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Epic E1000 exterior, private jet charter

The Epic E1000 Exterior. Private Aircraft Charter with just one call at any time.

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The Epic E1000 Interior. Private Aircraft Charter Services at Any Time. We would love to hear from you so please call us.

epic e1000 cabin, epic e1000 inside, epic e1000 interior, epic e1000 private aircraft charter

The Epic E1000 Cabin. Private Charter Flights in Any Place, at any time in the Epic E1000 with just one call.

epic e1000 cabin, epic e1000 inside, epic e1000 interior, epic e1000 private airplane charter

The Epic E1000 Inside. Private airplane charter with just one call when you want it.

epic e1000 cabin, epic e1000 inside, epic e1000 interior, epic e1000 private plane charter

The Epic E1000 Interior. Private plane charter in the Epic E1000 is an incredable way to go.

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The Epic E1000 Cabin. Private planes with just one call including the Epic E1000.

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The Epic E1000 Inside. Private flights. Fly in the Epic E1000 with just one call.

The Epic E1000 Airplane

  1. Crew: 1-2

  2. Capacity: 4-6 passengers

  3. Performance 307 mph

  4. Range: 1,900 mi

  5. Cost to Buy $2.2 Million.

  6. Rate $700 – $1,500/hr.

The Epic E1000 private aircraft is ready for launch. It can Climb out at 3,000 feet per minute, fully loaded, quickly and efficiently reaching altitudes you may not have flown through before. Level off at a maximum authorized ceiling of 34,000 feet. Stretch as you relax in the spacious cockpit, surveying an instrument panel more reminiscent of your luxury car than an aircraft.

The Epic E1000 Aircraft Exterior

Epic E1000

The Epic E1000 Turboprop Aircraft ergonomically–designed flight deck consolidates pilot workflow and data management, returning aviation to what it should be: intuitive, engaging and fun. With a range of over 1650 nautical miles carrying a payload of 1120+ pounds fully-fueled, your destination options are endless, especially given Epic’s superior slow-speed handling and short-field performance. Imagine the possibilities.

Epic E1000 Information

  1. Rugged trailing link landing gear allows for more confident, consistently smooth landings on both paved and unpaved surfaces.

  2. Parker (Cleveland Wheels & Brakes) piston-actuated, hydraulic-operated single disc brakes allow for superior slowing and stopping ability and easier ground handling while taxiing.

  3. Steerable nose gear utilizes an oleo strut with full castering capability that provides ample shock absorption and superior handling.

  4. Control system combines cable, bell crank and push-pull rod systems, ensuring a positive, stable, controlled aircraft with smooth inputs throughout the flight envelope.

Fast and furious. The powerful 1200 HP Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67A engine placed on the aerodynamic airframe of the The EPIC E1000 delivers true jet-class performance.

The Epic E1000 Aircraft Inside

Epic E1000 cabin

"The Epic E1000 Airplane" defines a new era. The passionate engineers at Epic are dedicated to revolutionizing the way we fly.

From the drawing board to the production floor, Epic continues to refine the rules of modern aviation, combining turbine power, composite technology, advanced avionics and first-class luxury, packaged in a sleek and elegant airframe.

Epic E1000 Specifications

  1. Enviro-systems pressurization and outflow solutions are industry-leading, technologically-advanced climate systems for cabin-class aircraft, with a fully-functional, ground-operable air conditioning system also provided.

  2. Deicing equipment includes pneumatic boots on wings, plus heated windshield and propeller.

  3. Torque limiter facilitates flight operations and enhances safety.
  4. Automatic fuel balancing system eliminates need to manually switch fuel tanks.

The Epic E1000 like no other aircraft in its class fully optimizes the benefits of carbon fiber.

It has a superior, stronger, very light weight, highly-moldable material that reduces the number of required parts and results in a more streamlined, efficient production process.

This ultimately translates into a lower purchase price and lower cost of ownership for customers. That’s innovation you can bank on!

The Epic E1000 Aircraft Cabin

Epic E1000 interior seating

Prepare to be impressed. The Epic E1000 is sleek and statuesque, with elegant lines that draw attention on even the busiest ramps.

The cockpit and cabin are spacious, with generous head and legroom able to accommodate 6’8″ tall pilots and passengers.

The innovative, ergonomically designed all-glass flight deck features the latest in advanced situation awareness and consolidated workflow, emphasizing intuitive, functional, safe and comfortable flight operations.

The Epic E1000 Jet Charter

Epic E1000 interior

The sculpted, leather-detailed carbon fiber yoke facilitates one-handed flight operations and integration with e-tablets and devices.

Custom avionics, including synthetic vision displays, GPS and integrated auto-pilot, are all incorporated into the Epic E1000, with vital traffic, weather, terrain and engine monitoring systems all standard.

The Epic E1000 private aircraft start’s at $600 per hour and up. The Epic E1000 Private Aircraft.

Epic E1000 Private Aircraft Charter

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Epic E1000 Information

Epic Aircraft completed the successful maiden flight of its first conforming prototype E1000 single-engine turboprop, putting the manufacturer on track to achieve certification later this year.

Epic has adding employees. In 2012, it employed 55 people. It now employs 185 with plans to employ more than 200 in early 2016.

A flight by the carbon fiber, six-seat Epic E1000 turboprop lasted 20 minutes with no surprises, and marked a milestone toward entry into the market as a factory-built alternative to the Epic LT kitplane.

Carbon fiber is lighter, stronger, more aerodynamic and less expensive to manufacture, providing more speed, range, payload, and performance at a highly competitive price.

Epic Aircraft is a privately owned company created to certify the sleek kit plane and is led by Doug King, a former builder who is among those who worked to rescue the company from a 2009 bankruptcy.

Fresh investment in 2012 restarted the effort to build a factory version. Two years later, the company announced plans to hire workers to staff the 200,000-square-foot factory previously owned by Lancair.

The Epic LT six-seat single-engine turboprop began as a build-it-yourself kit aircraft about 10 years ago.

Now, the manufacturer is in the process of certifying the production version of that plane, the Epic Aircraft E1000, for which the company has begun taking orders.

The Epic E1000 is drawing attention for its sleek carbon-fiber design and intelligent engineering, producing the fastest turboprop available.

It comes with standard ice removal equipment, increasing the safety of flight.

This comes from a boot in the leading edge, joggled to prevent drag, something impossible to offer with metal frames.

This inclusion of the joggle ensures that there is no speed penalty for the deicing equipment’s presence.

The solidly built and incredibly lightweight carbon fiber frame has other benefits beyond making the plane incredibly fast.

The Epic can carry a total payload of 1,120 lbs on a full fuel tank of 288 gallons, granting it a maximum flying range of 1,650 nautical miles, roughly 500 miles further than the Cessna Citation Mustang and the Embraer Phenom 100.

Six passengers can be comfortably seated within the cabin. Changes to the interior design from the kit model grant a more comfortable ride in the cockpit.

Notably, the seats are redesigned to offer more headroom and provide armrests.

The Epic E1000 offers a phenomenal value for those looking for something akin to the private jet experience.

With an enhanced range over similar private jets, you can explore more of the globe with greater fuel efficiency.

THE EPIC E1000 has superior strength-to-weight ratio and capacity to mold complex curves and shapes makes composites the optimal material for producing aerodynamic forms and establishing a new standard of performance for many industries.

The Epic E1000 has leather reclining seats which are each equipped with side pockets, small item & technology storage, headset jacks, power ports, beverage holders, air vents and fingertip-adjustable LED reading lights.

Epic E1000 Airplane Charter

National Business Aviation Association

nbaa, national business aviation association

There are not many single-engine turboprop airplanes on the market for the Epic E1000 to compete against once it achieves certification.

However, its high-speed cruise numbers and roomy cabin might help the Epic even win some light jet prospects, at least those who don’t demand the extra engine.

In addition to its speed, the E1000 boasts impressive range, payload and short-field performance.

Priced at $2.95 million the E1000 is powered by the 1,200-horsepower Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67A turbine engine.

Giving it a top speed of better than 325 knots, a max range of 1,650 nautical miles, climb rate over 4,000 feet per minute, ceiling of 34,000 feet, and full-fuel payload of 1,120 pounds.

The single turboprop Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67A produces 1,200 shp, offering a delightfully swift takeoff and making the E1000 the fastest turboprop aircraft on the market.

Epic E1000 Aircraft Charter

Epic E1000 seating

The well-proven and beloved Garmin G1000 avionics assist the pilot, along with thoughtfully engineered elements that ensure the safest flight from start to finish.

The Epic E1000 hits the sweet spot with an easy-to-fly, lightning fast plane capable of long range flights and big loads, all at lower operating costs.

Aircraft like the Twin Star DA-42, Pipistrel, Panthera, and the Lancair, Legacy FG are all very composite designs and significant new generation aircraft.

And the Epic E1000 certainly follows on in that vein, the only slight difference is this is not a light spec aircraft here, but a more larger General Aviation/Executive design.

And for molding those smooth sleek almost dolphin shaped designs you won't find any one who can do this better. The Epic is one nice looking aircraft.

These aircraft are very hard to dissect, because they are not built around a frame or modules, but are formed as a one piece moldings with the smaller components making up the whole.

So they can be unnaturally smooth and very hard to make interesting.

The aircraft its on a tri-cycle landing gear and they are quite tall and sits the aircraft well off the ground, the rear wheels are a trailing design and very well designed here.

The Epic E1000 Turboprop Aircraft has electronically-dimming windows which offer precision control over light, glare, heat and UV rays.

Configurable cabin seating optimizes passenger and cargo requirements. Once airborne, the technologically-advanced sound proofing reduces engine noise and enhances cabin comfort.

Epic E1000 Airplane Charter

Epic E1000, private plane, charter aircraft, flights services

Unlike most of its competitors, Epic uses advanced carbon fiber composite material throughout the construction of its entire E1000 airframe.

The Epic E1000 Private Aircraft has remarkable strength of carbon fiber composite technology allows for optimal speed and durability.

The result: an airframe that seamlessly moves through the air, allowing the E1000 to travel at over 325 KTAS— faster than any single-engine turboprop on the market – and rivaling the performance and speed of most personal business jets.

Epic E1000 Turboprop Charter

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