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Cessna 421, private aircraft charter

The CESSNA 421 Private Aircraft Charter. Flight Plane Service, at Any Time, in Any Place. Please CONTACT US!

Cessna 421 interior, Multi Piston aircraft, flight plane, charter plane

The CESSNA 421 PRIVATE AIRCRAFT Charter. This small plane can go into very short runways, and can land just about any place.

Cessna 421, aircraft inside

The CESSNA 421 PRIVATE AIRCRAFT, Plane Charter Private Flights. Private Air Charter, Private Airplane Charter, Air Charter. Please contact us at Anytime!

Cessna 421 Airplanes, charter flight

The CESSNA 421 PRIVATE AIRCRAFT, Air Services, Private Air Charter. Private Planes, Private Flight Charter, Any Time, in Any Place.

Cessna 421, Airplane flight, charter planes, charter flights

The CESSNA 421 PRIVATE AIRCRAFT, Air Services, Private Aircraft Services. Private Flights, Airplane Flights, Any Time, in Any Place.

Cessna 421 inside, aircraft flights, plane charter, Charter Aircraft

The CESSNA 421 PRIVATE AIRCRAFT, Charter Air. Private Airplane Charter, Private Flight Charter.

Cessna 421, private charter flights, airplane rental, Charter Aircraft

The CESSNA 421 PRIVATE AIRCRAFT, Charter Services. Charter Flights are here for you at any time.

"The CESSNA 421"

  1. Crew: One or two

  2. Capacity: Six passengers

  3. Length: 36 ft 9⅝ in (11.09 m)

  4. Wingspan: 41 ft 1½ in (12.53 m)

  5. Height: 11 ft 5⅜ in (3.49 m)

  6. Range: 1,487 nmi (2,755 km, 1,712 miles)

  7. Rate $500 – $1,200/hr.

The Cessna 421 Private Aircraft sometimes referred to as the Golden Eagle is an American six or seven seat twin-engined light transport aircraft, developed in the 1960s by Cessna as a pressurized version of the earlier Cessna 411.

"Cessna 421 Private Aircrafft"

cessna 421 aircraft

The Cessna 421 Private Aircraft is an airplane that is not a jet, but it provides jet time efficiency for 500 miles or less of trips which encompasses 90% of most business/personal needs. It is a twin engine multipiston (car engine) aircraft that can seat up to six passengers.

"Cessna 421 Private Aircraft"

cessna 421, private charter aircraft

The CESSNA 421 AIRCRAFT cabin is accessed from a door, on the left hand side behind the wing, and has seating for six on the basic 421, or up to ten on later variants.

The Cessna 421 Multi-piston Airplane is the top-of-the-line Cessna piston twin.

"Cessna 421 Interior"

Cessna 421 interior, private plane charter, aircraft flights

Introduced in 1968, it's popularity was proven by a very successful production run of about 1,920 aircraft produced until Cessna shut down its entire piston production line in 1985. The 421 was derived from the 411 model.

The Cessna 421 Plane marketing strategy was to develop a medium twin that could compete with the turboprops of the day yet cost less to acquire and operate.

"Cessna 421 Private Plane"

cessna 421, private plane, charter aircraft

It met this mission well, with over 200 Airplanes sold during the first production year.

While we cannot buy time, we can buy time saving and the ability to fly in/out of smaller airports closer to your work, home or final destination.

This greatly reduces time spent getting from point A to B as well as reducing the stress of operating in/out of busier airports.

"Cessna 421 Private Flights"

cessna 421, private aircraft, Charter flights

421's also incorporated some features only found on larger business jet at the time, including an engine fire detection and extinguishing system and an annunciator panel.

Cockpit visibility is excellent thanks to generous windows and the Airplane is a very stable instrument platform.

The CESSNA 421 AIRCRAFT is arguably the best cabin-class piston twin ever made. To get a better package of performance and comfort requires stepping up to a turboprop.

"Cessna 421 Air Charter"

cessna 421 private plane charter aircraft flights

The Cessna 421 is one of the most popular Twin Engine Propeller planes ever made. This Aicraft can get into very small runways and is a great way to fly!

The Cessna 421 Private Aircraft start’s at $700 per hour and up. The Cessna 421 Private Aircraft.

"CESSNA 421: for Plane Charter!"

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"CESSNA 421: Private Plane Charter!"

"The Cessna 421 Multipiston Airplane" owners find these increase costs are more than offset by the superb performance and comfort the 421 offers.

"Cessna 421 Twin Engine"

Cessna 421 exterior, private plane charter, aircraft flights, cessna 421

Cessna broke into a totally new unexplored field in the mid-sixties with the introduction of the first pressurized, air-conditioned aircraft with conference seating with the introduction of the Cessna Golden Eagle.

A derivative of the Cessna 411, the 421 had geared engines too which made it very quiet in the cabin.

The idea of a business machine that provided airline creature comforts in a compact package was new, and the introduction of the 421 in 1968 was truly cutting edge for Cessna.

Business travel was a new concept and there were few alternatives that could provide the comforts we were getting accustomed to having.

"Cessna 421 Interior"

Cessna 421 interior, aircraft charter flights, airplane charter flights

With 375 HP turbo-charged engines, it could fly above most storms and give a smooth ride with unheard of speeds, cruising speeds of 220-250 mph.

The other aircraft manufacturers could not come up with anything that held a candle to the 421 and so the Golden Eagle was literally in a league by itself.

Over time, the Golden Eagle was refined, with a longer wing, stretched cabin, long baggage compartment nose and revised instrument panel, the 421 of the 70’s was truly a traveling machine that was in a league by itself.

"Cessna 421 Cabin"

Cessna 421 interior, aircraft charter service, airplane charter service

In 1976 Cessna took the wing of the newly introduced Cessna Citation 500 jet aircraft and mated it to the cabin of the 421.

It changed the high altitude performance overnight as well as increasing cruising speed with the same engines, the Golden Eagle was not quite happy cruising at 20,000’ in a comfortable 6000’ cabin.

The introduction of a hydraulic landing gear gave it simplicity with good engineering design. The 421 was coming of age and had evolved into a truly refined traveling machine.

While the landing gear was hydraulic the design was still 60’s with less than optimum shock absorbing power on landings.

"Cessna 421 Charter Airplane"

Cessna 421 airplane, aircraft, aircraft charter, charter flights

To land a 421C smooth took skill and a bit of luck. In 1980 Cessna revised the wing spar to accommodate a trailing beam landing gear that most of the newer jet aircraft had evolved into using.

Passengers can converse without headsets and arrive at their destination less fatigued. Like the other 400 series Airplanes, the cabin features a galley, a potty and fold out writing tables.

"Exterior Cessna 421"

Cessna 421 exterior, aircraft charter, airplane charter

The mechanical reliability of the design has not changed and there are many pristine 421C’s flying today with Swiss watch reliability and safety.

"Cessna 421: Private Aircraft Services!"


"CESSNA 421 Aircraft Charter!"

High quality personnel at the airports give a feeling of self-worth and dignity, normally only reserved for Fortune 500 operators of business aircraft.

"Cessna 421 Exterior"

exterior Cessna 421, private plane charter, private aircraft charter

Having access to the Golden Eagle will give customers an efficient, safe way to save time and reduce travel stress while greatly improving ones use of available time, which we know is in short supply.

The key to travel efficiency is to utilize the best options available to you that fulfill the mission or goal or object needed without overdoing it.

A major advantage or leasing or charter is you can have many different aircraft available to use for different missions without investing into acquisition.

"Cessna 421 Private Aircraft"

Cessna 421 exterior, aircraft, plane, Cessna 421 Airplanes

While turbine jets are great they are just not very efficient on short trips (less than 500 miles).

In addition, they just do not save that much time and require airports with longer runways, so the real time savings may be less than originally thought.

The Cessna 421 has the ability to get into many smaller airports.

Private terminals at all the airports allow easy access to the aircraft, being able to load/unload baggage and people conveniently.

"Cessna 421 Charter Flights"

Cessna 421 fly, airplane private plane service, private aircraft service

The ability to operate in/out of airports that are 2500’ allows using smaller airports close by, so getting aboard is extremely easy and convenient.

The advantages of the reciprocating engines was still there, great fuel economy regardless of how far or how high you flew, you could count on 40 gallons per hour.

Time has not come out with many refinements to the 421C design.

"Cessna 421 Aircraft Charter"

Cessna 421 charter, airplane charter service, plane charter service

Fuselage strakes improve longitudinal stability and main landing gear Speed Covers improve climb, cruising speed and high altitude performance.

Today’s energy concerns still keep the Golden Eagle in high regards with the aviation community providing fuel efficient comfortable cabin-class seating for up to 7 passengers at speeds from 230-260 mph getting very good fuel efficiency.

"Cessna 421 Private Air Charter"

Cessna 421 plane, private plane service, private flight service

The Cessna 421 Aircraft is an all-metal low-wing cabin monoplane with a retractable tricycle landing gear, and powered by two geared[a] Continental GTSIO-520-D tractor engines.

To date, the 421 series aircraft still has the best safety record of any cabin-class pressurized twin-engine ever produced, which says a lot about the whole design and aircraft reliability.

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