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The Citation VI (6) Private Jet exterior. Business Jets are a Great Choice.

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The Citation VI (6) interior. Private Jet Charter Services at any time.

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The Citation VI (6) interior. Private Jets. Let Us Take Care of all the Details.

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The Citation VI (6) Private Aircraft Flights! Aircraft Charters are a Great Choice.

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The Citation VI (6) interior. Private Airplane Charter. Jet Charter Quotes, So Please Call Us!

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The Citation VI (6) interior. Private airplane charter with just one call in this jet.

citation VI (6) interior, private plane charter

The Citation VI (6) interior. Private plane charter is what we do at any time.


  1. Passenger Capacity: 8 - 9

  2. Lavatory: Full

  3. Airspeed (MPH): 510

  4. Range (nm): 2,000

  5. Cabin Width: 5' 6"

  6. Cabin Height: 5' 8"

  7. Cabin Length: 18' 6"

  8. Baggage Capacity: 80' cu. ft."

  9. Cost to Buy $1 Million.

  10. Rate $3,000 – $4,000/hr.

The Citation VI (6) Private Jet and Cessna’s line of "Business Jets," the Citations, are known for economy, reliability, and performance. They have consistently stood out in the market since the first Citation rolled off the line in 1972.

"Citation VI Private Jet"

citation 6

The Citation VI (6) Private Jet major breakthrough into the Private Jet market came with the success of the Citation III, which won the Collier Trophy and cemented Cessna’s reputation as a serious contender in the "private jet" market.

"The Citation VI" is one of the updates for the Citation III; it is more economical both in acquisition cost and hourly operating cost.

"The CITATION 6" is certified to FAR part 25 safety standards, the same standards that commercial "Jet Aircraft" must adhere to. Unlike the digital autopilot of the "Citation III," the "Citation VI" uses an analog version to cut cost and weight.

"Citation VI Interior"

interior citation 6

The interior of the "Citation 6" is identical to the cabin of the Cessna Citation III: it is 5.8 feet high, 5.7 feet wide, and 18.7 feet long, which total to a volume of 438 cubic feet.

The interior design is standardized in a double-club configuration. There is an available 61 cubic feet of baggage space.

Travel in the Citation 6 is fairly quiet due to its compliance with the FAR part 36 noise standards.

One of the best features of the Citation 6 is that it is fast, it was designed for optimal speed.

The body utilizes lightweight composites wherever possible and smooth, bonded metal surfaces to cut down on drag.

"Citation VI Cabin"

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The Citation VI (6) Private Jet climbs quickly to its flight level of 43,000 feet, where it can cruise at a maximum speed of .81 to .83 Mach (468 knots). Its maximum range with four passengers is 2,920 miles (2,054 nautical miles).

The Citation VI (6) Private Jet has Honeywell digital SPZ-8000 flight control system which comes standard in Citation VIs.

It includes many safety checkup systems that are uncomplicated, where checking the status of many vital flight systems is literally as easy as pressing a button.

"Citation VI Inside"

citation 6, private air charter, aircraft charter, aircraft services

In short, Cessna set out to build a Private Aircraft that would improve upon its predecessor and reduce acquisition and operating cost.

The resulting Citation 6 is a low-priced business jet that delivers comfortable travel accommodations, economic operating costs, and good speed and range capabilities.

The Citation VI (6) private jet start’s at $3,000 per hour and up. The Citation VI (6) Private Jet.

The Citation 6 has Non-stop ranges that can exceed 3,000 statute miles, so its great for private jet charter flights because of it's roomy cabin.

"CITATION VI (6), Private Jet Charter Flight"

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"CITATION 6 VI, Information"

Private aircraft charters arranged by Central Jet Charter Inc., on the Cessna Citation VI will transport you and your travel companions in and out of worldwide destinations in style and luxury.

"Citation 6 Private Jet Charter

citation 6 jets

These mid-sized business jets represent the core of Cessna Aircraft Company’s extremely popular Citation family of business jets, and were in constant production for nearly 20 years (1983-2000).

In true Cessna fashion, the model 650 wouldn’t remain a singular airframe, it would become a series of aircraft with upgrades from the first model 650, the Citation III.

The Citation IV proposal was promptly cancelled. Instead, the Citation VI was developed, featuring longer range with greater capacity fuel tanks, and better short runway, takeoff and landing performance.

The Citation VI was marketed as an economical version of the Citation III with standard avionics and a cabin interior without any custom interior upgrades as were available with the Citation III.

The first flight of the VI occurred in 1991.

"Citation VI Exterior"

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Inside the Citation VI, passengers enjoy a quiet cabin, spacious seating, a fully enclosed lavatory with a functioning sink, and a “stand-up” cabin.

The only cabin configuration available was a 4-place club section with two forward facing seats in the aft cabin.

With 61 cubic feet of storage, the Citation VI is able to accommodate all of your luggage needs for the weekend trip from Palm Springs to Puerto Vallarta and then some.

Six passengers aboard a Citation VI will arrive at destinations up to 2,550 miles away with a reserve of fuel for destinations with rapidly changing weather conditions.

The Citation VI (6) arrives very quickly with cruising speeds just over 540 miles per hour!

These mid-size jets boast a spacious, stand-up cabin and fully enclosed wash room – all features that make chartered air travel so enjoyable for private flights.

The CITATION 6 has the longest range and fastest overall cruise speed of any Midsize Jets.

"Exterior Citation VI"

citation 6, jet charter

Soft and spacious leather seats are complimented by a modern entertainment system and full galley, offering excellent catering facilities.

"Citation 6, Private Jet Charter!"


Central Jet Charter Inc. & The Citation 6

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If you want the flexibility of taking off on your own timetable and landing in hundreds of private domestic and international airports in some of the fastest private aircraft charter jets available.

Medium Jets are used for transcontinental flights and for travel with larger passenger capacity requirements.

"Citation VI Jet Charter"

citation 6 jet

Citation VI features a number of improvements including more powerful engines to previous Citation models.

Improved engines enable the aircraft to operate from higher-altitude airfields during hotter weather, when density altitude prohibits operations of the Citation III.

The Citation VI private jet is one of the fastest, most comfortable, most versatile, most reliable and most advanced mid-sized business jets in the world.

"Citation VI Private Jet Charter"

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The Citation VI cruises faster than any other aircraft in its category, on virtually every mission.

After years of building relationships with the highest rated operators in the industry we are able offer the best and safest private jets for all of your one way, round trip our roadshow charter flights.

Our personal charter advisors help you choose the best private jet, turboprop or helicopter for your mission to or from any worldwide destination.

The most versatile aircraft in the fleet, with all the comfort of a large cabin jet, mid-size jets offer a best in class experience.

Mid-size jets typically seat 6-9 passengers and feature stand-up cabins, a mini galley, an enclosed lavatory and are equipped with audio/video entertainment.

"Citation VI Charter Flights"

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Mid-size jet charter represents an excellent combination of performance, comfort and efficiency. Contact one of our travel advisors today to schedule your next trip.

Central Jet Charter Inc., can be reached at (617) 794-9000 or at pa(at) or at 2033 Valentine Avenue, Suite 50B, New York City, New York 10457 U.S.A. or at . We can be reached 24/7/365.

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