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COMPANY GOAL PRIVATE JET CHARTER: at it's very best. We provide the Best Private Jet, Charter Aircraft Service.

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COMPANY GOAL PRIVATE JET CHARTER: Aircraft Charter Services. The Best Private Jet, Charter Aircraft, Service Flights.

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COMPANY GOAL PRIVATE JET CHARTER: Private jet charter quotes. To provide the Best Private Jet Charter Aircraft Prices!

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COMPANY GOAL PRIVATE JET CHARTER: Jet Charter Service! Our Company is committed to the Best Jet Charter Experience!

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COMPANY GOAL PRIVATE JET CHARTER: Chartering a Private Jet. We provide the Best Private Aircraft at the best Price.

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COMPANY GOAL PRIVATE JET CHARTER: Jet Charter Cost. Providing the best Aircraft Rates and Cost.

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COMPANY GOAL PRIVATE JET CHARTER: Private Jet Companies! We are a Premier Private Jet Charter Company, that's our Company Goal!


Our COMPANY GOAL is to provide the best possible Jet Service, Jet Charter Quote & Private Aircraft. Private Jet Charter is easy, it’s just one call away! Business Jet Aircraft from every major manufacturer, available for same day departure within Three hours notice.

"Company Goal: Jet Charter Services"

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Company Goal: To take care of any and all possible needs for the trip. The Best Private Jet Charter Quote with just one call. We try to exceed your expectations with your Private Jet Charter trip.

"Company Goals: The Best Service!"

  1. We also provide a full array of concierge services, depending on what ever your needs are.
  2. You can have a private jet ready and waiting in as little as two to ten hours. You’ll enjoy the support of an entire company. Whether your "Private Jet Aircraft" is out of service for maintenance or already booked, "Central Jet Charter Inc." can provide just about whenever and wherever you need it."
  3. "If a pilot ill or a crew approaching their maximum duty limit? No worries. With Central Jet Charter Inc., you’ve got a reliable backup plan."
  4. "We aim to give clients total peace of mind. We thoroughly screen employees, tightly control Private Jet Aircraft access, and work closely with authorities on the ground to provide risk and threat assessment on an international scale."

The professional pilots we use are the best and the brightest of Private Aviation. In almost every case every pilot exceeds FAA requirements and has a minimum of 5,000 hours of flight experience on a specific type of "Private Aircraft."

"Company Goal: Private Jets"

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"HIRE PRIVATE JETS" with us, that’s our ultimate Goal! Flying commercially provides you with just a few choices, coach or first class. "Central Jet Charter Inc." members have an entire fleet of Luxury Private Jets at their disposal.

"Best Service our Company Goal"

  1. "No monthly fees, No membership costs, and No long-term investment."
  2. "20-30% savings when compared to fractional programs."
  3. "Only 4-hours’ notice required for all of your travel arrangements."
  4. "Access to more than 5,000 Aircraft and Helicopters in over 6,000 Airports worldwide."
  5. "24-hour concierge service."

The Company Goal is pricing starting at$300 per hour and up. The Company Goal - Best Jet Charter Services.

"Company Goal: Private Airplanes"

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"Central Jet Charter Inc., believes in transparency and equality. All clients pay the same prevailing Private Aircraft price and fees for like aircraft and share-sizes!

We recognize that "Private Jet Travel" needs are as specialized and unique as our clients-that’s why we have access to over 10,500 "Private Aircraft" available worldwide including: fuel efficient "Turbo Props," sleek "Light Jets," "Midsize Jets," "Heavy Jets" and even "Helicopters."

"Company Goal: No Security Lines"

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The professional pilots we use are the best and the brightest of Private Aviation. Every pilot exceeds FAA requirements and has a minimum of 5,000 hours of flight experience on a specific type of "Private Aircraft."

Our Private Jet Charter Concept: We also believe in transparency & integrity. All clients pay the same prevailing "Private Aircraft" price and fees for like Private Aircraft and share-sizes.

"Company Goal: Safety & the Best Jet Charter Service!"


  1. "Very Light Jets"
  2. "Light Jets"
  3. "Super-Light Jets"
  4. "Midsize Jets"
  5. "Super-Midsize Jets"
  6. "Heavy Jets"
  7. "Long Range Jets"
  8. "V.I.P. Airliners"
  9. "Turbo Props"
  10. "Piston Aircraft"


Clients frequently make use of private jet charter to further their business goals. The benefits of private aviation far outweigh the costs, and this is recognized by successful companies.

The security benefits alone validate the use of jet charters. This is the reason most often cited by Fortune 500 companies when explaining their use of private aviation. The added security is mainly due to the controlled environment aboard the plane.

"Company Goal: No Worries"

  1. "No missed or cancelled flights."
  2. "No unnecessary overnights."
  3. "Reduced exposure to delays."
  4. "No crowded airline terminals."
  5. "No lost baggage."

Jet charter fills this need, due to the ability to tailor to the executive’s schedules and reduce overall travel time. This time savings comes from reduced airport hassle and swifter TSA security procedures.

The time spent in-flight is also much more productive on a private flight. Sensitive business discussions, such as finances or potential acquisitions, can be held openly and vetting among top executives can proceed confidentially.

We will facilitate all aspects of your privately chartered jet travel, and ensure that any and all issues that may arise are resolved promptly and efficiently.

You will never face an unexpected issue on your own with our industry-exclusive Flight Concierge Service. Your Flight Concierge handles all aspects of your trip, ensuring that everything you need or requested is available for your use.

Central Jet Charter Inc., can arrange custom catering for you and provide full meals upon request. With C.J.C. Inc., remarkable in-flight catering, you can request any meal you want.

"Company Goal: Best Rates"

  1. "Quote before each flight, no hidden fees or unexpected charges."
  2. "No blackout dates or peak period surcharges."
  3. "Custom menus and the latest in-flight amenities, all coordinated by our 24/7/365 staff of professional flight coordinators."

Since we acquire the food from restaurants in the vicinity of the airport, and not traditional food suppliers, the cuisine is of a much higher quality.

We take comprehensive measures to ensure that the pilot and copilot have all the experience and skill necessary to make your flight as smooth as possible, including extensive flight experience and pristine safety records.

These steps help ensure your safety no matter where in the world you choose to fly.

Central Jet Charter Inc., delivers quick personal service and optimal aircraft & pricing, providing an experience you will want to call for again.

All Private Aircraft are certified under Part 135 FAA Regulations (Federal Aviation Administration) to ensure a safe and luxurious "Private Aircraft" trip.

"Impeccable Jet Charter, is our COMPANY GOAL!"


"Company Goal: Outstanding, Private Jet Charter Service!"

Looking to really relax? The bed on our Gulfstream IV offers true comfort and since this is your own private charter, nobody will bother you.

"Company Goal: Best People"

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Looking for some refreshments? The cabin safety attendants can provide you with complimentary beverages and snacks.

The convenience and luxury of flying in your own private charter is enhanced by the in-flight passenger experience.

From the moment you board our private jet aircraft until the moment you reach your destination, our goal is to provide you with the best service and comforts possible.

Our cabin safety attendants will not only ensure you physical well-being; they also ensure that your trip is everything you want it to be.

Where only one meeting in one city was possible on a scheduled airline itinerary, a private jet or aircraft charter flight may allow two or three business encounters in the same day.

The bonus of usable work time on the aircraft between destinations, since privacy and discretion are priorities on an air charter flight.

In business, there is only one non-renewable commodity - time. Studies have shown that the time of a top level corporate executive, when converted into a dollar figure by weighing their relative value to the company's bottom line, can be thousands of dollars per hour.

This explains why most of the Fortune 1000 companies either operate their own corporate aircraft, use private jet charter or do both. We save you the most valuable commodity, Time!

At Central Jet Charter Inc., we have always understood that our private jet charter service does not simply provide air transportation from point A to point B, but that our purpose is to increase the productive time in a business day.

Central Jet Charter Inc., uses reviews and feedback on all flights and service to continually provide the best experience possible for each and every charter.

The primary goal is to make chartering an aircraft as easy and streamlined as possible, with FAA-rated aviation experts overseeing the most appropriate, safe and cost effective charter experience.

All Aircraft are certified under FAA Regulations Part 135 as well, something we always abide by. We can be reached at We start our Jet Charter service for as low as $400 per hour and up.

"Company Goal: Jet Charter Service!"

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All the "Luxury Private Jets" are furnished to your specifications, and are maintained and inspected according to criteria that go above and beyond what the FAA requires, including some being audited by independent auditors Wyvern or ARG/US, the highest level of industry standard in "private aviation."

"HIRE PRIVATE JETS" with us, that’s our ultimate Goal! Flying commercially provides you with just two choices, coach or first class.

Central Jet Charter Inc., can be reached at (617) 794-9000 or at or at 2033 Valentine Avenue, Suite 50BNew York City, New York 10457U.S.A. or at .

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"Private Aircraft Charter Quotes, 24/7/365, Call Us!"