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  1. Passenger Capacity:12 – 19

  2. Lavatory: Full

  3. Airspeed (knots): 515

  4. Range (nm): 5,950

  5. Cabin Width: 7′ 8″

  6. Cabin Height: 6′ 2″

  7. Cabin Length: 39′ 1″

  8. Baggage Capacity: 140 cu. ft.

  9. Cost to Buy $45 Million.

  10. Rate $5,000 – $6000/hr.

The FALCON 5X private jet has one of the best short runway capabilities for Private Jet Airports, and is very roomy and spacious inside. Imagine flying from Los Angeles to London City, nonstop. Or New-York to Sao Paulo, Shanghai to Sydney. The Falcon 5X connects the most frequented international city pairs, nonstop. The Falcon 5X will change your perspective on what is possible with a large Private Jet.

"Falcon 5X Private Jet"

falcon 5x

The Falcon 5X Private Jet has these impressive facts and figures: a six-foot, six-inch cabin height, the tallest in business aviation; a wider cabin than previous Falcon Jets; a top speed of .90 Mach; a range of 5,200 nautical miles and the "Private Jet Airports" short-field capability of much smaller jets.

"Falcon 5X Specifications"

  1. "2,000 "Falcon Aircraft" delivered since 1965."

  2. "As of 2009, over 1,700 Falcons in service, over 1,000 customers in 65 countries."

  3. "80% of Falcons are used by corporations as a resource for economic development."

  4. "A family of five corporate aircraft with ranges from 3,000 nm (5,500 km) to 5,950 nm (11,000 km)."

  5. "Multirole "FALCONs:" surveillance, maritime patrol, medevac, freight, etc."

The Falcon 5X Private Aircraft has a range of 5,200 nautical miles (9,630 km), connecting Los Angeles with London, Sao Paulo with Chicago, Johannesburg with Geneva or Paris with Beijing. Functionality and modern style blend in the cabin.

"Falcon 5X Cabin"

falcon 5x cabin

The company conducted extensive research into new cabin technology and styling techniques that will greatly enhance passengers’ sense of spaciousness and comfort.

"Falcon 5X Information"

  1. "The Falcon family is the market leader in the wide-cabin, long-range segment."

  2. "Falcons take advantage of the heritage and technological innovations of the company’s combat aircraft (digital flight controls, head-up display)."

  3. "Falcons offer the lowest fuel consumption in their class. For equivalent cabin size and performance, they use 30-40% less fuel than the competition. CO2 emissions are reduced in the same proportions."

  4. A Falcon can always be instantly recognized by its elegance and its optimized lines."

The Falcon 5X Private Aircraft represents an important addition to the Falcon product line, expanding its offering in the large-cabin segment.

The new private aircraft has a cabin height of six feet, six inches (1.98 m), an important consideration for passenger comfort on flights of 10 or 11 hours’ duration.

"Falcon 5X Interior"

interior falcon 5x

The Falcon 5X Private Airplane has impressive facts and figures: a six-foot, six-inch cabin height, the tallest in business aviation

Yet all this performance and capability is achieved with the lowest fuel consumption in its category. The "Falcon 5X" is as much as 50 percent more efficient on short missions.

"Falcon 5X Inside"

falcon 5x jet

The Falcon 5X private plane has business aviation’s most advanced fly-by-wire system. The ultra-efficient Silvercrest engines extract maximum power from every precious pound of fuel.

The Falcon 5X Private Aircraft can fly farther from them, especially the most challenging fields such as Aspen or London City.

"Falcon 5X Charter"

falcon 5x aircraft

The cabin cradles you on eleven-hour flights and allows you to walk off feeling your very best.

The ultimate benefit: a big plane you can use efficiently for almost any mission, short or long.

The Falcon 5X Private Plane is built to appeal to all your senses, not least your common sense.

The Falcon 5X Private Jet is known for their agility in the air. Falcons are just as maneuverable on the ground where their modest ramp presence means they can find a home in nearly Any Airport environment.

"Interior Falcon 5X"

falcon 5x interior

The Falcon 5X lets you get up and away, you’ll want to fly fast.

Fighter heritage means a fast, tough airplane, and like other Falcons, the 5X has no speed limitations in turbulence.

The Falcon 5X private jet start’s at $5,000 per hour and up. The Falcon 5X Private Jet.

"FALCON 5X, Private Jet Charter!"

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For coast-to-coast U.S. travel, or other trips of 3,000 nautical miles or more, you can fly even faster. Top speed is Mach .90.

"Falcon 5X Exterior"

falcon 5x exterior

In a wireless world, the Falcon 5X cabin will make you feel right at home.

It includes options for viewing entertainment content and news on iPads, and streaming content from tablets to cabin monitors.

The Falcon 5X Private Airplane low-speed capability equates to greater safety margins on takeoff and landing.

It also opens up more airports — very often the ones that are most convenient for you.

With a balanced field length of 5,250 feet, the Falcon 5X can use more Airports than competitors.

Even with a partial fuel load, you’ll be amazed at the small Airports you can use, including those with runways of less than 4,000 feet.

"Falcon 5X Private Jet Charter"

falcon 5x charter, private jet exterior, heavy jet charter aircraft flights

Once you are up and away, you’ll want to fly fast. Fighter heritage means a fast, tough airplane, and like other Falcons, the Falcon 5X has no speed limitations in turbulence.

Climb directly to 41,000 feet, which often helps Air Traffic Control provide more direct routings.

The Falcon 5X Private Jet will offer the latest generation of the popular Falcon Cabin HD+ cabin management system, including its Skybox media server with a vast iTunes video and music library.

Our iPhone app even allows you to control lighting, volume level and entertainment options, right from the palm of your hand.

"Jet Charter Falcon 5X"

falcon 5x jet charter, private jet inside, jet charter aircraft interior

Its 5,200-nm range allows it to connect the majority of the world’s most heavily travelled city pairs.

Yet, it will be far the most fuel efficient jet in its category and will demonstrate the approach speed of a typical turboprop.

The aircraft has a clean sheet wing with 33 degrees of sweep at quarter chord, a straight leading edge from root to tip and a 779-sq.-ft. area.

"Falcon 5X Airplane Charter"

falcon 5x, exterior private jet, jet charter airplanes, private flights, private aircraft

The Falcon 5X will be able to fly 200-nm farther than Gulfstream G500 on 650-lb. less fuel, Dassault engineers predict.

It will be able to fly from London to Los Angeles, Shanghai to Seattle or Teterboro to Tel Aviv. But, its long range speed is Mach, 0.80.

That should give it unsurpassed fuel efficiency, along with the lowest noise and emissions characteristics in class.

The new aircraft has a 1,770-cu.-ft. cabin, the largest of any Falcon Jet yet built, including the Falcon 8X.

The Falcon 5X Private Plane lets you conduct business or cement relationships, there is no alternative to meeting people in person.

The Falcon’s excellent nonstop range and unique ability to land at "Small Airports" gets you closer to your destination.

The Falcon 5X Private Aircraft can Climb directly to 41,000 feet, which often helps Air Traffic Control provide more direct routings.

During typical cruise altitudes of 43,000 to 47,000 on long range missions, you’ll often be above the Jetstream in air that is usually silky smooth.

The Falcon 5X has a maximum range of 5,200 nautical miles at its long-range cruise speed of Mach .80.

Choose to fly at normal cruise of Mach .85 and still accomplish long, inter-continental missions with a range of 4,750 nautical miles.

"Cabin Falcon 5X"

cabin falcon 5x, inside private jet, interior private jet charter aircraft

Its cabin windows also are 10 percent larger than 7X and 8X. The cabin cross section indeed will be slightly larger than that of Gulfstream’s G650 flagship, Dassault officials assert, although the 5X’s cabin is shorter.

"FALCON 5X, Jet Charter!"


"Heavy Jet Charter, FALCON 5X"

Dassault Aviation has confirmed a two-year delay and production freeze on its all-new Falcon 5X because of ongoing problems with the Snecma Silvercrest engine.

"Falcon 5X Inside"

falcon 5x inside

The large-cabin, long-range twinjet – which was rolled out in June 2015 – is not now expected to fly until 2017, with first deliveries in early 2020.

After unveiling the 5X in 2013, the French manufacturer had planned the jet’s maiden flight in the third quarter of last year but shortly after roll-out.

Hitches with the Silvercrest engine began to emerge, and Dassault said late in 2015 it would announce a new testing and production schedule early this year.

Dassault has informed 5X customers of the delay. Although he will not reveal backlog details for the type.

"Falcon 5X Private Jet Charter"

falcon 5x, jet charter, private jet inside, jet charter, aircraft interior, Heavy Jet

The 5X is the launch platform for the Silvercrest and it is the first time Dassault has chosen a French engine for a Falcon.

The Falcon 5X Private Jet offers an unprecedented direct view of the sky overhead through its skylight ceiling window.

This unique window on the sky transforms your perception of space while providing natural light from above in this "Private Aircraft."

"Falcon 5X Charter Flights"

falcon 5x flights, jet charter, private jets, private flights, charter flights

The Falcon 5x now has the Falcon 6x and soon to be the Falcon 7x and Falcon 8x.

The Falcon 5X Private Aircraft in fact, typical (Vref) approach speed for the 5X is 105 knots.

That’s up to 20 knots slower than most jets with comparable range and near the approach speed of some short-field turboprops.

The result is leaks. We’ve known about this program for a while now, though we didn’t know all the details.

"Falcon 5X Plane Charter"

falcon 5x plane, jet charter, private jets, private flights, charter flights, charter planes

The Falcon 5X cabin will redefine your private air travel experience. You have more personal space to sit or stand.

The spacious cabin is designed to provide areas for privacy and as well as common areas where teams can meet and confer. The cabin of the Falcon 5X will help you accomplish more.

The Falcon 5X’s forward galley is the largest ever fitted to a Falcon Jet and it has a dimmable skylight that provides bright illumination of work surfaces.

There is a forward crew lavatory and an aft passenger lav, both equipped with vacuum toilets. The 155-cu.-ft. aft baggage compartment will be accessible in flight with no altitude limitations.

falcon 5x plane, private jet charter, private flights, private planes, charter plane

But in many ways, the 5X is more airplane than its larger, longer-range and more expensive hangar mate.

It has a better cabin, more efficient engines, more advanced avionics and a far more sophisticated digital flight control system.

Only so much secrecy is possible, however, as the manufacturer needs to work with hundreds of contractors and thousands of workers around the globe to bring a project like this to launch.

"Falcon 5X Private Jet"

falcon 5x, interior private jet catering, private jet charter, charter aircraft, charter flights

"The FALCON 5X" has seductive high-speeds, part of the value of a Falcon is a wide speed envelope.

As with previous Falcon generations, the wing of the 5X is optimized for both high- and low-speed performance.

Leading edge slats and trailing edge flaps yield remarkably low takeoff and approach speeds.

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