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The Citation CJ1 Private Aircraft, for Jet Charter! Private Jet Charter Rates and Cost.

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The Citation CJ1 Private Jet, & Business Jet, Contact Us! CITAITON CJ1 Private Air Charter.

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The Citation CJ1 Private Airplane, for Executive Jet Charter, ASAP, 24/7/365! CITAITON CJ1 Charter Flight Cost are Very Competitive.

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The Citation CJ1 Private Airplane, Jet Charters! Charter Aircraft.

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The Citation CJ1 Private Jet, Charter a Jet, ASAP, 24/7/365! Private Jet Flights can be done 24/7/365 Days a Year.

Citation 1, CJ1, aircraft charter, private flights, jet charter

The Citation CJ1 Private Jet, Charter or Jet Charter. Jet Cards allow for lower Hourly Rates.


  1. Passenger Capacity: 6 – 7

  2. Lavatory: Full

  3. Airspeed (MPH): 389 – 453

  4. Range (nm): 1,000 – 1,200

  5. Cabin Width: 4′ 8″

  6. Cabin Height: 4′ 8″

  7. Cabin Length: 11′ 0″

  8. Baggage Capacity: 55 cu. ft.

  9. Rate $2,000 – $3,000/hr.

The CITATION CJ1 Private Jet Aircraft Company adopted the name Citation for their Corporate Business Jets line. Cessna 500, Citation 1, is one the earliest business jets that Cessna manufactured. CITATION 1 (CJ1) is a turbofan powered, small Private jet. It is one of the first light corporate jets that were powered by turbofan engine.

"Citation CJ1 Private Jet"

citation cj1

CITATION 1 (CJ1) Private Jet is the second generation of the extremely successful Citation Jet series. It comes with all of the advantages that the original Citation Jet offered, but with improvements in economy and performance.

CITATION 1 (CJ1) has a good status as the second generation Citation Jet gives the advantage of using a private jet design that has been tested and modified to exceed the success of the first model – the Citation Jet.

"Citation CJ1 Cabin"

citation cj1 cabin

The Cessna Citation CJ1 upgraded to a natural laminar flow wing, which took four years to design in a joint venture between Cessna and NASA.

This wing delays the onset of airflow separation longer, improving the lift-to-drag characteristics ten to fifteen percent when compared to earlier straight-wing designs.

"Citation CJ1 Interior"

citation cj1 interior

Cessna Citation CJ1 Business Jet is a great pick for those that don’t plan to fly their own jet, its ability to be flown by a single pilot offers greater flexibility in flight operations and reduced direct operating costs.

The CESSNA CITATION CJ1 is known for the economical features it has, and people are surprised at how comfortable it is.

Seats are available for five passengers, and the full-length dropped aisle gives the cabin a roomier feel.

The private jet design hits all three target elements of the brand: simplicity, economy and performance.

"Citation CJ1 Inside"

citation cj1 interior, private jet, charter plane, aircraft services

The CESSNA CITATION CJ1 design goals can be summed up in three words: simplicity, economy, and performance.

The Cessna Citation CJ1 is ideal for corporate or private individual short range flights. The CJ can be summed up in three words: simplicity, economy, and performance.

The Citation CJ1 Private Jet start’s at $2,000 per hour and up. The Citation CJ1 Private Jet.

The Citation CJ1 Private Jet is extremely easy to fly and can be single-pilot operated. The Citation line was designed for forward-thinking businessmen that would fly their own private jets to and from business meetings, resulting in several automated systems and a simple avionics system.

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"Cessna Citation CJ1" previously had used a straight wing, which slows the aircraft considerably but dramatically reduces production and design costs.

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citation cj1, private jet charter, aircraft charter, charter flights

For example, nonstop flights with five passengers include Los Angeles to Aspen and Washington, D.C. to Miami.

Its three baggage compartments can carry a total of 832 pounds of luggage.

The CJ1 is ideal for those looking for an economical private jet for short-range trips.

Seats are available for five passengers, and the full-length dropped aisle gives the cabin a roomier feel.

Features a separate lavatory and hot and cold beverage area.

The CJ1’s performance allows for fast climbs to altitude, and its fuel efficient engines can fly up to 1,100 miles with a full payload.

"Citation CJ1 Information"

  1. "6 seat configuration."

  2. "Built in restroom."

  3. "Spacious luggage capacity."

  4. "Short field take off ability."

The Cessna Citation CJ1 is a turbofan-powered corporate light jet manufactured by Cessna and improved throughout 5 generations.

Anywhere between 1 to 3 hours of non-stop flights is where the Cessna Citation Jet exceeds your flight expectations.

The extremely successful Citation Jet series presented the second generation in 2001 – the CJ1 model boasts improvements in economy and performance.

It comes with all of the advantages of the original, making it one of the best small cabin light jets.

The use of a new natural laminar flow wing rather than a straight wing is the result of a four-year collaboration between Cessna and NASA and improves the lift-to-drag characteristic up to 20%.

The Cj1 model is very fuel-efficient, burning an average of 134 gallons per hour, attributed to the choice of engines – two Williams/Rolls-Royce FJ44-1A turbofans.

The double-sealed door uses a fastening system similar to that of a vault, which reduces cabin noise.

"Citation CJ1 Jet Charter!"


"CITATION CJ1, Private Airplane!"

The Citation CJ1 is ideal for small companies and individuals looking for an economical private jet for short-range missions, usually a little over one hour.

"Citation CJ1 Charter Flights"

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Strap into a CJ1+ and you’ll feel as comfortable as when you slip on your favorite shoes.

The third-generation CitationJet, built from mid-2005 to late 2010, has FADEC-equipped engines with slightly more thrust, increased operating weights and an upgraded interior compared to the CJ1.

It also has a completely integrated Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics package, including full-feature FMS-3000, and more standard equipment.

Cessna only built 102 CJ1+ (s.n. 525-0600 to -0701) because the Great Recession, along with fierce competition from the larger and less expensive Embraer Phenom 100, forced it out of production.

Although it has the smallest cabin of any of Cessna’s range of Light Business Jets, it is still considerably more spacious than the Mustang (Cessna’s Very Light Jet) and offers comfortable seating to up to 5 passengers.

Capable of a range of up to 3 hours of uninterrupted flight time, the CJ1 represent great options for business trips or weekend breaks.

The CJ1 is great for corporate travel.

With a larger cabin and seating arranged in a club configuration with tabletop work surfaces, the CJ1 can be a boardroom in the sky.

Fast and comfortable, the CJ1 is equally comfortable in the family travel role as it is as a corporate vehicle.

With ample baggage space, enclosed lavatory and refreshment center, every flight is easy and comfortable in this Citation Jet.

The full-length dropped aisle gives the cabin a warmer feel and it can be further customized.

The custom leather seats are highlighted by the deluxe cabinetry and wood fixtures.

"Jet Charter Citation CJ1"

citation cj1 interior

Its dimensions, range and payload flexibility make the Cessna CJ1 the ideal economical private jet for short-range missions.

This proved to be a challenge, especially in creating an aerodynamic structure that is financially prudent to produce and handles well.

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