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Cessna Caravan

Cessna Caravan Turbo-Props Private Charter. Private Aircraft Charter Flight at Any Time. This is one of the biggest Single Engine Turbo Props.

Cessna Caravan Airplane, turboprop aircraft, twin engine plane

Cessna Caravan. TURBO PROP Aircraft Charter, Any Time, in Any Place.

Cessna Caravan plane, aircraft charter, charter flights

Cessna Caravan Charter. PROP Private Aircraft Charter, in Any Place.

Cessna Caravan plane, private aircraft charter, charter flights

Cessna Caravan, Aircraft, Charter Flight Service at Any Time.

Cessna Caravan, aircraft, charter airplanes, charter flight

Cessna Caravan, Aircraft, Private Aircraft, Charter Flights, Plane Service.

Cessna Caravan, flight charter, air charter, aircraft services

Cessna Caravan Turbo Prop, Private Charter Aircraft! TURBO PROP Service at Any Time, in Any Place.

Cessna Caravan, TurboProp Airplane, flight charter

Cessna Caravan Turbo Prop Private Plane. Private Aircraft Charter Flight Service.

"The Cessna Caravan"

  1. Engines | 715 horsepower

  2. Seats | one or two pilots and 10-14 passengers

  3. Max takeoff weight | 11,800 lbs

  4. Max cruise speed | 265 kts

  5. Takeoff distance | 2,055 ft

  6. Range | 1,010 nm

  7. Rate $800 – $1,700/hr.

The Cessna Caravan’s interior collections were designed to accommodate a wide range of first-class requirements, from executive travel to charter services to personal use — all in immaculate style and comfort.

"Cessna Caravan Charter"

cessna caravan, private aircraft, private airplanes

The Cessna Caravan’s oasis Interiors from Cessna and Yingling Aviation offer more refined design and craftsmanship for Caravan owners desiring a luxury interior-cabin environment.

Cessna Caravan is a single turboprop engine, fixed-gear short-haul regional airliner, built by Cessna and also stands out by its flexibility and performance.

"Cessna Caravan Interior"

cessna caravan inside, private aircraft, private airplanes

Whatever your mission, you and your passengers can enjoy luxury features, optimal functionality, and endless comfort. A customized Oasis interior will also increase the value of your Caravan, making it a sound investment.

The Oasis interior offers two seat types to select from for enhanced comfort and style — the Classic Oasis Executive seat or the VLS seat.

"Cessna Caravan Cabin"

cessna caravan interior, private airplanes, private aircraft charter

The VLS seat is the lightweight solution ideal for easy removal when converting your cabin to a cargo hauler.

The Oasis Executive seat offers enhanced elegance and greater comfort for missions that call for fully functional seats without the need for removal.

In this aircraft can fit 12 passengers, it has 340 cubic feet (9.6 m3), also you can carry a lot of cargo and your excursions will be excellent.

"Cessna Caravan Seating"

cessna caravan seating, private aircraft, private airplanes

Tailor your Caravan with a choice of six distinct floor plans, four distinctive color combinations and an almost infinite selection of options.

Designed and executed by Yingling Aviation, the Oasis interior is the perfect blend of precision craftsmanship, refined durability, and infinite mission capabilities.

"Cessna Caravan Airplane"

cessna caravan airplane, private airplanes,  private aircraft

Though specific features vary by floor plan, each Oasis interior incorporates features such as folding tables and a 110-volt power outlet. The Classic Oasis Executive seats offer 360-degree swivel to facilitate in-flight collaboration.

The optional XM Satellite Weather and Entertainment package gives reliable weather data as well as tips for avoiding hazardous weather. Graphical weather data and text is displayed on the MFD and the PFD inset map.

The large wings offer some advantages to Caravan 675, great visibility, stability, sun blocking and also weather protection.

"Interior Cessna Caravan"

inside cessna caravan, private aircraft, private airplanes

The GDL 69A can also receive XM Satellite Radio entertainment services. Includes FK 675W, 4-place intercom in cabin. This option is available for U.S. customers only and requires a subscription service.

The Cessna Caravan Private Aircraft start’s at $900 per hour and up. The Cessna Caravan Private Aircraft.

"Cessna Caravan, Private Aircraft Charter!"

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The Cessna 208 Caravan is a single-engine ten- or fourteen-seat light turboprop utility aircraft produced by the US-American manufacturer Cessna Aircraft Company, today a brand of Textron Aviation.

"Cessna Caravan Air Charter"

cessna caravan, plane charter, private plane flights

Seating can be customized quickly and easily along full length seat tracks, to emphasize passenger capacity or cargo space ― or the ideal combination of both.

"Cessna Caravan Aircraft Charter"

cessna caravan, plane charter, private plane flights

Blackhawk offers two outstanding upgrade systems for the Cessna Caravan 208A and Grand Caravan 208B aircraft.

"Cessna Caravan Information"

  1. "We can notice here the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit which integrates all primary flight, also a powerful engine and a sensor data, necessary for flight."

  2. "The system is composed of some important elements like a dual Nav/Comm/GPS, a fully integrated transponder, Two LCD primary flight displays."

  3. "Another significant element is the Multifunction Display from center that show the real-time flight-critical data, including traffic, digital attitude,heading, engine, airframe Indication and Crew Alerting."

  4. "We also have to take into account the capabilities of Garmin’s new digital, fully-integrated GFC 700 automated flight control system."

  5. "With all these things your safety and confidence will be at maximum."

The Blackhawk XP42A Performance Upgrade is a highly popular powerplant enhancement that is in use worldwide.

"Cessna Caravan Charter Flights"

cessna caravan flight, private airplanes, airplane charter private

The Blackhawk XP140 Performance Upgrade is now FAA Certified and has already been installed on over a dozen Caravans.

"Cabin Cessna Caravan"

interior cessna caravan, private aircraft charter, private planes

Specially designed for the abuse of unimproved runways, this aircraft keeps up with the most demanding requirements, whatever your destination is, it can take you there and it can land in places at your choice.

"Cessna Caravan Private Air Charter"

cessna caravan, private flights, aircraft flight private

There is plenty luggage space and room for your best friends.The main characteristics for 208A Caravan 675 are: versatility, fuel-efficiency and also cost-effectiveness.

"Aircraft Charter, Cessna Caravan"

cessna caravan, aircraft charter, aircraft private flight

The durable aluminum from which is built Caravan makes it easy for maintenance and repair. The airframe has no life limits.



"Cessna Caravan, Turboprop Air Charter!"

We should add here an important thing like the lateral and vertical guidance; also the capabilities formerly are available only on the most sophisticated business jets.

"Cessna Caravan Water Landing"

cessna grand caravan, private charter aircraft, aircraft flights

So, for detecting and avoiding rough weather, the G1000 glass incorporates the Garmin GWX 68 Airborne Color Weather Radar, that will give to the pilot the best detailed pictures of flight conditions, which increases safety of Cessna Caravan.

The overhaul of the Caravan’s Pratt & Whitney PT6 engine should be done at the interval of 3,600 hours and a hot section inspection at 1,800 hours.

"Cessna Caravan Airplane Charter"

cessna caravan, private airplanes, airplane charter private

In less than 15 minutes, the cowling can be removed, showing the engine and accessories. So you can keep this splendid aircraft in the sky, where it belongs.

This engine is flat-rated to 675 shaft horsepower at 1,900 rpm.

The engine indication system shows numeric readouts of critical engine fuel and electrical indications for torque and other.

Also it’s installed a wet type standby engine torque gauge.

The controls for the Garmin GFC have innovative features like: airspeed hold, pitch hold and coupled VNAV, overspeed protection.

"Cessna Caravan Exterior"

cessna caravan exterior, private charter flights, private aircraft

Cessna Caravan has a double cargo door which greatly eases your work. So we realize that it will be a better access for loaders.

Caravan 675 is an excellent aircraft of land, air and sea, no matter what kind of weather is, it can make your wish came true.

Having for the main gear a flexible design ideal for grass, gravel and even rough airstrips and noticing that the nose gear is engineered to absorb both vertical and lateral force by transmitting the impact to the fuselage, we can affirm that versatility and flexibility are other principal characteristics of Cessna Caravan.

"Cabin Cessna Caravan"

cessna caravan cabin, private aircraft interior

A durable airstair is created to help the passengers to board quickly. Also the door is easily closed or opened from outside or inside.

Interior If you are flying either with your family or for business interest the Cessna Caravan is the best decision you can take.

The leather seats - redesigned, the wood trim, the cabinetry, the flat-panel video displays make this an elegant aircraft.

"Cessna Caravan Cockpit"

cessna caravan cockpit, private planes, plane charter private

You can reposition or remove the seats to help passengers or cargo, for a better positioning.

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