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hawker 900XP exterior, private jet charter

The Hawker 900XP exterior. Private Jet Charter is a great choice in this aircraft.

hawker 900xp interior, private jet charter

The Hawker 900XP interior. Private Jet Charter Travel! We can get the Hawker 900XP for your next trip.

hawker 900xp interior, private jets

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hawker 900xp interior, private aircraft charter

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hawker 900xp interior, private airplane charter

The Hawker 900XP interior. This Private Airplane is a great choice.

hawker 900xp interior, private airplanes

The Hawker 900XP interior. Private airplanes or Luxury Jets are a great way to go.

hawker 900xp interior, private plane charter

The Hawker 900XP interior. Private Plane Charters are something that we can do for you.

"The HAWKER 900XP"

  1. Passenger Capacity: 8 – 10

  2. Lavatory: Full

  3. Airspeed (MPH): 466

  4. Range (nm): 3,200

  5. Cabin Width: 6′

  6. Cabin Height: 5′ 8″

  7. Cabin Length: 21′ 4″

  8. Baggage Capacity: 226 cu. ft.

  9. Cost to Buy $5 Million.

  10. Rate $3,400 – $4,400/hr.

The Hawker 900XP midsize jet evolution is what makes Hawker Private Jet Aircraft are so successful. The midsize Hawker 850XP made significant improvements in performance and accommodations. True to form, the Hawker 900XP retains all of the Hawker 850’s advanced traits, but better.

"Hawker 900XP Private Jet"

hawker 900xp

The Hawker 900XP Private Jet which is in the odd position of having two Hawker jets in its lineup that are many generations apart. The Hawker 4000 is a high-tech, with a carbon-fiber fuselage and the latest in system sophistication. The midsize jet with range and comfort ideal for business use Few Aircraft can match the "Hawker 900XP" combination of comfort, cabin size, and speed.

"Hawker 900XP Jet Charter"

hawker 900xp cabin, private jet charter flights

One of the most popular business jets in its class, it’s often likened to a spacious conference room in the sky.

The Hawker 900XP fleet comprises both six- and eight-passenger configured aircraft.

Both configurations have a full refreshment center and stand-up headroom along the entire cabin length.

"The Hawker 900XP" only other Airplane that comes close to such a long continuous-production run is the Boeing 737 that entered service in 1968.

"Hawker 900XP Inside"

hawker 900xp inside, private jet charter, charter jet flights, charter private air

"The Hawker 900XP" is a long-range "Business Jet" features an enhanced variation of the Hawker 850XP’s winglets, increasing hot/high-altitude and cruise performance and range.

On the runway in hot/high conditions, the Hawker 900XP requires 1,800 feet less runway for a 2,000 nautical mile trip with six passengers.

It can complete coast-to-coast trips, Teterboro to Seattle for example.

The Hawker 900XP Private Plane is particularly popular by business travelers due to the aircraft’s unique flexibility and dynamics.

"Hawker 900XP Interior"

hawker 900xp interior

The Hawker 900XP cabin is as roomy as the "HAWKER 850XP's," it’s no wonder Raytheon chose to reuse the design for the Hawker 900XP.

With a 604 cubic ft. cabin, the "Business Private Jet" surpasses all others in its class.

The Hawker 900XP offers a combination of comfort, cabin size, and speed. One of the most popular private jet in its class, it’s often likened to a spacious conference room in the sky.

This Aircraft has been in continuous production since 1962, longer than any other "Private Aircraft."

"Hawker 900XP Cabin"

hawker 900xp cabin

The Hawker 900XP & the HAWKER 800XP comprises both six- and eight-passenger configured Aircraft.

Both configurations have a full refreshment center and stand-up headroom along the entire cabin length.

The Hawker 900XP Private Aircraft offers unbeatable fuel efficiency, performance, intuitiveness and comfort.

Although improved from earlier Hawker models, the Hawker 850XP lacks the power and range of the Hawker 900XP. It is simply more machine.

"Hawker 900XP Charter Flights"

hawker 900xp, charter flights, charter airplanes

"The HAWKER 900XP" is a spacious conference room in the sky, making it one of the most requested "Midsize Private Jets" in highest demand.

The Hawker 900XP private jet start’s at $4,400 per hour and up. The Hawker 900XP Private Jet.

"HAWKER 900XP, for Charter Private Jet Flights!"

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"HAWKER 900XP, Information!"

The 900XP is little changed, except for the engines, from the previous 850XP, which grew winglets for better climb and improved range.

"Hawker 900XP Private Jet Charter"

hawker 900xp, jet charter private

New Honeywell TFE731-50R engines are so much better that all aspects of performance -- takeoff, climb, cruise speed, range.

They are improved, with no addition of fuel capacity. And operating costs are reduced too.

Since the laws of aerodynamics are unchanged, a number of new and improved business jet offerings are upgrades of current products.

Previous owner Raytheon had made improvements in all three areas. On a standard day, the Hawker could hold its own against its mid-size competitors.

The 900XP is the result of replacing the 850XP's TFE731-5BR engines with TFE731-50Rs.

Both the -5BR and the newer -50R are rated at 4,660lb of thrust, but the -50R has a thermodynamic limit of 5,000lb, while the -5BR's is 4,660lb.

The increased temperature margin offered by the -50R allows it to maintain rated thrust as conditions degrade from standard.

At 5,000ft pressure altitude and ISA +20oC conditions, the -50R's 3,970lb of thrust is a 4.5% improvement over the 5BR's 3,800lb.

In addition to higher thrust, the -50R offers reduced thrust specific fuel consumption, the result of over 70 design and material enhancements implemented by Honeywell.

For a 1,100km (600nm) stage length, Hawker Beechcraft says there is a 4% reduction in fuel burn, and improved temperature margins have increased inspection and overhaul intervals by nearly 50%.

"Hawker 900XP Airplane Charter"

hawker 900xp, airplane charter, private airplane flights

These improvements are not without cost the newer, more-powerful and fuel-efficient engine is 20.4kg (45lb) heavier than its predecessor.

The Hawker 850XP has always been a load-and-go aircraft and the 900XP upgrade follows this rule.

While its basic operating weight has increased by 41kg from the 850XP's, maximum take-off weight has not changed.

Even with this minor reduction, eight passengers and their baggage can still be loaded with full fuel tanks.

Reduced fuel consumption of the new engines give the 900XP greater range than the 850XP with comparable payloads.

The published range advantage varies, depending upon selected cruise speed, with the relative advantage greater at high-speed cruise.

With six passengers (a 545kg payload), Hawker lists an NBAA instrument flight rules range of 3,715km, a 315km improvement over the 850XP.

On a standard day, the 900XP has a 7% shorter take-off field length than the 850XP.

Both aircraft weigh the same and have engines that produce the same amount of thrust, but a change in bookkeeping gives the 900XP the advantage.

Hawker Beechcraft is in the odd position of having two Hawker jets in its lineup that are many generations apart.

When the 850XP was certificated, no credit was taken for runway performance improvements generated by the addition of winglets.

"Hawker 900XP Exterior"

hawker 900xp exterior, private jet, private air charter, private flights

The Hawker 900XP Private Airplane features a cabin that includes stand-up headroom, LCD lighting, and touch-screen seat controls.

It has fully-berthable seats and plenty of in-cabin storage. The cabin accommodates eight passengers.

"Air Charter Services, HAWKER 900XP"


"HAWKER 900XP, Private Charter Flights!"

While it may be an exaggeration to say there should be a picture of a Hawker 900XP in the dictionary under the definition of "mid-size business jet," it would not be much of one.

"Exterior Hawker 900XP"

hawker 900xp exterior, private jet charter aircraft flights

The 900XP's roots can be traced back to the de Havilland DH125, first flown in 1962. Under the Hawker Siddeley and BAe banners, the 125 evolved into the BAe 125 Series 800.

This was first flown in 1983 and incorporated many improvements over the original DH125.

This is a longer fuselage that had debuted on the 600, new engines, a larger wing and an electronic flight system-equipped cockpit.

Before the type was sold to Raytheon, 700 of the several 125 variants had been produced in the UK, making it the most prolific of all UK jet aircraft.

With the purchase, Raytheon moved Hawker production to Kansas in 1996, but wing and fuselage fabrication remained and continues to this day in the UK.

The first significant upgrade to the 800 under Raytheon was the launch of the 800XP in 1995, which featured 4,650lb-thrust (20.7kN) Honeywell TFE731-5BR engines.

A Collins ProLine 21 integrated avionics suite was added in 2002. Production winglets graced the venerable Hawker in 2006. It is now dubbed the 850XP.

Certificated by the US Federal Aviation Administration and by the European Aviation Safety Agency, the 900XP represents the most capable and modern Hawker 125 model to date.

"Hawker 900XP Aircraft Charter"

hawker 900xp, aircraft charter, private aircraft flight

The 900XP shares the same large mid-size cabin for which the Hawker is renowned, the largest cross-section in its class according to Hawker Beechcraft, owner of the Hawker aircraft.

Headroom throughout the cabin is 1.75m, when measured from the aisle floor. The standard interior seats eight in a club forward arrangement with a three-seat divan and single seat aft.

An optional six-place configuration is available, with more luggage space and a single seat replacing the standard configuration's divan.

One unique entertainment feature offered to passengers is a glareshield-mounted cockpit camera.

Looking forward through the windscreen, the camera allows passengers to see in real time what the pilots are seeing.

While offering 17.6m3 (620ft3) of cabin volume and the longest length (7.37m) of the three, the Sovereign has the smallest diameter cross-section.

"Hawker 900XP Charter Jets"

hawker 900xp, interior private jet, charter aircraft private

Compared with the Hawker, the Sovereign feels like the business jet equivalent of the Boeing 757.

The Hawker has a wider cross-section that makes it feel markedly larger than the Sovereign.

At 6.5m long it offers an expanded forward galley and plenty of room for eight seats.

The G150's nearly rectangular cross-section evokes an airy feel and seems to provide a less "enclosed" space.

Seating for eight is available, but due to its shorter cabin (5.38m), it is less spacious than the Hawker.

Ambient noise level was low, allowing conversation at normal voice levels. Two 15in LCD screens are mounted in the cabin, one on the forward divider and the other on the aft.

"Jet Charter Hawker 900XP"

hawker 900xp, charter flights, private jet charter

The Hawker literally defined the mid-sized cabin, and the 900XP does not disappoint. At cruise altitude the flight deck is easy to sample the large cabin.

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