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"The Cessna Skycourier"

"This Aircraft is due out in 2020"

  1. Seats | one or two pilots and 10-19 passengers

  2. Max takeoff weight | 6,000 lbs

  3. Max cruise speed | 230 MPH

  4. Takeoff distance | 3,398 ft

  5. Range | 900 nm

  6. Rate $500 – $1,200/hr.

The model Cessna Skycourier was launched on 28 November 2017 by Textron Aviation, with an introduction planned for 2020. This aircraft is well suited for aircargo but can also be configured to seat up to 19 passengers.

"Cessna Skycourier Exterior"

cessna skycourier exterior, private aircraft charter

The SkyCourier is a twin-turboprop, high-wing, utility aircraft. It will be available in a 19-passenger variant with large cabin windows and separate crew and passenger doors, or in a cargo variant sized for three LD3s and 6,000 pounds of payload, featuring a large cargo door and a flat floor cabin.

It will cruise up to 200 kn (370 km/h), with a maximum range of 900 nmile or 700 km). Single-point refueling will speed turnarounds.

The clean-sheet design should offer better cabin flexibility and payload capability, superior performance and lower operating costs than its competitors.

The airframe will be built from traditional aluminum materials and will be equipped with proven Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-65 engines, a fixed landing gear and Garmin G1000 avionics.

The non-pressurized cabin will be 70 in (178 cm) tall and wide, with a flat floor and a 87 in (221 cm) cargo door.

"Cessna Skycourier Interior"

cessna skycourier interior, private aircraft charter

We can set the private aircraft charter flight up in the Cessna Skycourier when it comes out to the public.

The Cessna Skycourier start’s at $1,600 per hour and up. The Cessna Skycourier Private Aircraft.

"The Cessna Skycourier is due out in 2020"

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Reliably lifting off day after day with heavy payloads requires real performance and capability. Cessna designed the all new Cessna SkyCourier turboprop for fully loaded high frequency operations and maximum efficiency.

Load, fly, unload and repeat, then watch your business grow.

So far, the design parameters for the SkyCourier are for a large, high wing, twin-turboprop with a 6,000-pound maximum payload capacity.

The range is expected to be about 900 nm at a cruise speed of around 200 knots.

Two versions of the SkyCourier are planned: a commuter option and a freight option.

The freight version will include an oversized cargo door and a wide-open space in the back, while the commuter will offer seats for 19 passengers.

"The Cessna Skycourier TurboProp Charter"


Cessna is moving quickly on the SkyCourier project, which parent company Textron Aviation announced in November.

The company has completed the initial wind tunnel testing at the San Diego Wind Tunnel at the San Diego International Airport in California, and is making progress toward a final design.

The model used for the wind tunnel testing was equipped with electric motors and scaled propellers calibrated to represent the thrust produced by the airplane itself.

The tests help predict performance, aerodynamic characteristics and structural load data.

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