulfill a wide variety of long–distance, highly technical missions.

"King Air 350 Inside"

"The KING AIR 350" is incredibly comfortable and has new seat feature waterfall headrests and can be enhanced with optional aft ottomans and seat warmers.

"King Air 350 Interior"

The "King Air 350i’s" redesigned cabin and collection of cutting-edge Aircraft Amenities creates a experience that is second to none. The revolutionary Flexcabin design simplifies reconfiguring seats for more passengers or allowing for even more space to service VIPs.

"King Air 350 Plane Charter"

"The King Air 350 Turboprop" equaling the quality and workmanship of top Hawker business jets, this new King Air offers unsurpassed interior styling with a fit and finish usually reserved for models costing millions more. More volume and more amenities: it is truly today’s smartest "business aircraft" value.

"King Air 350 Aircraft Charter"

The 350 revolutionary Flexcabin system can be reconfigured for work or play, while the new Venue Cabin Management System makes flying more productive, entertaining and relaxing.
The most comfortable solution for short-haul flights. The King Air 350, with a payload and range capability unmatched in its class, is significantly more economical than comparable jets. The King Air 350 offers virtually the same flight time for short to medium distances. Excellent short-field performance increases airport options, bringing you closer to your final destination.

"King Air 350 Private Aircraft Charter!"


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"KING AIR 350, Information!"

The 350 is a rare airplane that can carry full fuel and full seats, and it can do it under extreme conditions.

"King Air 350 Private Aircraft Charter!"

High air temperature robs all airplanes of takeoff performance, but the 350 has enough margin to safely take off at maximum weight at sea level on a 126º F day.
Move up to Denver and it can still take off at maximum weight on a 90º F day.
And if for some reason you need to fly a short hop, no problem, because the maximum landing weight is the same as max takeoff, 15,000 pounds. If you guessed the landing gear and air frame structure must be super strong, you'd be right.
That means pilots must have a type rating to fly it and must observe minimum runway requirements that assure a margin of safety if an engine fails during takeoff, just as the rules do in jets.
The huge 355-cubic foot cabin is the 350's primary attraction, but until recently there wasn't enough cooling capacity to make the cabin comfortable on the ground and early in flight on very hot days.
Beech solved that problem with a new environmental control system that increases cabin airflow by more than 250 percent.
The system was developed by air conditioning experts and has now been incorporated into production airplanes.

"King Air 350 Airplane Charter"

Included is an automated temperature control system that allows pilots to select the temperature for the cockpit and cabin individually.
There are now seven outlets in the glareshield to cool pilots sitting in the hot sun, and the entire system weighs 35 pounds less than the manually controlled, less powerful system it replaces.

"King Air 350 Information"

  1. "Luxury interior with seating for up to 9 passengers."
  2. "Combined noise elimination technologies set a new standard for quiet."
  3. "Enclosed private lavatory plus fully stocked forward refreshment center."
  4. "Advanced cabin management and entertainment system including WiFi, AV and USB hook-up, iPhone dock, moving map and DVD."
  5. "Modern integrated avionics suite combining latest flight management and safety technologies."
  6. "Unmatched passenger plus luggage payload capacity."

The structure between the windows is so narrow you get the sensation of the whole cabin side being one big window.

"King Air 350 Exterior"

You can rotate a polarized inner window pane to reduce sun intensity. Several years ago Beech had problems with the polarization fading over time, but that seems to be resolved and every passenger can select their own level of light coming in the window.
Beech also has restyled the cabin chairs with recessed headrests, retractable armrests, and inboard and outboard tracking.
The cabin overhead has indirect lighting that glows softly from a geometric pattern that surrounds cabin air outlets and reading lights.
The King Air 350 new interior is the most comfortable and capable cabin ever offered in its class. AT can be chartered for $1100 an hour and up.

"Charter the King Air 350"

And cabin furniture has been upgraded with a large hot and cold beverage unit forward, plus pyramid-shaped cabinets between the seat backs.

"KING AIR 350, Private Aircraft Charter!"


<"Aircraft Charter, KING AIR 350"

The Beech King Air 350 is for people who want to make their airplane budget in ink, not pencil.

"Aircraft Charter King Air 350"

The entire King Air fleet has logged an estimated 40 million flight hours since the first one was delivered in 1964, and more than 6,000 have been built.
That's why Spartan Chemical bought the 500th 350 built. This is the third 350 that Spartan, a maker of environmentally friendly specialty cleaning chemicals, has owned in sequence.
It uses the airplane to visit more than 500 distributors plus current and prospective customers from its headquarters near Toledo, Ohio.
The 350 has not been involved in a reported accident in the United States since the first one entered service in 1990.
The King Air fleet has posted one of the best safety records of any business airplane, but the 350 stands out as the best.
The 350 is the biggest King Air with a cabin nearly three feet longer than the model 200. That provides room for a spacious dual club seating arrangement, plus a large and private lavatory in the rear.
With full fuel tanks and a 200-pound pilot, 1,600 pounds of payload remains, so a full-sized person plus baggage can be carried in every seat.
And 55.3 cubic feet of baggage can be stored in the aft compartment of the fuselage where it is heated and pressurized and accessible in flight.

"King Air 350 Plane Charter"

Long items such as skis or fishing poles fit nicely in the engine nacelle lockers.
If you want to haul more people than baggage, two more seats can be put in the aft baggage compartment, and another person can sit on the belted potty seat.
They are great for military liaison, priority transportation, air ambulance, surveillance, maritime patrol, cargo hauling, flight inspection, high-capacity/airline shuttles and numerous other time-dependent operations.
When government, military and commercial customers want airborne solutions for critical missions, they turn to Beechcraft.
The King Air 350 aircraft provide the high performance and flight characteristics required to address the unique challenges of special mission operations.
With unparalleled performance, versatility and low operating costs, Beechcraft products are preferred for pilot and crew coordination training.

"Cabin King Air 350"

Collins Pro Line 21 avionics, with dual flat-screen primary flight displays (PFD) and central multi-function display (MFD), are standard, along with the basic file server that allows the system to show weather and charts.
For several years Beech had included an active noise attenuating system to quiet the cabin.
As in headsets with active noise reduction, a network of microphones detects ambient noise, and then speakers deliver an opposing sound that is 180 degrees out of phase with the unwanted noise. The clash of the two sound waves cancels most of the noise.
The King Airs can go on given the host of business jets on the market and in development, their future is great because other airplanes can't do what the 350 does in terms of payload, speed, range and runway requirements.
Given the continual improvements Beech makes to the airplane, and the welcome return of the company's famous top level of quality, a lot more than 500 King Air 350s will be loading up and taking off in the years to come.

"King Air 350 Airplane Charter"

Its rugged design, more than 40 years of heritage and robust systems make the 350 one of the most dependable and predictable turbine airplanes around.
Private Aircraft Charter in a "King Air 350 TurboProp" is one of the most popular ways for "Private Aircraft Charter."

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