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PRIVATE JET CHARTER CARD MEMBERSHIP, Join our Jet Card Membership and Receive Many Benefits! We up grade you to bigger jets when available!

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PRIVATE JET CHARTER CARD MEMBERSHIP, We have the Best Private Jet Charter Cards with the most flexible terms!

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PRIVATE JET CHARTER CARD MEMBERSHIP, Jet Card and Private Aircraft Programs with Us, Please CONTACT US!

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PRIVATE JET CHARTER CARD MEMBERSHIP, Aircraft Charter Card Membership"s starting at $25k


PRIVATE JET CHARTER CARD MEMBERSHIP, Air Charter Service, Private Jet Card! Private Jet Charter Rates with our Jet Card gives you Discounts!

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PRIVATE JET CHARTER CARD MEMBERSHIP, Join our Card Membership and get upgrades to bigger Aircraft!

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PRIVATE JET CHARTER CARD MEMBERSHIP, Charter Flight Cost will be reduced if you join our Jet Card Program!


  1. "Guaranteed aircraft availability and guaranteed rates for the life of the Jet Card."
  2. "Hourly rates locked in for one year and include fuel surcharges with no positioning fees."
  3. "Concierge services included on every flight."
  4. "No repositioning or ferry fees, only pay for the time you fly."

Jet Chard Membership is your chance to experience the service that accompanies Private Jet Charter. Jet Cards which works as a type of Prepaid Jet Debit Card. They include upgraded bigger aircraft when available, as well as extra catering and ground transportation.

"Jet Charter Card Memberships"

jet card membership

JET CARD MEMBERSHIP starting at $25k to 1 million on any Private Aircraft of your choice. C.J.C. Inc., Jet Cards come with a money-back guarantee. We offer any type of arrangement that suits your needs with our "Jet Charter Card Programs."

"Jet Charter Card Services"

  1. "Access to virtually all of the islands in the Caribbean without ferry fees."
  2. "Safety: Peace of mind of having your flights arranged your own Aviation Specialist."
  3. "Ability to load more hours to your card without penalty."
  4. "True 24/7/365 Account Management and Flight Operations Support."

span itemprop="description">JET CHARTER CARD works just like a Debit Card. We have increments of $25k and up, and the Private Jet Card includes many great benefits. Upgrades to bigger aircraft when available. V.I.P. Catering and ground transportation included at no extra charge!

"Private Jet Charter Card"

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"JET CARD MEMBERSHIP" Jet Charter Card Program is the most flexible in the Industry. With the most flexible "Private Flight" program in the industry, we make it easy for virtually any "Private Air Charter" client to own a pre-paid "Central Jet Charter Card."

"Jet Charter Card Information"

  1. "No long-term contract. Refundable deposit."
  2. "Charter Price Guarantee."
  3. "Flexibility to change size of Aircraft without penalties."
  4. "Pay once, fly all year. No more processing payments after each flight."
  5. "Simple budgeting."
  6. "Single point of contact. Fast, easy booking."

With our cards which are much better then Fractional Jets! We can also do "Private Jet Management" for you! Hourly rate is all inclusive of landing, ramp, and overnights. Reach this page directly at Our Jet Cards start at $25k and go up in $25k increments.

"Jet Charter Card Memberships"

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Jet Card Membership includes Silver, Gold, Platinum, Black, and Centurian Cards Availible and all come with Great Benefits. The Private Jet Charter Card will include free catering and limo services, as well as many other benefits.

"Charter Card Private Plane"

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"Jet Card Membership" Upon pre-paying for your desired "Jet Card" combination, you gain immediate access to guaranteed availability and guaranteed hourly rates for the life of your card with no expiration date.

"Jet Card"

jet card

Jet Card Membership Jet Cards act like a debit card and feel like a debit card. They come with the 365-day availability on any "Private Aircraft" specific or aircraft category type in the sky. On-Demand, select the "Private Jet" that best accomplishes your mission of the day.

jet card, charter aircraft, private planes, charter flights

"Private Plane Charter Card"

"JET CARD MEMBERSHIP" We have the most Flexible Jet Charter Card and we do not offer a cookie cutter Jet Card Program, every client is unique. Every Jet card client receives a tailor "Jet Card" program to meet annual needs from 12.5 hours to 250 hours a year. We appreciate our client network, before we forget, thank you for the future referral.

The Jet Charter Card Membership start’s at $25k and up. The Jet Charter Card Membership.

"JET CARD MEMBERSHIP, Has Great Benefits!"


  1. "Very Light Jets"
  2. "Light Jets"
  3. "Super-Light Jets"
  4. "Midsize Jets"
  5. "Super-Midsize Jets"
  6. "Heavy Jets"
  7. "Long Range Jets"
  8. "V.I.P. Airliners"
  9. "Turbo Props"
  10. "Piston Aircraft"


"Central Jet Charter Inc.," card provides immediate access to different categories of "private jets:" "Light," "Super-Light", "Midsize," "Super Mid," and "Large Cabin," "Ultra Long-Range," "V.I.P. Airliners."

"Charter Card Private Aircraft"

Charter a Private Jet

You decide which "Private Aircraft" category suits your needs and exactly how many hours are right for you: 10, 25, 50 or 100.

"Jet Card Membership" "Central Jet Charter Inc." "Jet Card" is a cost-effective solution for frequent flyers who need privacy, speed and exemplary reliability.

"Benifits of a Jet Charter Card"

  1. "Locked-in rates for up to two years."
  2. "No fuel surcharges."
  3. "No interchange fees."
  4. "Your choice of jet size on every flight."
  5. "Guaranteed jet availability."
  6. "Four private jet categories to choose from."

"Jet Card Membership" qualities make us the most flexible "Private Air" and Ground Transportation Company in the country.

We are bringing it all beyond that – up into the air. Call us for "Jet charter Card Program" Highlights!

"Jet Card Memberships"

  1. "Enjoy guaranteed aircraft availability with as little as ten hours’ notice."
  2. "Fly on your schedule."
  3. "Depart from the airport closest to you and arrive at the airport nearest your destination."

Other cards offer private jet travel. But only our Jets Card brings you advantages and flexibility no other card can.

Like all-inclusive pricing, your choice of jet size on every flight with no interchange fees, and the ability to fly commercially if you don't want to use a private jet with the highest level of privileges.

You may need private jet travel, but you really don’t know how much, how often, or how far you will be traveling. Our Jet Pass 25-Hour Jet Card program is a great entry point into private jet travel.

When you are ready, simply place funds on a Jet Pass account, and begin flying. It’s that easy.

Like a debit card for the sky, your prepaid hours are deducted as you fly based on a predetermined low hourly rate. Hours are accessible for your life time they never expire unlike other jet charter card programs.

"Beneifits of a Jet Charter Card"

  1. "Five levels to match your personal and business private flight travel needs."
  2. "Special charter jet services at each level including free upgrades."
  3. "Ability to extend available SkyCard flight privileges to anyone in your family or company."
  4. "One single SkyCard is all you need for any charter jet flight."
  5. "Your own personal travel consultant."
  6. "Personal concierge to assist with travel, dining and entertainment needs."

Purchasing a Jet Pass Jet Card provides you with instant access to thousands of private jets without the capital investment and commitment of whole aircraft or fractional ownership.

The simplicity of the JetPASS program structure is ideal for those individuals who want to supplement their fractional hours with additional lift, or gain guaranteed access to alternative aircraft types.

The program is also a natural next step for those users whose needs have grown to exceed that of the charter market.

We understand that each private jet card holder is unique and has specific needs, so we offer a wide variety of aircraft options to fit your personal or business needs.

From the efficient and versatile Hawker 400XP to the long range and high capacity of the Gulfstream G450, you're sure to find the perfect jet card for any of your private flight needs.

"JET CARD MEMBERSHIP" Your contract will never expire, and your satisfaction is guaranteed with a money back option at any time. We have the most flexible Jet Card!

These Jet Cards are available on all light, mid and Heavy Jets. JET CARD MEMBERSHIP Starting at just $25,000, Central Jet Charter Inc. provides one of the lowest "Jet Card" entry rates in the industry!

"Please Join our, JET CARD MEMBERSHIP"


"JET CARD MEMBERSHIP, has so many Benefits!"

The Central Jet Charter Inc., gives you guaranteed access to the Private Jets in 25-hour increments. Simply prepay for 25 hours of flight time on the private jet of your choice, then renew or walk away when your hours are up. There’s no long-term commitment

"Jet Card Charter Memberships"

jet card,boarding aircraft, private jet

This program is for flights on the Citation X or Challenger 300's between five West Coast states or the Canadian city of Vancouver and 16 East Coast states, the District of Columbia, or 14 East Coast Canadian cities, plus four California gateway airports and Hawaii.

Highest flight safety standards. The safety of our clients and their guests is paramount and the foundation for everything we do.

Whatever it takes to offer you the safest, most secure private aviation service and provides you with additional confidence in the security of your investment.

Our Jet 25-Hour Card is a sophisticated, flexible alternative to owning a jet, fractional jet ownership and other jet card providers.

Our Client Management Team is available 24/7 to assist you with your travel needs, ensuring you have the very best experience and receive the most value from your jet card.

Guaranteed availability, guaranteed hourly rates, and a guaranteed standard of safety. And both Jet Cards are guaranteed to be the most cost-effective in the industry. You choose the program that best fits your needs.

Our Jet Card program gives you access to our entire fleet and every jet size, without penalty for the upgrade. We guarantee you availability of any size jet at any time – without penalty.

We charge you the same as if you are enrolled in the size category of choice. If you are a Light Jet Card client and wish to utilize a Heavy Jet, we will guarantee you availability of a Heavy Jet and charge you as if you are a Heavy Jet client.

As a cost-effective alternative to the high cost of fractional aircraft ownership, the Sky Card entitles members to special privileges and services designed to make your charter flight experience the best it can be.

C.J.C. Inc., offers two ways to experience its guaranteed Jet Card services. The Jet Card programs provide the flexibility of private jet charter service with access to a private jet on a guaranteed basis.

There are two broad structures for jet cards:

Plane specific – where you prepay for a set number of hours on a specific aircraft type. These are typically 25 hour cards, but we’ve also seen cards for as few as 5 hours and for up to 50 hours.

Debit card – where you deposit an initial sum, often starting at $25,000, such as ours and then the compnay draws from this sum as you use different aircraft at fixed hourly rates.

The initial deposit could be lower, for instance we’ve seen them at $50,000. Or could be higher, which may get you a lower hourly rate on each aircraft type.

All flights are conducted under FAA Part 135 charter regulations, and thus you will have to pay the 7.5 % per-leg federal excise tax.

One of the great advantages for card holders is that you are usually not billed directly for deadhead, or unoccupied hours.

In other words the rate for one way trips are usually built into the hourly rate for the card. This makes the price per hour for these one way trips fairly competitive, but means that return round trips can be more expensive (than other methods such as charter).

Another big advantage is the consistency of service. With the large fractional operators you'll be flying on their fleet of consistently equipped and maintained aircraft.

With the charter brokers you'll have one point of call to arrange your travel needs.

The Central Jet Charter Inc., Card offers unprecedented convenience and flexibility for all your private jet needs.

"PRIVATE JET CARD" is a great option to have because it allows the user to just make one call to set up the trip and have everything ready to go, we also have no time restrictions or any restrictions at all on the "Private Jet Charter Card."

Purchasing a jet card is like buying a block of time on an aircraft. Many charter brokers and charter operators and all the big fractional operators will be happy to sell access time in chunks.

This typically locks in a price per hour that won't change during the use of those hours. These locked in hourly rates are normally good for either a year or two years.

We understand life is predicated on choices, when you choose Central Jet Charter Inc., 25 Hour Jet Card, you choose to move at your convenience.

The Jet Charter Card is the way if you do Private Jet Charter serveral times a year!

JET CARD MEMBERSHIP Charter Flight hours are deducted directly from your Jet Card balance so all you need to do is provide your itinerary and you’re on your way!

"Jet Charter Card Memberships"

Central Jet Charter Inc., can be reached at (617) 794-9000 or at or at 2033 Valentine Avenue, Suite 50BNew York City, New York 10457U.S.A. or at .

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