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challenger 604

The Challenger 604 for Jet Charter. This is one of the Best & Biggest that Bombardier Aircraft Builds! Please CONTACT US, at Anytime.

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Jet Charter in the Challenger 604 is an Ultra Long Range Private Jet that is one of the Most Spacious

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Challenger 604 Private Jet Charter Aircraft. Bombardier Aircraft is a 50 Million Dollar Plane!

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The Challenger 604 Heavy Jet Charter Flights. This is one of the Roomiest Aircraft Available for Private Jet Charter!

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The Challenger 604 Ultra Long Range Private Jet. This is the Ultimate Aircraft because it is one of the Biggest Long Range Private Jets!

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Challenger 604 Charter Flights, Try Us! The Challenger 604, Challenger 604, & Challenger 601, but the 605 is the Newest!

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Charter a Private Jet Challenger 604. Jet Charter in this Aircraft and you will Experience a Truly Luxurious Aircraft


  1. Passenger Capacity: 9-14

  2. Lavatory: Full

  3. Airspeed (knots): 488

  4. Range (nm): 4,100

  5. Cabin Width: 8′ 2″

  6. Cabin Height: 6′ 1″

  7. Cabin Length: 28′ 5″

  8. Baggage Capacity: 115 cu. ft.

  9. Rate $5,400 – $6,400/hr.

The Challenger 604 Private Jet begins with the original Challenger 600 which Bombardier created with a successful family of Private Jets. After numerous refinements and upgrades, the Challenger 604 secures the family name in the long-range, "Private Jet Charter Flights."

"Challenger 604 Private Jet"

challenger 604 private jet

The Challenger 604 has impressive range and endurance. The Challenger 604 are equally suited to executive transport and special missions.

The Challenger 604 Private Aircraft can accommodate numerous cabin configurations from high-density passenger seating to multiple workstations and the traditional VIP interior.

"Challenger 604 Specifications"

challenger 604 specifications

Comfortable, peaceful and technologically complete, The Challenger 604 aircraft cabin offers more business, relaxation and HD entertainment flexibility than any other large business jet. "The CHALLENGER 604."

The Challenger 604 is designed to set new standards for all-around performance both inside and out, The Challenger 604 aircraft is an impressive intercontinental "Corporate Jet" with outstanding mission flexibility.

"Challenger 604 Interior"

challenger 604, private jet, aircraft charter, Charter Flights

Comfortable, peaceful and technologically complete, the Challenger 604 Aircraft cabin offers more business, relaxation and HD entertainment flexibility than any other large business jet.Aircraft Private Charter.

"The Challenger 604 has a spacious cabin which provide exceptional passenger comfort, as well as a working environment with ample space for laptops and electronics.

"Challenger 604 Cabin"

challenger 604, private jets, charter aircraft, charter jets

The Challenger 604 was designed to set new standards for all-around performance both inside and out, the Challenger 604 Airplane is an impressive intercontinental corporate jet with outstanding mission flexibility.

They not only have room to relax, they also have a space that encourages personal productivity and performance.

The Challenger 604 Private Jet start’s at $5,300 per hour and up. The Challenger 604 Private Jet.

"CHALLENGER 604: for Charter Private Jets!"

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Challenger 604 Jet Charter

Certified in 1995, the 604 provides range, speed, and sophistication and style."

"The CHALLENGER 604" is one of Bombardier’s most capable "Private Airplane."

"Challenger 604 Charter"

  1. "Up to 19 seat configuration."

  2. "Mid-flight accessible luggage compartment."

  3. "Spacious cabin."

  4. "Separate galley and washroom."

Not only is the jet capable of traveling long legs with few to no stops in between, it offers plenty of pilot and passenger amenities that make the trips manageable.

When you provide this level of strength, versatility, power and reliability, the result is the world’s best-selling large business jet.

Fly coast-to-coast or internationally nonstop.

Address all of your business matters with the state-of-the-art audio/video system and avionics and a 12-passenger conference group configuration.

These jets are the preferred option of flyers seeking comfort, value and performance in a larger-capacity jet.

The Challenger 604's long flight range offers non-stop flights between London - Chicago and Riyadh - Paris.

The charter costs of the Challenger 604 are lower than the more popular Gulfstream, Global Express and Falcon long range aircraft.

The Challenger 604's spacious cabin offers seating for up to 19 passengers.

A washroom, mid-flight accessible luggage compartments and fully equipped galley make even the longest flight comfortable.

The Challenger 604 intercontinental business jet, a major upgrade of the 601 design, was introduced in 1996.

Over 800 Challenger aircraft have been delivered to operators in more than 50 countries.

The aircraft has completed over 4,000,000 flight hours with a dispatch reliability of over 99% as of September 2009.

The interior has been redesigned to provide more headroom and cabin volume. The windows have also been enlarged and relocated.

The current product range also includes the Challenger 300 (formerly the Continental) and the Challenger 850.

The Challenger 604 has had numerous refinements and upgrades, the "Challenger 604" secures the family name in the long-range, private jet market.

The Challenger 604 which begins with the original Challenger 600, Bombardier created a successful family of "Business Jets.

"CHALLENGER 604 PRIVATE AIRPLANE" has a wide cabin designed to provide passengers more all-around comfort, convenience and connectivity.



"Private Jet Charter, The Challenger 604"

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Of the 363 Challenger 604 aircraft in operation by continent, North America has the largest percentage at 64%, followed by Europe at 20%, and Asia at 10% for a combined total of 94%.

Bombardier introduced its Challenger 604 in 1995 as a major upgrade on the Challenger 601 design, incorporating more powerful engines, and a larger fuel supply.

It also has a completely new undercarriage, structural improvements to wings and tail, and a new electronic flight instrumentation system.

The Challenger 604 is a longer-range derivative of the 601-3R with a larger fuel capacity and upgraded CF34-3B engines.

The Challenger 604’s cabin is very similar to its predecessor’s, 601-3A and -3R. The Challenger 604’s cabin has extremely low noise levels.

"Challenger 604, Private Jet Charter"

challenger 604, private aircraft charter, aircraft services, charter a jet

It is normally configured with 10 – 12 passengers in a double-club or a forward club/half club/divan arrangement and includes a deluxe galley and lavatory.

The flight deck, cabin and baggage compartment are pressurized and air-conditioned. An active noise vibration control system developed by Ultra Electronics can be installed.

The cabin can be configured with up to nine business-class seats.

Alternatively higher-density seating can be installed for up to 19 passengers. The cabin interior is installed to meet the customer's requirements.

Bombardier is offering an optional improved extended interior cabin configuration that adds two windows to the seating area and extends its length by 0.5m.

A Hamilton Sundstrand bleed air system provides anti-icing to the wing leading edges, the engine air intake cowls and the guide vanes.

Fire detectors and a dual-action fire extinguishing system are installed in the engine nacelles. Fire detectors and extinguishers are also installed in the auxiliary power unit.

"Jet Charter, Challenger 604"

challenger 604, private jet charter, charter aircraft

The aircraft has two General Electric CF34-3B turbofan engines each providing 38.84kN (8,729lbs) thrust at take-off.

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