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JET CHARTER CARD Benefits! Up Grades to Bigger Aircraft, Free Catering and Ground Transportation! We would love to hear from you, Please CONTACT US at Anytime!


JET CHARTER CARD, Flight Services! It also allows for Lower hourly Rates on the Private Aircraft!


JET CHARTER CARD's, starting at $25k! They also start at $25K and then go up in $25k increments!


JET CHARTER CARD! They also come with many benefits, especially the upgrades!


Jet Card, the Card Membership allows Immediate Access to all the Private Aircraft!


Private Jet Charter Card works like a Debit Card! After each trip the Jet Card is debited for the Trip!


JET CHARTER CARD! Charter Flight Cost will be reduced if you join our Jet Program!


  1. "No Fuel surcharges, No Insurance Fees, No landing charges, 25 hour Jetcard cost only."
  2. "Access to a worldwide fleet of newly manufactured aircraft flown under Part 135 certified pilots and aircraft."
  3. "Enjoy guaranteed availability of your "Private Jet Card" subject to four hours of notice."
  4. "Choice of aircraft includes props, jets, helicopters, all deductable from your cards balance."
  5. "Enjoy the advantages of ownership with 25 Hour Jet Cards without the commitments of ownership and burden of the depreciating the value of the aircraft."
  6. "Utilize up-to-date, well-maintained aircraft within the U.S. as well as Internationally."

JET CHARTER CARD: We have a great Jet Charter Card Program because we are the most flexible and have no type of restrictions or expiration dates. We hope you will sign up with us because we offer a lot of great benefits.

"Jet Charter Card Services"

private jet charter aircraft companies benefits planes programs

Jet Charter Cards start at the $25k JET CARD amount which act as a type of prepaid debit Jet Card worth up to 25 hours of occupied flight time giving you access to world-class business jet aircraft without the commitment of ownership.

"Jet Charter Card Information"

  1. "Priority Access. Our clients receive priority or guaranteed access to the all "Private Jets."
  2. "No residual value exposure. Unused portions of any Central Jet Charter Inc. Private Flight program are fully refundable."
  3. "No extraneous fees. Leave behind the usual re-marketing, positioning and exit fees. Depending on the program you choose, you won’t be charged peak-day premiums or ferry charges, either. You’ll also get a consistently top-notch experience. "Jet charter card."

"Private Jet Charter Rates" with our "Jet Card Program," are a good choice for those who generally fly between 10-50 hours per year and who are not interested in the acquisition cost and long-term commitment of fractional ownership!

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With Central Jet Charter Inc." "private flight" programs, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of "private jet" ownership with none of the risks.

"Jet Charter Card Programs"

  1. "Complimentary Wi-Fi on all of our private jets which are equipped with reliable Wi-Fi service so you can stay connected and use your time effectively while in the air."
  2. "Consistent high-touch service. You’ll enjoy the same top-notch service on every Private jet flight."
  3. "Personalized planning. Work with your dedicated Aviation Advisor—available 24×7—to plan and coordinate your private flights, catering and ground transportation."

When you charter a private jet from a charter company, you get – unknown private jet availability (will they have a charter aircraft available when you need it), unknown private jet hourly rates (what will they charge you for your charter flight if you stay overnight or get dropped off for a one way flight).

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"JET CHARTER CARD" The price of a multi-year 25-Hour Pre-paid "Jet Card" starts at $25,000** in a "Light Jet" or 1 time 12.5 Hour Cards at $49,500 *Special routes qualify.

"Jet Card Progams"

private jet charter aircraft companies benefits planes programs

"Private Jet Cards" can be broken down into two categories based upon providers: those that are provided by a company with a single, dedicated fleet of "Private Aircraft," and companies like ours that offer the "Jet card."

With our Private Jet flight programs you’ll enjoy all the benefits of private jet ownership with none of the risks.

"Memberhip Jet Charter Card"

jet card charter

Jet Charter Card" provides you advance purchase a block of flying hours by depositing a specified dollar amount into an account that will be applied towards each "Charter Flight."

Additionally, our "Jet Card Programs" differ from traditional "Private Jet Charter" in that we do not charge for deadhead or empty legs and offer reduced hourly flight rates for deadhead trips.

"Jet Charter Card Memberships"

aircraft charter services

"JET CHARTER CARD" FRACTIONAL OWNERSHIP share or a Pre-paid flight card program, supplementing it with Central Jet Charter Inc., membership really does offer you the best of both worlds. Through our program, you have access to last minute availability and a fixed occupied hourly rate.

The Jet Charter Card start’s at $25k and up. The Jet Charter Card.

"PRIVATE JET CHARTER CARD, has Great Benefits!"


  1. "Very Light Jets"
  2. "Light Jets"
  3. "Super-Light Jets"
  4. "Midsize Jets"
  5. "Super-Midsize Jets"
  6. "Heavy Jets"
  7. "Long Range Jets"
  8. "V.I.P. Airliners"
  9. "Turbo Props"
  10. "Piston Aircraft"


A TRULY HASSLE-FREE All INCLUSIVE JET CARD at Central Jet Charter Inc. "Central Jet Charter Inc." is very flexible whether it is 12.5 hours or 500 hours of flying that you need per year on your card.

"Jet Charter Card" which builds on our innovative business model, we have a "Private Jet Card" which provides Card holders the value and flexibility of purchasing their "private jet travel" time in hourly increments, while paying only for the hours they fly.

"Private Jet Charter Card Membership" is the face of our ever-changing economy, flying is inevitable and "Central Jet Charter Inc."

"Jet Cards" are just the answer you’ve been looking for.

"JET CHARTER CARD" with our sales consultants who are ever-ready to share details on how CJC Inc. can tailor a specific "25 Hour Jet Card Program" for you today.

"Aircraft Jet Charter Card" We strive to provide multiple "Private Jet Aircraft" options for each of your "Charter Flights" with the highest levels of safety, convenience and competitive pricing.

"JET CHARTER CARD" in which we do not require a restrictive annual contract, but enable you to gain the advantages and conveniences of "Private Charter Flights" without the capital requirements and responsibilities of acquisition, maintenance and management.

"Private Jet Charter Card" can add to these advantages with our full service concierge service will ensure that your "Air Charter" experience meets and exceeds your highest expectations. Please try our "Jet Card Program."

Several companies offer jet charter cards. These companies may either have their own aircraft fleets or may charter aircraft on the open market to meet the flying needs of their members.

Jet charter cards can be structured in a couple of different ways. They may be plane specific, in which you buy a set number of hours in a certain size of aircraft eg 25 hours in a light jet.

With a large number of operators providing charter cards here are some of the most popular ones. Central Jet Charter Inc., provides a deposit based card.

Simply choose your cabin size and flight hours, and fixed hourly rates will be debited from your account balance.

One of the primary advantages of the charter card is the cost factor. Compared to fractional prepaid cards and fractional aircraft ownership, charters are more cost effective, especially for people who require less than 50 hours of flight time per year.

Other benefits include not having to compete with fractional owners for the use of the fractional fleet.

As a result, most charter card providers offer 365 day guaranteed availability, typically on 12 hours notice.

It's usually very easy to upgrade or downgrade and book different sized aircraft and many charter card providers offer a full service concierge to arrange all your travel needs.

If you charter aircraft several times a year, a charter card can save you the hassle of finding a plane and negotiating rates each time you want to fly. Charter cards also offer all the standard advantages of flying privately.

Charter companies and the US charter fleet adhere to Part 135 of FAA regulations. Planes are operated under industry specific security and safety standards.

There is an average of two pilots per plane, and extensive security checks for pilots and ground staff prior to hiring.

Many of the top charter card companies have additional safety and security standards over and above the FAA's.

Money that you put down for your card usually goes into an escrow account. Be sure to ask about the details on this and how money can be drawn down from this account as you travel. We hold the money in our general account fully refundable at anytime.

They provide a lot of flexibility and depending on the service provider offer several unique benefits which have contributed to their popularity.

These include no long term contracts and no monthly management fees. They allow individuals or businesses to maximize their productivity and improve their image, without tying up large capital amounts in executive aircraft.

Consider your options before you charter a private jet and consider the level of service that comes with a private jet charter company.

Central Jet Charter Inc., astonishingly flexible Private Jet Cards offer you the most cost-effective way to experience ownership of a "private aircraft" without the burden of maintaining and auditing the aircraft.

Jet Cards are like debit cards at Central Jet Charter Inc., A Jet Card allows the purchaser to buy a block of flight hours by making a one-time, up-front payment. We offer a better program then Fractional "Jet Charter Cards."

JET CHARTER CARD provide you to book trips on short notice, receive lower hourly Aircraft Charter Rates and have the convenience of not having to wire funds prior to each trip.



"JET CHARTER CARD, to the Private Jets!"

Here's the Central Jet Charter Inc., comparison guide to fractional jet ownership, jet cards, jet sharing and private jet charter.

"Private Jet Charter Card"

jet charter card

Whether this is a quarter, an eighth, etc. A sixteenth share typically would give you 50 hours of flying time.

The most cost effective way to fly by private jet depends on the type of flight, and the amount of flying that you do in a year.

Some private jet customers will compare the price for each flight through their fractional ownership, jet card and on the private jet charter marketplace.

The majority of private flights are more cost effective by private charter. That's because it can be difficult to get a bottom line price for fractional jet ownership, depending on the operator and your contract which may have additional charges and fees, such as fuel surcharges.

However if you fly a lot of one way journeys or fly from regions on the extreme edges of continents (eg Greenland) it can sometimes be more cost effective to use fractional jet ownership, as you only pay for the time you are in the air.

Some private jet companies are now offering the "jet share" concept, flyers can buy spare seats on a private aircraft which has already been chartered.

Whilst this can offer a cost effective way of travelling by private jet, it does mean that users can't take advantage of the flexibility of private jet flight.

You have to travel when and where the original flight charterer has arranged. If the flight ends up being cancelled or delayed your flight will no longer be available.

Chartering a private jet empty leg (at prices up to 75% off a standard charter) can offer you cost effectiveness and you still retain the control of the flight route and time.

Private jet charter allows you to compare prices of various aircraft, from helicopters to large business jets, for each of your bespoke flight itineraries, enabling you to get the most cost effective private jet flight possible.

While there are many private jet charter companies out there we offer a unique online platform which simplifies the entire private jet charter process. With us, you get access to a live global network of over 7,000 accredited aircraft and a rapid response speed, which can allow you to book the best available private aircraft, at the most competitive market price, in as little as 90 minutes.

But today, card programs may offer round trip discounts, peak and off-peak rates, use of multiple aircraft models with no interchange fee and refundable deposits instead of a “use it or lose it” policy on pre-purchased flight time.

Before comparing program details, evaluate your business jet usage to see whether a card would make sense for you.

Cards aren’t inexpensive on an hourly basis compared with other private-jet alternatives, but particularly if you fly 15 to 40 hours per year, they can offer a simple and convenient way to go. A card locks in costs and, unlike charter, guarantees you an aircraft whenever you need it.

We also us locally-based aircraft and crew you know and trust, with a guaranteed ARGUS standard of safety for each and every flight.

How can we offer so much better service? We save the availability of access to thousands of aircraft for our Jet Card Members. We will though offer all prospective clients a one-time Trial Jet Card flight to try our service before becoming a Member.

As a Jet Card Member, you’ll also enjoy having no financial strings attached, like a private jet charter jet, since our Jet Card Membership program is totally refundable and never expires.

So there’s zero financial risk or long term commitment – only dependable, guaranteed private jet service.

Consider your options before you charter a private jet – do you really want to rely on an unknown private jet charter service? We get to know you as a person as well as a valued client.

Jet cards, introduced just over a decade ago as bait for fractional-ownership programs, are now the access option of choice for many business aviation users.

The cards are even finding a place in the wallets of numerous aircraft owners and dedicated charter customers.

These debit-style cards were created to mirror the benefits of fractional shares, with one-way pricing, guaranteed access to a specific model of jet and concierge service–all without the capital investment or commitment of ownership.

Unknown private jet aircraft (what charter aircraft do they have to service you and what size aircraft), unknown private jet crew (do the crew members have the experience and training necessary to fly you into high traffic airports and mountain airports).

Also unknown private jet safety (did the required maintenance take place, did the pilots have the proper training, rest and duty times, etc).

As a Member in our Jet Card Membership program, you’ll enjoy having guaranteed availability of any size private jet, with guaranteed hourly rates.

Jet Charter cards for almost 5 years, "Central Jet Charter Inc." has perfected the jet card model, making it a sophisticated, flexible alternative to jet ownership, fractional arrangements and other "Jet Card Programs."

"Jet Charter Card Services"

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