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  1. Passenger Capacity: 4 – 7

  2. Lavatory: Full

  3. Airspeed (MPH): 389 – 453

  4. Range (nm): 1,100 – 1500

  5. Cabin Width: 4′ 8″

  6. Cabin Height: 4′ 8″

  7. Cabin Length: 11′ 0″

  8. Baggage Capacity: 46 cu. ft.

  9. Rate $2,000 – $2,600/hr.

The Citation M2 Private Jet is the ultimate combination of beauty and efficiency. The M2 is the entry level jet that pilots have been asking for. Perfect for corporate, charter or private use, the M2 features a redesigned interior with excellent in-cabin technologies, updated touch-controlled avionics suited for a single pilot and two powerful Williams FJ44 engines, facilitating cruising speed of up to 400 knots.

"Citation M2 Private Jet"

citation M2

The CITATION M2 aluminum airframe was engineered with multiple structural load paths, system redundancies, and optimal aerodynamics.

The Citation M2 Private Jet offers a wide selection of custom configurations with an all-new interior, in-cabin technologies, climate control and adjustable lighting.

"Citation M2 Specifications"

  1. "Standard avionics include: Garmin FMS with dual WAAS-enabled GPS receivers for navigation."

  2. "Weather Avoidance Radar."

  3. "Terrain Avoidance Warning System (TAWS-B)."

  4. "Garmin Traffic Collision and Avoidance System (TCAS I)."

  5. "Dual Altitude Heading Reference System."

  6. "Dual Air Data computers."

  7. "Jeppesen ChartView."

  8. "Garmin Safe Taxi."

  9. "Digital Audio System."

The interior of the Citation M2 Private Jet is wide and inviting with the latest advancements in ergonomic sciences. The cabin is appointed with the finest materials and finishes that fit your tastes.

The Citation M2 Private Jet is 57 inches in height and the M2 cabin interior is designed to maximize headroom for every traveler.

The headliner and valance design give passengers ample seated headroom while eight large windows heighten the sense of spaciousness.

"Citation M2 Interior"

citation M2, private jets, charter aircraft, aircraft services

The Citation M2 Private Aircraft cabin is equipped with two 110-volt AC outlets with a 5-amp maximum per outlet.

Two large, separate unpressurized baggage areas provide a generous total of 45.6 cubic feet (1.29 m3) of space and can accommodate up to 725 pounds (329 kg).

On the left of the cabin is a belted flushing toilet and a center-aft coat rod.

Large seats embrace passengers in a variety of positions designed for comfort in any setting.

Intuitive seat controls allow passengers to adjust seating position to their liking. Armrests stow neatly out of the way when not in use.

Powered by Garmin G3000 avionics, this user-friendly touch-screen system has everything a pilot needs for safe and efficient aircraft operation.

The Citation M2 Private Plane gives you consistent and highly intuitive control over your aircraft with a Synthetic Vision System (SVS) that provides you with a clear and concise picture of your flying environment.

"Citation M2 Cabin"

citation M2, jet charter, airplane charter, aircraft charter

The interior of the M2 is wide and inviting with the latest advancements in ergonomic sciences.

The cabin is appointed with the finest materials and finishes that fit your tastes.

The headliner and valance design give passengers ample seated headroom while eight large windows heighten the sense of spaciousness.

The Citation M2 Private Jet start’s at $2,300 per hour and up. The Citation M2 Private Jet.

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"CITATION M2, Information!"

The M2 is a brilliant recasting of the Citations Light Jets with a great air-frame with the latest quality-of-life upgrades.

On the outside, you can tell instantly that it’s an M2 and not a straight CJ thanks to the new wingtip extensions that are too subtle to be called “winglets.”

Inside M2 there are changes galore. Turn right upon entry through the classic CJ door, and you see the completely redesigned cabin.

Cessna Aircraft, the oldest member of the Textron Aviation family, is rebounding as a result of streamlined manufacturing processes, supply chain cost controls and expedited development of new products.

The biggest challenge was to win back market share by bringing new aircraft to market while keeping tight reins on development costs.

"Citation M2 Interior"

citation M2, private jet, charter aircraft

Fortunately, Cessna was business aviation’s long-time master of iteration.

It had a proven track record of developing low-risk, derivative models on lean budgets, making them more capable, more comfortable and less expensive to operate — thus boosting customer appeal.

No new Cessna better reflects the merits of this approach than the Citation M2.

Compared to its predecessor, the CJ1+, it climbs to altitude more quickly, cruises faster and farther, has a considerably more capable avionics package and offers passengers a more comfortable cabin.

Most importantly for market appeal, it’s 22 kt. faster than the CJ1+ and 53 kt. faster than the Embraer Phenom 100E, assuming standard-day temperatures and 9,000-lb. cruise weights.

In August, Textron Aviation announced a boost in maximum takeoff field elevation to 14,000 ft. The M2’s more-powerful Williams FJ44 turbofans are the reason.

The M2 also is chock full of standard equipment.

Unlike some competitors, it’s not sold as a stripped-down model that must be equipped with a laundry list of extra-cost options to meet most customers’ needs.

The base M2 comes with seating for eight occupants, including a side-facing seat across from the entry door and a belted lavatory seat.

With 13 aircraft going to customers in 2013 and more than two dozen delivered to date in 2015, there now are more than 75 aircraft in the fleet.

The M2 offers a wide selection of custom configurations with an all-new interior, in-cabin technologies, climate control and adjustable lighting. The improvements to M2 are modest in scope but impressive in their effect.

M2 was intended, as one might assume, to sound as if it’s the next logical step after the entry-level Model 510 Mustang, but it wasn’t a Mustang at all. It was in reality a Model 525 Citation Jet or “CJ.”

An optional upgrade to the "CITATION M2" is Clairity Wireless, our intelligent cabin technology developed specifically for the Citation line.

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"CITATION M2, Business Jet Charter!"

Interior quality is unmatched in this class of aircraft.

"Citation M2 Cabin"

citation M2, private jet charter, aircraft flights, plane travel

But the forward 12.7-cu.-ft. compartment in the nose has a 400-lb. capacity and the aft 30.2-ft. compartment, available with an optional ski tube, has a 325-lb. capacity.

In contrast, the Phenom 100E has a 7-cu.-ft. forward baggage compartment and a 53-cu.-ft. aft baggage compartment.

The standard left-side refreshment center, located ahead of the entry door, has an ice bin, beverage storage and a trash container.

An optional refreshment center has a top-mounted hot pot for beverages. A forward storage closet may be substituted for the forward, side-facing seat.

The left-side, flushing but internally serviced toilet has a belted seat approved for full-time use.

A privacy curtain is provided for the lavatory, but dual aft bulkheads with pocket doors are optional.

The M2 appears to have one of the quietest cabins in the entry-level turbine aircraft class.

Notably, interior fit and finish, including cabinetry, tables, sidewalls and leathers, are top notch, befitting a $4.5 million business aircraft.

The four club chairs have tilt, swivel, lateral and fore/aft track adjustments. Left- and right-side, foldout worktables may be extended between pairs of facing club chairs.

There are left- and right-side 110-volt AC power outlets, below the worktable pockets in the sidewalls, supplied by a 500-watt inverter.

There also are USB charging ports and audio jacks. Each passenger seat has an air outlet, LED reading light and oxygen mask in the overhead.

But the interior has been completely redesigned to make it more functional, comfortable and space efficient.

The cabin window reveals, for instance, have been flattened to allow more ambient light to flood the interior from the 11-in.-wide by 15-in.-tall transparencies.

"Citation M2 Inside"

citation M2, private jets, charter aircraft, charter flights

The seats have retractable inboard armrests to provide easier passage through the aisle.

In 2014, the first full year of production, Textron delivered 60 aircraft.

Little has changed in the M2’s air frame compared to the original Citation Jet. The M2’s cabin cross-section is smaller than those of some entry-level jets and the floor is narrower.

The Citation M2 Private Airplane makes every decision with timely, precise information delivered by Intrinzic Flight Deck.

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