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private jet charter communications

PRIVATE JET CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS: All the Private Jets offer State of the Art Communication Equipment!

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PRIVATE JET CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS: on the Jets. Satellite Phone, Internet Access, Wi-Fi, the Jets have them all! Cell phones, Wifi, satalite TV, etc. Please CONTACT US!

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PRIVATE JET CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS: on the Aircraft made Easy! Rest Assured you will be able to stay in touch on your Trip!

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PRIVATE JET CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS: always allows you to keep in Touch!

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PRIVATE JET CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS: We know how important Charter Flight Communicating is!!

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PRIVATE JET CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS: We will always be in touch with the Private Jet!

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  1. Satellite phones
  2. Wi-Fi
  3. Computers
  4. Internet Access
  5. Aircraft Phones

Communication for Jet Charter. We offer the latest Private Jet Communication Equipment on all the Jets! Central Jet Charter Inc. will Ensure that you will Always be in Touch!

"Communication on a Jet Charter"

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Our carefully selected network of dedicated Private Jet Aircraft gives you the flexibility to meet your exact travel needs so you can fly when and where you want and still keep in touch with the outside world.

And with a breadth of aircraft available, our "Private Jet Charter Service" gives you the freedom to choose the specific "Private Jet" model you want for each trip, with any type of Communication Equipment you need.

"Private Jet Charter Communication"

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Our trusted advisors are available 24/7 to assist with your travel needs and personally oversee your "Private Jet Charter" from start to finish.

"Private Jet Communication"

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Central Jet Charter Inc., will arrange for any type of "Communication Equipment" you so desire on board the aircraft but all the jets already come equipped with the latest communication equipment."

Central Jet Charter Inc., rates on "Private Jets" start at $1200 an hour and up. At you can find all the latest communication equipment on the "Private Jets."

"Jet Charter Private Communication"

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We have translated the meticulous service of a five star hotel to every Worldwide Jet flight. Whether you are flying coast-to-coast or to an international destination, we cater to your every need.

The Communication equipment (phone, wifi, etc.) for Private Jet charterfree. The Communication on Private Jets.



  1. "Very Light Jets"
  2. "Light Jets"
  3. "Super-Light Jets"
  4. "Midsize Jets"
  5. "Super-Midsize Jets"
  6. "Heavy Jets"
  7. "Long Range Jets"
  8. "V.I.P. Airliners"
  9. "Turbo Props"
  10. "Piston Aircraft"


All the Private Jets have special communication equipment on board and we can also arrange to have any type of communication equipment on board that you desire!

"Jet Charter Amenities"

  1. "24-Hour Personal Concierge Services."
  2. "Experienced, Highly Skilled Pilots and Crew."
  3. "Safe and Confidential Communications."
  4. "Dedicated Charter Representatives."
  5. "Customized Itineraries."
  6. "Flexibility to Accommodate Special Requests."

Whether you travel domestically or internationally, for business or for pleasure, Central Jet Charter Inc. provides customized charter aircraft solutions that meet your unique needs.

We are well known for our unparalleled service to our clients and our operational excellence.

"Jet Charter Information"

  1. "Eliminate the stress, frustration and wasted time associated with traveling commercially."
  2. "Impeccable safety and security standards."
  3. "Live customer service, available 24/7/365, to book or change any detail of your trip."
  4. "Gain access to remote destinations, with the ability to visit 5,000 airports (vs. 500) using private jets over commercial airlines."
  5. "Ultra-personalized concierge services, including ground transportation, catering and destination accommodations."

  6. "Enjoy a private, secure, confidential environment."
  7. "Travel in a relaxed, comfortable setting."

We offer passengers the ability to make calls, send text messages, and access information on their smartphones during flights.

This new service, from the aviation telecommunications provider Air cell, enables passengers to connect with family, friends, and colleagues from the air and access their smartphone’s contact lists and call history.

We take care of all the details and making booking effortless. Please give us a call, we are here 24/7/365. Please give us a call.



"Private Jet Charter, 24/7/365!"

You may be aware that Central Jet Charter Inc., can prepare private jet charters, provide car service, gourmet in-flight catering, any communication equipment on board, and an on-call concierge for travel arrangements all in three hours notice.

"Private Jet Flight Attendant"

flight attendant on board private jets

These services are a few of the many benefits to appreciate when booking a private jet charter with Central Jet Charter Inc.

Central Jet Charter Inc., commitment to providing clients with a safe and enjoyable travel experience unlike any other is what makes this well-oiled luxury aviation machine operate with such incredible efficiency, and with such unquestionably positive results.

Our clients benefit from top-notch service, unrelenting dedication to safety, wide selection of aircraft, and years of experience in chartering private jets.

"Aircraft Charter"

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Our unique approach to servicing your needs is that we link you directly with relevant aircraft that are owned and operated by current FAA Part 135 air carriers.

Our mission is to connect your needs with the needs of the aircraft operator. This way you receive the lowest possible price, and the operator doesn't fly the aircraft empty at a complete loss.

"Charter Flights"

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Calls are priced on a per-minute basis; sending and receiving text messages is complimentary.

Central Jet Charter Inc., can be reached at (617) 794-9000 or at or at 2033 Valentine Avenue, Suite 50BNew York City, New York 10457U.S.A. or at .

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"Private Aircraft Charter Quotes, 24/7/365, Call Us!"