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The Global Express 5500 Private Jet, Charter this Aircraft with us, it's the biggest and best and biggest!

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The Global Express 5500 Private Aircraft, is what we do and who we are.

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The Global Express 5500 Private Airplane, What a Way to Go! This Private Jet, is one of the biggest for Jet Charter!

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The Global Express 5500 Private Plane, Ultra Long Range Charter Flight! GLOBAL EXPRESS 5000 Jet Rentals but of course we call It Jet Charter, Try It, ASAP, 24/7/365!

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The Global Express 5500 Private Flights, Call Us! Private Jets, for Air Charter, Give it a Go!

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The Global Express 5500 Private Jet, Just Call! This Private Jet, one of the Biggest and Best in the World!

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The Global Express 5500 Private Aircraft, Book a Private Jet, Just Call! Ultra Long Range Private Jet, are the Ultimate!


  1. Passenger Capacity: 10-19

  2. Lavatory: Full

  3. Airspeed (knots): 517

  4. Range (nm): 5,300

  5. Cabin Width: 8’2″

  6. Cabin Heigt: 6’3″

  7. Cabin Length: 42’6″

  8. Baggage Capacity: 194 cu. ft.

  9. Rate $5,100 – $6,100/hr.

The Global Express 5500 Private Jet is an ultra long range aircraft capable of traveling long distances with out having to stop to refuel. This long range jet is one of the newest ones that Bombardier is making and can seat up to 15 passengers comfortably.

"GLOBAL EXPRESS 5500 Exterior!"

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The Global Express 5500 Private aircraft features an advanced air management system that delivers both 100% fresh air as well as a turbo heat and turbo cool feature to rapidly raise or lower cabin temperature.

Additionally, optimized cabin pressurization provides a low altitude environment in the cabin, helping you feel more energized and alleviating jet lag upon arrival.

"GLOBAL EXPRESS 5500 Interior"

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The Bombardier Vision flight deck, the industry’s leading cockpit, combines a comprehensive avionics suite with refined aesthetics for an exceptional flying experience.

The fastest in-flight connectivity and intuitive cabin management system put an ultra-high definition entertainment experience within reach.

The only system to seamlessly merge enhanced and synthetic vision images in a single view, reducing crew workload and increasing situational awareness with the clearest view through the toughest weather.

"GLOBAL EXPRESS 5500, Private Jet Charter!"

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The centralized media bay offers a generous storage area to give you the flexibility and convenience you need to connect all your personal electronic devices.

With Bombardier’s Ka-band technology, you are connected to the fastest internet connectivity in the industry.

Ka-band offers worldwide* coverage, unparalleled reliability, unparalleled streaming, and hyper-fast connectivity speeds to keep you connected wherever your travels lead you.

The Global 5500 aircraft delivers unmatched versatility – offering the perfect combination of range, speed, field performance and smooth ride.

The result is uncompromised performance engineered to get you where you need to be in total comfort.

The Global 5500 aircraft’s cabin management system is ultra-fast, reliable and supported by a fiber optic backbone.

Its intuitive design makes it simple to link to all devices so you can be as productive or connected, as you need to be.

Approach runways with confidence. The cockpit on the Global 5500 aircraft is the first in the industry to offer a true combined vision system.

"Jet Charter, GLOBAL EXPRESS 5500"


"GLOBAL EXPRESS 5500, Private Jet Charter!"

With an impressive range of 5,700 nautical miles, the furthest in its class, the Global 5500 business jet connects cities like Los Angeles and Moscow or Sao Paulo and Paris non-stop.

This saving you time and putting more of the world’s business centres within reach.

The brand-new Rolls-Royce Pearl engine, purpose-built for the Global 5500 aircraft, powers it to top speeds of M 0.90 keeping you ahead of schedule wherever you’re going.

A superbly agile aircraft capable of effortlessly accessing difficult airfields like London City, where its competitors can’t get you.

The next-generation Global wing with fully re-profiled trailing edge combines renowned flexibility with refined aerodynamics for a smooth and comfortable ride for the best night’s sleep.

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