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Cessna TTx, private aircraft charter

The Cessna TTX Private Aircraft, Charter Flights, Plane Service, in Any Place. We would love to hear from you, so Please Contact us.

Cessna TTx, aircraft, flight, charter plane

The Cessna TTX Private Charter Aircraft! Private Aircraft, Charter Flight, Plane Service, in Any Place.

Cessna TTx, plane charter, plane flight, plane rental

The Cessna TTX Private Aircraft, Charter Aircraft. Private Aircraft, Charter Flight, at Any Time.

Cessna TTx, hire planes, rental airplanes

The Cessna TTX Private Aircraft, Charter Flights, at Any Time.

Cessna TTx, Airplane flight, charter a plane, charter flight

The Cessna TTX Private Aircraft, Charter Aircraft! Plane Service at Any Time, in Any Place.

Cessna TTx, aircraft flights, plane charter, Charter Aircraft

The Cessna TTX Private Aircraft, Charter Flights, at Any Time

Cessna TTx, Airplane flight, airplane rental, Charter Aircraft

The Cessna TTX Private Aircraft, Charter Aircraft. Charter Flight, Plane Service, in Any Place.


  1. Crew: One or two

  2. Capacity: Four passengers

  3. Height 49 in. (1.29 m)

  4. Width 48 in. (1.22 m)

  5. Length 11 ft 8 in (3.55 m)

  6. Range: 1250 nmi.

  7. Rate $500 – $1,100/hr.

The Cessna TTx is the fastest fixed-gear piston aircraft in its class. Its efficient laminar-flow wing design, the race-bred engine and the low-drag profile all add up to unprecedented speed.

cessna TTx

The TTx has a lighter and stronger all-composite body and wing that provide a signature stable ride, and remains the only aircraft in its class to hold a rugged Utility Category certification due to its airframe strength. The TTx is certified for Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI) extending the mission capability of the TTx.

The optional FIKI system extends the TTx’s mission capabilities and enables pilots to file flight plans for varying weather conditions allowing owners’ business and recreational plans to stay on schedule.

FIKI certification is more than additional safety; it’s an added degree of dispatch reliability and travel flexibility.

cessna TTx Charter

Fully lined cabin walls and handcrafted workmanship make each TTx cabin a work of art.

The Blaze series features a crème headliner upper area, creating a warm classic visual experience, accented in classic black contrast details on the lower sidewalls and flooring.

Black leather wraps the side stick controls and armrests. While the Lunar series features an ivory headliner upper area, creating a bright sporty environment.

This is accented in classic black contrast details on the lower sidewalls and flooring. Black leather wraps the side stick controls and armrests.

interior cessna TTx

The new Intrinzic flight deck powered by Garmin G2000 avionics is intuitive and designed to compliment the pilot’s knowledge and skill.

The avionics suite of the TTx integrates Cessna’s DirectControl technology, which gives pilots complete, precise command over maneuvering and handling the aircraft. The TTx is so responsive, in fact, you might think you’re flying a jet.

cessna TTx aircraft

Quickly access flight data and communications via the GTC 570 touch-screen controller.

This touch-screen interface enables you to access more menus with fewer keystrokes or page sequences.

Intuitive icons simplify complex functions. Menu structures are shallow and streamlined for rapid utilization.

The touch screen also gives you control of the remote audio/intercom system, transponder codes and idents, electronic checklist entries, as well as flight plan entry and editing.

cessna TTx exterior

Despite its wide range of complex capabilities, the touch screen is designed to never overwhelm.

Back and home keys on its display allow you to quickly retrace your steps or return to the home screen with a single touch.

The Cessna TTX Private Aircraft at this aircraft can be chartered for $400 an hour and up. It always has been, but today’s model is even hotter thanks to Cessna’s focus on enhancing every element.

"Private Aircraft Charter: The Cessna TTx"

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It has been more than a dozen years since the introduction of a new breed of airplanes — starting with Cirrus Aircraft’s SR20 and SR22.

cessna TTx inside

These composite-construction, fixed-gear, high-powered speedsters boasted innovative design features and high-tech avionics.

Today, these airplanes have become so much a part of the fabric of the general aviation fleet that it’s easy to forget that not too long ago they were the stuff of science fiction, or at least the futuristic-looking kit-built world.

It’s heartening to see that Cessna has not moved away from single-engine production over the past few years, as many feared might happen as business slowed during the economic downturn.

After a production hiatus of almost two years, the TTx, which was newly recertified last summer, is back and not only ready to go but also ready to compete in the high-performance single-engine marketplace.

There’s also an increased payload, a flight into known icing-approved ice protection system, new standby instruments and a nicely upgraded interior.

The TTx started life as a Columbia, an airplane that was developed by a startup aircraft manufacturer and based on an early 1990s kitplane design by Lancair founder Lance Neibauer.

With the encouragement of the FAA’s various programs promoting the development of new certificated light planes.

It wasn’t until last summer that the airplane, now known as the Cessna TTx, emerged from a recertification program complete with a new designation, the T240.

The redesign cut weight from the airplane by optimizing the composite construction methods and re-engineering numerous air frame components to make the TTx lighter and stronger.

The holy grail of aviation engineering — than its predecessor. The TTx’s carrying capability rose accordingly, giving it a useful load in excess of 1,000 pounds for the first time.

When filled to the tabs, the TTx, like its competitors, becomes a true four-place airplane.

Managing navigation and communication radios is as simple as speed dialing on your smartphone — one touch and you have dialogue.

Integrated automatic climate control comes standard in every TTx. Pilots, have a seat behind your new, clean flight deck with a fraction of the knobs and buttons you may be used to.

cessna TTx Cockpit

As you approach the airplane on the ramp, this is apparent, but the source of the appeal might be a mystery.



"Private Aircraft Charter: Cessna TTx!"

nbaa org, cessna TTx Cockpit

Want to adjust the intercom settings? Go to the touch-screen controller.

Monitor systems status? You got it. It’s one-stop shopping for airplane management.

G2000 has the added advantage of being easy to learn.

If you’re familiar with any G1000 system, all you need to do is spend a little time with the new touch-controlled version to get the hang of it.

With its relaunch, recertification and extensive reworking, the Cessna TTx is in a more competitive place than it has arguably ever been.

It’s the fastest in its class, has the best avionics, boasts a number of highly desirable safety features and has terrific ramp appeal.

The selection of the Garmin G2000 helped a great deal in eliminating boxes and switches, but Cessna didn’t stop there.

The panel includes as standard the brilliant L3 Trilogy backup instrument, so your backups in the TTx are numerous, independently powered and rely on different software engineering, which all adds to the redundancy of the electronics.

The seats are situated snugly in the cabin, and the controls to adjust them are identifiable by touch, a necessity due to the tight fit of the doors to the side and the console in between the pilots.

The seats are low-slung, so Cessna provides custom cushions to elevate pilots who aren’t as tall as others.

By integrating all of the functions of navcoms, transponders, audio panels and other system controllers, such as the environmental controls.

It eliminates the need for those other federated boxes and their attendant switches, buttons, dials, knobs, displays, and well, you get the idea.

The G2000 is managed through a touch-screen controller, and in the case of the TTx, it’s mounted at the front of the console just below the panel.

With G2000, you get one controller for every “box,” instead of having multiples, which is still the case with all Garmin G1000 systems.

The answer is the new TTx is painted just like in the olden days.

The paint adds a degree of class and style to the airplane, even while admittedly cutting down on customizing options.

Therefore, it is a good thing Cessna’s current paint schemes are so pleasing and classic, especially when compared with the Corvalis models that graced our covers in years past.

Including a neon-lime green example and a yellow-and-black-striped demo model, which inspired a number of letters to the editor critical of the schemes.

cessna TTx interior

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