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The Global Express 7500 Private Jet, Aircraft Charter, or as We refer to it for Jet Charter!

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The Global Express 7500 Private Aircraft, Charter Jet Service, is just a Great Way to Travel!

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The Global Express 7500 Private Airplane, for Private Charters, Nothing Like Them!

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The Global Express 7500 Private Plane, can seat up to 18 passengers depending on seating configurations!

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The Global Express 7500 Private Flight, Private Charter Jet, Call Us! They are Very Luxurious Private Jets! Please Call!

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The Global Express 7500 Private Jet, Charter Jet Rates are $6k an Hour!

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The Global Express 7500 Private Aircraft, Charter Airplane, is one of the Best! You will get the Best Private Jet Company, Try Us!


  1. Passenger Capacity: 8 – 19

  2. Lavatory: Full

  3. Airspeed (knots): 513

  4. Range (nm): 7,700

  5. Cabin Width: 8′ 2″

  6. Cabin Height: 6′ 3″

  7. Cabin Length: 48′ 4″

  8. Luggage Capacity: 226 cu. ft.

  9. Rate $5,500 – $6,500/hr.

The Global Express 7500 Private Jet stands alone as the world’s largest and longest range business jet. Within its luxurious interior are four true living spaces, a full size kitchen and a dedicated crew suite. Elevate your flight experience and discover the uninhibited freedom and tailored luxury of the Global 7500 aircraft—a new class of business jet.

"Global Express 7500 Exterior"

global express 7500 exterior

The Global Express 7500 Private Jet has an industry-leading 7,700 nautical mile range, a top speed of Mach 0.925 and steep approach capability deliver total performance unrivalled in business aviation. Stay close to home wherever you fly.

With an unprecedented array of floor plans and furnishing options, the Global 7500 business jet is designed as an extension of your home and office, giving you the freedom to effortlessly travel wherever life takes you.

"Global Express 7500 Interior"

global express 7500 exterior

The industry’s only business jet with four living spaces and a dedicated Crew Suite and kitchen, enjoy virtually limitless suite selections and near infinite freedom in how you personalize your interior.

With new larger and evenly spaced windows, the Global 7500 aircraft provides more natural light than any other cabin in business aviation, as well as providing every passenger with a window seat.

"Global Express 7500 Interior"

global express 7500 jet

An industry-leading 7,700 nautical mile range connects some of the world’s most expansive city pairings, including routes such as New York to Hong Kong and Singapore to San Francisco.

A cutting-edge wing design with outstanding wing loading enables the Global 7500 aircraft to deliver the industry’s smoothest flight for a ride quality that is simply unmatched in business aviation.

"GLOBAL EXPRESS 7500, Private Jet Charter"

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"GLOBAL EXPRESS 7500, Information"

With comfortable seating for six, the elegant Conference Suite of the Global 7500 jet features a distinct design with sophisticated style.

Bring guests together for a business lunch or a family dinner and savour fine cuisine, meticulously prepared in the industry’s largest and most well-appointed kitchen.

The kitchen on the Global 7500 aircraft is as elegant as it is functional. Developed in consultation with the world’s top cabin crews.

The remarkable kitchen was designed with intent to prepare the industry’s most varied meal selections.

Experience luxurious comfort in a personal space that features an unprecedented array of optional furnishings, including a permanent bed and true stand-up shower in the En Suite.

GE Passport engines, designed specifically for the Global 7500 business jet, power it to a top speed of Mach 0.925 with dependable reliability and improved fuel efficiency.

Remarkable steep approach support will make the Global 7500 jet the largest business aircraft to access London City Airport.

Combined with exceptional braking, the field performance of the Global 7500 rivals that of much smaller aircraft.

"Private Jet Charter, GLOBAL EXPRESS 7500"


"GLOBAL EXPRESS 7500, Private Jet Charter!"

The Global 7500 aircraft features an advanced air management system that delivers both 100% fresh air as well as a turbo heat and turbo cool feature to rapidly raise or lower cabin temperature.

Additionally, optimized cabin pressurization provides a low altitude environment in the cabin.

This helps you feel more energized and alleviating jet lag upon arrival.

The all-new nice Touch cabin management system designed exclusively for the Global 7500 aircraft dials up the cabin experience, redefining the way you interact with the cabin and your content.

Engineered for total performance and featuring an industry leading 7,700 nm range, no other business jet offers the Global 7500 aircraft’s ultimate combination of range, speed, field performance and smooth ride.

In the Global 7500 aircraft’s available Master Suite, discover the soothing tranquility of home.

"Jet Charter in the GLOBAL EXPRESS 7500"

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