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PRIVATE JET CHARTER ENTERTAINMENT, We can arrange for Special Entertaining during the Charter Flight. Please CONTACT US at Anytime!

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PRIVATE JET CHARTER ENTERTAINMENT, We can have special People Brought on Board to Entertain.

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PRIVATE JET CHARTER ENTERTAINMENT, The Jets have Wi-Fi so there is always something to do on the Computers!

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PRIVATE JET CHARTER ENTERTAINMENT on the Flights. Jet Charter will arrange any types of Entertainment for the Aircraft Charter!

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PRIVATE JET CHARTER ENTERTAINMENT, Jet Charter Entertainment, You with Your Every Wish!

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PRIVATE JET CHARTER ENTERTAINMENT, We can Arrange on the Flight. This is just so important during the Flight, so let Us know what you Desire!

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PRIVATE JET CHARTER ENTERTAINMENT, things to do on the Private Aircraft. The Planes come equipped with Computers and Wifi so there is always entertainment!

"Entertainment on Private Jets!"

ENTERTAINMENT on Private Jet's is special, such as requests for music, games, live entertainment, poker decks, pedicures, manicures, facials, full body messages, or whatever. Just Tell us what you have in mind and we will do our best to arrange it for you."

"Full Size Bar & Drinks"

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ENTERTAINMENT on Private Jet's which can be set up with any type of services. All it takes is just one call and we can have any type of entertainment you would like. Entertainment of Any Type." is available while taking your Private Jet Charter Trip. Entertainment for the celebrities or just for your personal Private Jet Charter Trip."

"Specilized Catering Requests"

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Let us know what Type of Entertainment you want for your Flight! All the Private Aircraft come with such an amazing selection of AIRCRAFT AMENITIES.

"Pets on Private Jets"

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ENTERTAINMENT on the Private Jets is a unique business model which allows us to maintain a dedicated focus on our customers, making them our highest priority. With our selection profit we can arrange any type of entertainment you would like on board the aircraft and we also welcome celebrities to come fly with us.

"Private Bathrooms and Bedrooms"

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Entertainment on the Aircraft with our meticulously hand-selected network of expert operators provides confidence to our clients while allowing us access to a fleet of quality aircraft so we can deliver the utmost flexibility. "ENTERTAINMENT" "Please Contact Us, we would love to hear from you."

"ENTERTAINMENT" "in which you can make special requests for music, games, live entertainment, poker decks, catering, whatever. Tell us what ever you have in mind."

"Jet Charter Entertainment"

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We can be reached at for any type of ENTERTAINMENT on the Aircraft for a nominal fee of $100 and up. You can pre-order movie database, or anything you would like. We aim to please and keep you entertained during your Private Jet Charter Flight.

Central Jet Charter Inc. will provide any type of Entertainment that you desire, and change itinerary as often as necessary.

Entertainment on private jet's start at $100 and up. Entertainment on Private Jets.

"Entertainment on Private Jets!"


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  6. "Heavy Jets"
  7. "Long Range Jets"
  8. "V.I.P. Airliners"
  9. "Turbo Props"
  10. "Piston Aircraft"

"Private Jet Charter, ENTERTAINMENT!"

Any artist or tour manager knows just how often a jam-packed tour schedule can change.

When you fly privately, you can change your dates as often as needed and get you to your destination faster than you ever would when flying commercial.

Even better? You can even hit those super small towns on your schedule, without having to sit through an hour long commute from the airport once you get there since a private jet will be able to fly into a much smaller airport.

Avoid airport delays. When you fly privately, you’ll never have to worry about showing up at the airport 2+ hours ahead of your flight.

There’s no waiting and no long lines at security, so you just breeze through the FBO terminal and head straight out to your plane.

Bring all of your equipment. There aren’t any baggage limits when you fly privately, this means you can take all of your stuff (and your entourage’s) with you on the plane.

The only limit is the plane’s cargo capacity. So, pack all of the stuff you need – this includes your golf clubs and even your dog. Yep, they’re welcome too.

Travel in total privacy. The overwhelming crowds that you have come to expect from airports, especially on peak travel days, are a thing of the past when you opt for a private jet charter.

You’re entire trip can be completed in total privacy. In some cases, your ground transportation can even pull up on the tarmac along side your plane, so your identity and those of your passengers is always protected.

Central Jet Charter Inc., provides extraordinary Air Charter service for the entertainment and production industry.

We can provide you with non-stop, direct access to destinations that are not typically served by scheduled airlines, creating a much more convenient and luxurious travel experience for your passengers.

Our aircraft can be configured for Coach seating for an economical approach to travel, as well as some can be outfitted with extremely luxurious first class seating.

Expert ability to handle the logistics of production movement including freight and cargo.

Passengers board aircraft directly from ground transportation for convenience and security wherever available.

24/7/365 operational support including flight tracking and on-site representation to brief airport staff and cabin crew.

When it comes to those dreaded weather delays, a private jet is also more likely to be able to get you off the ground (and out of the weather) much faster than a commercial plane.

Call us for an individualized program for your casino or travel group.

In flight entertainment is pre-ordered as well, Central Jet Charter Inc., will make sure you have a movie database, and your Jet is likely to have a good-size screen to watch it on!



"Jet Charter, Entertainment!"

Perhaps one of the best known users of private jet charter are touring musicians and live entertainers.

"Private Jet Charter Entertainment"

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There’s obviously good reason for this, as utilizing private aviation is a great way to add flexibility to a changing tour schedule.

Below we’ve outlined some of the big reasons why private jet charter is a must for the live entertainment industry.

We work with an accredited network of over 7,000 aircraft and helicopters worldwide, and our 24 hour flight team includes specialists in the Music & Entertainment sector, to ensure every aspect of the charter flight is coordinated safely and reliably.

The flight team has organized a wide range of flights and services for our Music & Entertainment partners – from orchestras, bands, catering units, film crews, film stars, press, equipment and more.

Central Jet Charter compares the whole aircraft charter market to ensure we deliver the best available aircraft and helicopters at the lowest market price.

Flying to Music & Entertainment destinations all over the world, our team is committed to delivering optimal value and services for your Music & Entertainment flight requirements.

From cultural icons like Leonard Cohen to Rock & Roll Hall of Famers Aerosmith to many of Country music’s top performers, Central Jet Charter Inc., provides an excellent travel solution for music and entertainment groups.

Organizations looking to motivate and/or reward their top performers with a professional and memorable incentive travel charter need to look no further than Central Jet Charter Inc.

A preferred business aviation partner for many of the leading Music & Entertainment companies around the world.

We understand the specific needs of the Music & Entertainment industry, and specializes in organizing air charter solutions for our Music & Entertainment partners.

We work with an elite group of independent operators who must complete Central Jet Charters extensive certification process, ensuring the highest levels of safety and service are met.

"Jet Charter Entertainment"

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Our team has extensive knowledge and experience working on charter flights and helicopter flights for music, film and media needs within the Music & Entertainment industry.

Central Jet Charter Inc., can accommodate today’s corporate travel needs with private charter services that save time and money in the most convenient and comfortable way.

Central Jet Charter Inc., can be reached at (617) 794-9000 or at or at 2033 Valentine Avenue, Suite 50BNew York City, New York 10457U.S.A. or at .

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"Private Aircraft Charter Quotes, 24/7/365, Call Us!"