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  1. Passenger Capacity: 9 – 12

  2. Lavatory: Full

  3. Airspeed (knots): 525

  4. Range (nm): 1,858

  5. Cabin Width: 5′ 5″

  6. Cabin Height: 5′ 7″

  7. Cabin Length: 18′ 6″

  8. Baggage Capacity: 80 ft3

  9. Rate $2,300 – $3,300/hr.

The Citation XLS Private Jet is one of the best-selling business jets ever built. It has the ability to operate out of smaller airports while still offering the comfort and amenities of a midsize jet. Over 18 feet in length, the cabin provides ample room for up to seven passengers – and enough height to stand up in. The XLS/Excel also features a full refreshment center and the largest baggage compartment in its class.

"Citation XLS Private Jet"

citation xls

The Citation XLS Private Jet was introduced in 2004. Cessna’s Citation XLS is the upgraded successor to the Citation Excel. Combining the comfort and performance of a midsize private jet with the economy of a light jet, the Citation Excel has been a favorite with owners and charter operators for its reliability, affordability and ease of operation. "CITATION XLS"

An external compartment provides 80 cubic feet of storage space, along with some additional space in an internal closet.

"Citation XLS Specifications"

citation xls specifications

The Citation XLS Private Jet can climb directly to 45,000 feet, cruise at speeds of more than 430 knots, and fly more than 1,700 nm with four passengers.

It can still take off at maximum weight in 3,560 feet (best in class for a "Midsize Jet" and land in just 2,739 feet.

Details like fold-out tables, sliding headrests, and seats two to four inches wider than in previous models make flying comfortable.

"Citation XLS Interior"

citation xls interior

The Citation XLS Private Jet stopping ability is enhanced by high-capacity carbon brakes that are almost impervious to wear. Interior appointments include foldout tables.

The Citation XLS is technically a mid-sized jet – its cabin length is 18.7 feet and it can fly up to 1,961 miles (1,704 nautical miles); however, it can also take off in 3,500 feet and climb to cruise altitude in just 18 minutes, performance statistics reminiscent of light private jets.

"Citation XLS Cabin"

citation xls plus interior

At any rate, the XLS boasts excellent handling capabilities, reliable systems, and consistent delivery of smooth, quick flights.

The XLS is the updated version of the Citation Excel and goes faster and further than its predecessor.

The 5.7 feet high interior of the XLS holds nine passengers in a cabin that’s quiet and draft-free, due to the triple-sealed entry door and triple-pane windows.

A remarkable achievement in midsize aircraft engineering, the XLS has the first-class aesthetics and powerful performance to take you and your business further.

"Citation XLS Jet Charter"

airplane captain

With its luxurious stand-up cabin, upgraded in-flight entertainment technology and flight range up to 4 hours.

The Citation Excel/XLS is the perfect complement to the comfort and short-haul efficiency of the Beechcraft King Air 350i.

Along with the largest cabin in its class with room for eight, the XLS has the range you’d expect from a much larger aircraft.

The Citation XLS Private Jet start’s at $3,300 per hour and up. The Citation XLS Private Jet.

Step inside the Citation XLS, and your senses will insist you're in an aircraft that costs millions more.

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The Citation XLS has the ability to operate out of smaller airports while still offering the comfort and amenities of a midsize jet offering a unique combination of performance, range, comfort and capacity.

"Citation XLS Private Jet Charter"

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The Citation XLS offers the perfect complement to the short haul efficiency of the King Air 350i, offering greater speed and added range for your longer trip requirements.

"Citation XLS Private Airplane"

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The Citation XL's cabin offers seating for up to eight passengers in a quiet cabin. Fold-out tables and sliding headrests makes the most of the space and offers passengers a comfortable flight.

"Citation XLS Information"

  1. "Custom configured seating for up to 9 passengers."

  2. "Industry recognized for its spacious, stand-up cabin."

  3. "Largest luggage capacity in its category."

  4. "Wifi equipped with modern “Jet Jukebox” movie/music/entertainment technology."

An external compartment provides 80 cubic feet of storage space, along with some additional space in an internal closet (ideal for golf clubs or bulky luggage). The cabin includes a hot and cold beverage area and a mini-bar.

"Citation XLS Private Aircraft"

citation xls aircraft, citation xls interior, citation xls inside

Taking comfort and versatility to an even higher level, the Citation XLS combines the spaciousness of a stand-up cabin with the simplicity and operating economy of a light jet.

"Jet Charter Citation XLS"

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The restyled XLS interior offers exactly the same cabin height and width as the Citation X.

"Citation XLS Specifications"

  1. "Reclining, luxury leather seats in a club arrangement, including a 2-seat couch."

  2. "Dropped aisle providing headroom up to 5.6 feet through the entire cabin."

  3. "Cabin baggage area."

  4. "Galley with coffee machine and ice bin."
  5. "Entertainment system."

  6. "Four pullout tables and two electrical outlets."

  7. "Closed lavatory."

Passengers can move up and down the entire length with plenty of headroom. There's ample space for a comfortable lavatory and center-club seating to accommodate eight passengers.

"Citation XLS Cabin"

citation xls cabin, interior citation xls, inside citation xls

A couch (rated to takeoff/landing safety standards) comes standard.

Indirect LED lighting is installed to give the cabin a roomier, more natural feel and comes with the benefits of producing less heat and lasting longer.

"Private Jet Charter, the Citation XLS!"


"CITATION XLS, Luxury Jet Charter!"

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The Citation XL was designed using the airframe of the world's fastest private jet, the Citation X (Ten).

Using smaller engines and a straight edged wing the Citation XL was able to keep the main features of the Citation X but with a substantial savings in the production and annual flying hour costs.

"Citation XLS Inside"

citation xls inside, Citaiton XLS cabin, Citation XLS interior, jet charter

Having the range to fly from London to Athens, the Citation XL can be hired for most internal European charter flights.

Its take off and landing capabilities allows this private jet access into many short runways such as Cannes Airport, Lugano Airport and Bern Airport.

Like so many other business jets, the Citation XLS has been designed for flying the steep approach into London City Airport.

Manual fuel control remains available for emergencies. These engines can reach .80 Mach uninstalled and have a specific fuel consumption of just 0.709 pounds per hour.

"Citation XLS Jet Charter Private"

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The Citation XLS comes standard with two air conditioning systems to ensure that the cabin remains comfortable, even in the most extreme outside temperatures.

The Cessna Citation XLS can seat up to 7 to 8 passengers comfortably.

The Cessna Citation XLS is within a league of its own. The contemporary atmosphere within the XLS encourages relaxation and helps alleviate stress, allowing you to reach your destination with style.

"Citation XLS Interior"

citation xls, interior citation xls, jet charter citation xls, inside citation xls

Capable of reaching 43,000 feet in only twenty minutes, the XLS is able to transport you above severe weather and air traffic faster than any other private jet in its class.

You and your passengers are able to travel in the comfort of a midsize jet at speeds of nearly 500 MP/H and depart from airfields as short as 3,590 feet with ease.

Cessna Citation XLS boasts the perfect combination of range, speed, payload and high altitude airport capabilities and is a remarkable business jet.C

Combining luxury with practicality the Cessna Citation XLS ticks every box.

In standard club to club configuration this aircraft is very popular for those looking at a luxury option for up to 5 hours of flying.

Boasting a great size cabin and with the improvements made to the turbines this is one of the quietest midsize aircraft on the market.

"Citation XLS Private Jet"

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Our customer rating for this aircraft is 5 out of 5 delivering on every expectation never failing to deliver.

The Citation XLS improves upon the already impressive Citation Excel. Improved performance and comfort provides unmatched mission flexibility.

The Cessna Citation XLS/XLS+ is one of the best-selling business jets ever built.

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