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gulfstream g4 exterior, private Jet Charter, Heavy Jets

The GULFSTREAM G4 Exterior. Private jets are one of the Best ways to Travel there is nothing like them in the world.

falcon 2000s exterior, private aircraft charter, private jet, charter flights

The FALCON 2000S Exterior. Private jets are the Ultimate in Pure Luxury and are a home away from Home.

challenger 604 exterior, jet charter, heavy jets, jet charter rates

The CHALLENGER 604 Exterior. These Jets can cost up to $50 Million and have a stand up cabin and seats that can go flat.

Legacy 600 exterior, Jet Charter, heavy jet, private jet charter

The LEGACY 600 Exterior. They have stand up Cabins, and are very Spacious inside and can seat up to 12 passengers comfortably.

falcon 2000lxs exterior, jet charter, heavy jet, private jet charter

The FALCON 2000LXS Exterior. Heavy Jets are the Ultimate way to travel so please contact us.

citation hemisphere exterior, jet charter, charter flights, charter aircraft

The CITATION HEMISPHERE Exterior. Heavy Jet can seat up to 15 very comfortably and travel at around 450 miles per hour. Please give us a call.

gulfstream g4sp exterior, jet charter, heavy jet

The GULFSTREAM G4SP Exterior. Business Jet Charter & Luxury Jet Charter in a Heavy Jet.


  1. Capacity: 9 – 18 People

  2. Cost to Buy $50 Million and up.

  3. Speed 500 – 560 mph

  4. Range: 3,700 – 5,000 nm

  5. Rate $5,000 – 6,500/hr

HEAVY JETS: | "Challenger 604" | "Challenger 601" | "Challenger 600" | "Citation Hemisphere" | "Falcon 2000DX" | "Falcon 2000EX" | "Falcon 2000LXS" | "Falcon 2000LX" | "Falcon 2000s" | "Falcon 2000" | "Falcon 900EX" | "Falcon 900C" | "Falcon 900B" | "Falcon 900" | "Global Express" | "Gulfstream G450" | "Gulfstream G4SP" | "Gulfstream G4" | "Gulfstream G350" | "Gulfstream G3" | "Legacy 600" |

Heavy Jets are high-performance, stylish and equipped to meet the demands of domestic or international private aircraft Travel. These private jets extend the nonstop reach of the industry’s highest performance long-range business aircraft of up to 5k miles.

The FALCON 900EX Jet Exterior

falcon 900ex exterior, private jet charter

Heavy Jets have a range of 6 to 14 hours and have full amenities, such as a full galley, lavatory and a flight attendant. They can seat up to 18 passengers in some instances but generally seat up to 12. They cost roughly 5k per hour and up to charter.

Large cabin heavy jets will let you enjoy optimum performance and larger cabins for increased comfort during long-range flights, from transcontinental to transatlantic.

The Gulfstream G450 and other heavy jets have got it all – the biggest interiors, most luxurious amenities, and longest nonstop range. These private aircraft are truly the kings of the skies.

Private jet charter in a heavy jet is a great choice because the cabin offers additional safety and comfort.

With their spacious and luxurious interiors, it’s easy to see why celebrities and professional athletes are drawn to heavy jets.

As a staple in the world of opulence, our private jet charter service leaves room for even vertically blessed passengers to stand tall.

The large cabins can hold anywhere from 12-18 people and can even include a sleeping quarter.

The CHALLENGER 604 Jet Exterior

challenger 604 exterior, private charter planes, private  charter aircraft, charter plane

The Challenger 604 has one of the biggest cabins in the heavy jet category. It is 6'2" high and over 8' wide.

The demensions of the cabin make it one of the biggest in the industry.

The Challenger 604 has a lot of luggage space so you can also carry as much luggage as you could possibly need.

Whether it’s across the country or across an ocean, heavy jets are the ultimate comfort and roominess.

The CHALLENGER 601 Jet Cabin

challenger 601 cabin, challenger 601 interior, challenger 601 inside, private aircraft charter, private charter flights

Heavy jet charter flights just can’t be matched in these aircraft because of their spacious cabins.

Full-size lavatories with dressing rooms are standard, and service is best-managed by the inclusion of a flight attendant in the regular crew.

The Legacy 650 for heavy jet charter is what we do! These aircraft can be employed for coast-to-coast or intercontinental flights ranging from 6 to 12 hours nonstop.

The LEGACY 650 Jet Interior

legacy 650 inside, legacy 600 interior, legacy 600 cabin, private aircraft charter

We have access to a wide assortment of heavy jets for charter purposes. These private aircraft can accommodate groups up to 18 people in various seating configurations and flight ranges."

No detail is too small and no request is too large. Pre-flight, in the air, or on the ground, our concierge service will accommodate your every need.

Absolute confidentiality in all matters is a prime commitment at Central Jet Charter Inc.

The cost will depend on many factors but we always have the best priced.

Top-of-the-line amenities typically include a full gourmet galley, private lavatory, larger baggage capacity, and complete entertainment system, at no extra charge.

Heavy jets are the largest private jets. Their cabin width varies but they generally have a cabin height of over six feet and a cabin width of 6 to 8 feet and a cabin length from 28 to 50 feet.

By using a heavy jet you will avoid crowded commercial airports, long security lines, baggage check lines, and the ever increasing delayed flights.

The Challenger 604 Jet Inside

challenger 604 interior, challenger 604 cabin, challenger 604 inside, private plane charter

The improved an already great Challenger Series is a great choice for heavy jet charter.

Dassault, a company known for having high standards of engineering, structural quality, and technological advancement, made an impact on the heavy jet market with the Falcon 900.

Heavy jet's start $5,000 per hour and up. Heavy Jet's when you need them.

These heavy jets are the ultimate and have plenty of cabin space. Average passenger capacity 10-15 for executive configurations and 30+ for corporate shuttle service.

Today, Gulfstream jets are used as a model for comparing large executive aircraft. The Gulfstream II is the quintessential example of a transcontinental-range jet that has stood alone in its class.

After manufacturing the original Gulfstream I turboprop executive jet, Gulfstream completely tore it apart and started from the ground up.

Average cruising speeds of 500 mph. Average nonstop range over 5000 miles.

Heavy Jet Charter Flights

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Heavy Jets Information

The heavy jets are more like an airliner than a private jet. Comparable to the Boeing 737, they offer much more cabin space than any similar aircraft. They are quiet, fairly economical, and handle well.

Challenger 600 Cabin

challenger 600 cabin, challenger 600 interior, challenger 600 inside, heavy jet charter, private aircraft charter

Bombardier designed the original Challenger 601 with the primary goal of passenger comfort.

The 601 iteration signifies the use of General Electric engines and drag-reducing winglets.

The Challenger 601 long-range business jet has made leaps and bounds from the original Challenger 600.

With better performing engines, greater range and increased reliability, the Challenger 601 variant offers plenty of desirable qualities in its class, even two decades later.

A derivative of the Challenger 600, the Challenger 601 was designed with the primary goal of passenger comfort.

Challenger 601 Interior

challenger 601 interior, challenger 601 inside, challenger 601 cabin, heavy jet charter, private aircraft charter

It has one of the biggest cabins in it's class and can carry up to nineteen passengers in its 8.2 foot wide cabin, yet it has transcontinental range, and is able to complete nonstop flights between almost any two cities in the United States.

After numerous refinements and upgrades, the Challenger 604 secures the family name in the long-range business jet market.

Bombardier’s Challenger series, perhaps its most successful line, has only become better with experience.

Because the original Challenger was so successful, Bombardier continues to use its general design while incorporating up-to-date technology and improvements on well-received components.

However, the Challenger 605 maintains every praised feature of its predecessor, adding freedom, innovation and performance capabilities.

It’s no wonder that this $27 million long-range business jet is a valuable asset to corporate clients.

Challenger 604 Exterior

challenger 605 exterior, private jet charter, aircraft charter, private charter flights

The Falcon 2000 is a private jet with a large cabin, transcontinental range, and fast cruise speeds.

It can easily complete nonstop flights such as trips from Miami to Seattle, or from Boston to San Francisco.

They managed to create the Falcon 2000 without sacrificing their usual high standard of excellence.

It was a bit surprising when Dassault, known for high standards of performance and technological advancement, announced that their next jet would be optimized for economy.

High standards of engineering, structural quality, and technological advancement are at the forefront of the Dassault Family thinking.

The Falcon 900 series has been one of Dassaults best-performing aircraft. However, few wide-body aircraft in the market compelled Dassault to produce a wide-body, shorter range line: the Falcon 2000.

The 2000 series is a reduced size (6' shorter), twin-engine version of the 900. It was certified in 1995 and has since produced upgraded variations including the Falcon 2000DX, EX, and the latest LX.

Private Jet chartrer in a heavy jet is a great way to go and we will get you what ever type of aircraft you want for your trip.

Gulfstream G3 Cabin

gulfstream g3 cabin, gulfstream g3 interior, gulfstream g3 inside, heavy jet charter, private charter flights

After the release of the successful Gulfstream private jets they released the Gulfstream G600 Seriers.

It still has all of the components that made the Gulfstream G4 series: great economy, speed, a large cabin, but improved on all of these elements to make an even better jet.

The G-III can fly 4,600 miles (4,000 nautical miles) at a speed of .84 Mach while carrying eight passengers.

Alternately, it can fly 4,140 miles (3,600 nautical miles) at the same speed with twice the amount of passengers.

Heavy Jet Charter


Heavy Jet Charter Flights

The Embraer Legacy Shuttle began life as a highly successful commercial aircraft in 1999.

Its parent company, Embraer, decided that their popular 50-passenger commercial jet, the ERJ-135, would translate well into a 1-passenger private jet.

Legacy 600 Exterior

legacy 600 exterior, private jet, jet charter

Modified in several ways to meet the needs of corporate jet flyers, the jet retained a large majority of its original design.

The Legacy 600 is Embraer’s first attempt business jet but it doesn’t show. Certified in 1999, the highly-successful Legacy 600 continues to be manufactured today.

Now the Legacy series, although still in development, is highly-anticipated and promises the most up-to-date technology yet.

Our elite clientele fly with the confidence knowing that their privacy is assured."

Your safety is our top priority on the private jets. Operators in the USA must meet standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for safety, & security."

Everyone’s travel requirements vary, which is why we do more than match the best Private Jet, whether it be a heavy jet, midsize jet or light jet.

Falcon 900 Exterior

falcon 900 exterior, heavy jet, private jet, jet charter, private charter flights

The Falcon 900 is part of the elite large cabin global private jet service. It was designed for optimal range, runway performance, and flight performance.

Since its release to the market, it has become one of the most-used private jets in the business world.

Companies like IBM and General Motors purchased more than one Gulfstream, and Coca-Cola purchased them.

The Falcon 900c is the third generation of a very successful family line of private jets.

Usually a company finds a niche and sticks with it. Not Embraer. After the huge success of their 146 jetliner, they still wanted to branch out into the corporate jet market.

Offering all but a few of the EX’s competitive performance capabilities, the Falcon 900DX is a value at under $35 million.

The Falcon 900DX was introduced in 2005 and continues to be manufactured today.

Their jets are known for having high standards of engineering, structural quality, and technological advancement – but the Falcon 900 was a step beyond where they had gone before.

The Dassault Family creates jets with high standards of engineering, structural quality, and technological advancement.

Falcon 900 Cabin

falcon 900 cabin, falcon 900 inside, falcon 900 inside, heavy jet, private jet, jet charter, private charter flights

Dassault is constantly redesigning and improving their aircraft to uphold these standards. In the intercontinental business jet category, the tri-jet Falcon 900s excel.

Certified in 1992, the Falcon 900B iteration derives from its eight-year-old predecessor, the original Falcon 900.

The “B” refers to upgraded engines, producing more power and performance capacity. It was so successful that 900s can be retrofitted to 900B capabilities.

The Dassault Family creates jets with high standards of engineering, structural quality, and technological advancement.

Dassault is constantly redesigning and improving their aircraft to uphold these standards.

In the intercontinental business jet category, the tri-jet Falcon 900s excel.

Introduced in 2000, the Falcon 900C is the sculpted, evolved version of its predecessor, the original Falcon 900, combining the 900B’s improvements with the innovative avionics of the 900EX.

Interiors can be arranged to accommodate practically any configuration, from full galleys to private offices and bedrooms – not to mention plenty of regular seating in spacious comfort.

Heavy Jets are high-performance, stylish and equipped to meet the demands of international private aircraft travel.

These Private Jets extend the nonstop reach of the industry’s highest performance long-range Business Aircraft.

Challenger 604 Exterior

challenger 605 exterior, challenger 605 outside, private plane charter

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp designed the Gulfstream G-III to be similar to the GII (of which more than 250 models were sold), but better.

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