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  1. Passenger Capacity: 9-14
  2. Lavatory: Full
  3. Airspeed (MPH): 500
  4. Range (nm): 2,800
  5. Cabin Width: 8′ 2″
  6. Cabin Height: 6′ 1″
  7. Cabin Length: 28′ 4″
  8. Baggage Capacity: 115 ft3

The CHALLENGER 600 Private Jet is more like an airliner than a Private Jet. Comparable to the other Heavy Jets, it offers much more cabin space than any similar "Private Aircraft."

"Challenger 600 Private Jet"

challenger 600

The Challenger 600 family of corporate jets includes the Challenger 600 (CL-600 jet), Challenger 601 (CL-601), Challenger 604 (CL-604) and Challenger 605 (CL-605). The CHALLENGER 600 with its impressive range and endurance, Bombardier Private Aircraft are equally suited to executive transport and special missions.

"Challenger 600 Specifications"

  1. "High dash speed."
  2. "Long endurance."
  3. "Low altitude maneuverability."
  4. "Ability to carry external stores."

The Bombardier CHALLENGER 600 series (600/601/604/605) is a family of business jets designed by Bill Lear and produced first by Canada-air until that company was bought by Bombardier Aerospace in 1986.

The Challenger was one of the first business jets designed with a super-critical wing.

"Challenger 600 Interior"

challenger 600 interior

"The CHALLENGER 600" is an Airplane pilots love to fly because passengers love the spacious, comfortable cabin and transcontinental range. It is quiet, fairly economical, and handles well. Pilots love to fly it, and passengers love the spacious, comfortable cabin and transcontinental range.

PRIVATE AIRCRAFT the Challenger 600" cabin is comfortable not only for its size, but also for its very low noise and vibration levels. There are 115 cubic feet of baggage space available in an internal compartment.

"Challenger 600 Cabin"

interior challenger 600, challenger 600 cabin

The 600 and 604 both carry 8-12 passengers with available configurations allowing up to 19 passengers. The wide seats can be reclined and multiple tables provide ample space for working and eating.

The CHALLENGER 600 offers capabilities of an "Private Airline Jet" without the high cost. Its cabin space is unmatched by any jet in its class, and it still performs economically. Overall, it is a "PRIVATE JET" that offers as many options as you can find flying commercial.

"Challenger 600 Inside"

challenger 600, private jet, charter aircraft

CHALLENGER 600 Private Jet Charter delivers international capability to provide you with the means to comfortably conduct business abroad or take your family on a once in a lifetime vacation.

Designed by Bombardier the Challenger 600 family offers a spacious cabin combined with versatile flight capabilities. The Challenger 600 can fly non-stop across the USA and offers fast cruising speeds.

The Challenger 600 Private Jet start’s at $5,000 per hour and up. The Challenger 600 Private Jet.

"Jet Charter in the Challenger 600."

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"The CHALLENGER 600" offers capabilities of an airline jet without the high cost. Its cabin space is unmatched by any "Private Aircraft" in its class, and it still performs economically.

The Challenger 600 began as Bill Lear’s LearStar 600 intercontinental tri-jet design.

"Challenger 600 Charter"

  1. "Spacious and flexible cabin."
  2. "Built-in washroom."
  3. "Long flight range."
  4. "12 seat configuration."

The rights to the project were purchased by Canadair Ltd in 1976, and the CL-600 went through a difficult period of development as it evolved into the twin turbofan Challenger.

Numerous costly redesigns pushed the timetable off schedule and necessitated a financial bailout of Canadair by the Canadian government.

It nonetheless broke new ground as a business jet with true wide-body comfort for passengers.

First flight of the Challenger 600 was accomplished in November 1978 and FAA certification was granted in November 1980.

The Challenger 601 which followed featured General Electric CF34 turbofans and aerodynamic refinements to give the transoceanic range originally envisioned for the Challenger line.

When the Challenger 600 was succeeded by the 601 series in 1983, a total of 85 Challenger 600s had been delivered.

"Challenger 600 Specifications"

  1. "Challenger 601-1A: Featured General Electric (GE) CF34-3A engines with 40.7 kN (4,145 kgp / 9,140 lbf) thrust each. Initial flight was on 10 April 1982, with 66 built into 1987."
  2. "Challenger 601-3A: Featured GE CF34-3A engines that could operate at higher temperatures, and Honeywell digital avionics. Initial flight was on 28 September 1986, with 134 built into 1993."
  3. "Challenger 601-3R: Same as 601-3A, but with fuel tank in extended tail; 59 were built into 1996."

In contrast to his early Lear Jet designs, whose tight cabins were predicated on a philosophy of short leg lengths and high speed at minimal cost, Bill Lear drew his Lear Star 600 with a spacious cabin in which passengers could bask in comfort for transcontinental stage lengths.

It is commonly outfitted for 8 to 12 passengers plus galley and full-size lavatory, although as many as 18 passengers can be accommodated in a high-density seating arrangement.

The Challenger 600 can be chartered for $4,800 an hour and up and will cost $15 million and up.

The CHALLENGER 600 series is a family of BUSINESS JETS. It was first produced by Canadair as an independent company and then produced from 1986 by Canadair as a division of Bombardier Aerospace.

"The CHALLENGER 600" manufactured by bombardier between 1980 and 1983, are reliable cross-country jets featuring a quiet, luxurious ride and a full galley.



"Jet Charter Services: The CHALLENGER 600"

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Initial flight was on 22 January 2006. It obtained certification in late 2006 and went into service in 2007.

The Challenger 605 was followed by the "Challenger 650", featuring a redesigned and more spacious cabin; GE CF34-3B MTO engines with 41 kN (4,180 kgp / 9,220 lbf) thrust each; and a state-of-the-art "glass cockpit" scheme named "Bombardier Vision".

The Challenger series has been a money-maker for Canad air / Bombardier, with well over a thousand sold to date.

The Challenger 600 provides a baseline for description of the Challenger family.

It was a business jet of generally conventional configuration, with all swept flight surfaces, including a low-mounted wing and a tee tail.

"Challenger 600 Private Jet Charter"

challenger 600, private aircraft charter, jet Charter, plane charter

It had tricycle landing gear, with all gear assemblies featuring twin wheels.

The nose gear retracted forward and the main gear hinged from the wing near the wing root in towards the fuselage; incidentally, there were no covers over the main gear wheels.

It was powered by twin Avco Lycoming ALF-502L turbofans, mounted on the rear of the fuselage, each engine providing 33.6 kN (3,400 kgp / 7,500 lbf) thrust.

The Challenger 600 had a crew of two and could carry from 14 to 18 passengers, depending on seating arrangement.

What would become the Canadair Challenger was designed by Bill Lear of Learjet fame in the mid-1970s.

Lear had sold off his aircraft production facility to the Gates Rubber Company to focus on design through his Lear Aviation company, and began to peddle his "Lear Star 600" concept to various aviation firms.

Canadair bought rights to the proposal in 1976, but insisted on a wider fuselage -- 2.74 meters (108 inches): marketing studies had shown customers wanted to have "stand up" room in a business aircraft.

The Challenger's 6' 1" cabin height offers a walk-about cabin (one of the first in the long-range class), and seats up to 12 passengers.

"Jet Charter Challenger 600"

challenger 600, private jet charter, charter planes

Their spacious cabins provide exceptional passenger comfort, as well as a working environment with ample space for operator consoles and mission system electronics.

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