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King Air 90, private aircraft charter

The King Air 90 Private Aircraft, Turbo Props, Plane Charter. Private Aircraft Charter Flights!

King Air 90, Turbo Prop aircraft, private planes, private flights

The King Air 90 Private Airplane, Turbo Props Private Plane Charter Aircraft! PROP Private Aircraft Charter Flight at Any Time, in Any Place.

King Air 90, turbo prop planes, flight charters, aircraft charters

The King Air 90 Private Plane, Prop Private Plane Charter Aircraft! Charter Flight. Plane Service at Any Time, in Any Place.

King Air 90, private aircraft, private air service, private aircraft charter

The King Air 90 Private Flight, Plane Charter! Aircraft Charter.

King Air 90, flight services, private flights, private aircraft

The King Air 90 Private Airplane, Turbo Prop Private Plane Charter Aircraft! TURBO PROP Private Aircraft Charter.

King Air 90, private airplanes, privater air, private fly

The King Air 90 Private Aircraft, Turbo Prop Private Plane Charter Aircraft! Charter Flight, Plane Service in Any Place.

King Air 90, charter aircraft, charter plane, charter private flight

The King Air 90 Private Flight, Turbo Prop Plane Charter! Plane Service at Any Time, in Any Place.

"The KING AIR 90"

  1. Crew: 1-2

  2. Capacity: 4-6 passengers

  3. Maximum speed: 311 mph

  4. Cruise speed: 260 mph

  5. Range: 900 miles

  6. Cabin Height 4' 8"

  7. Cabin Width 4' 5'

  8. Cabin Length 7' 8"

  9. Rate $500 – $1,000/hr.

The King Air 90 Private Aircraft is the trailblazing Beechcraft King Air family which has come to symbolize a relentless pursuit of perfection. Building on 45 years of Aviation innovation, the new King Air C90GTx supplies even more iconic performance and value than ever before.

"King Air 90 Private Aircraft"

king air 90

The King Air 90 Private Aircraft which has state–of–the–art engineering and new design features which have elevated the King Air 90's already impressive capabilities. The King Air C90 is an all-weather, twin-engine, turbo-prop aircraft. It could fly farther and higher than piston-engine aircraft yet land on the short runways of most small airports.

"King Air 90 Specifications"

  1. "Seating for seven in pressurized comfort."

  2. "Load more than 750 pounds of passengers and bags with full fuel."

  3. "Take off at maximum weight in less than 2,000 feet with advanced swept-blade propellers."

  4. "New composite winglets improve climb rate and increase fuel efficiency."

  5. "Cruise at 270 knots (311 mph) at 20,000 feet."

  6. "Powered by two dependable Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A–135A turbine engines providing 1,100 horsepower."

  7. "Backed by the industry’s largest factory–owned product–dedicated global service network."

The King Air 90 Private Airplane can hold up to seven passengers, the King Air 90 features our famed “squared-oval” design, which provides more headroom and shoulder space.

"King Air 90 Interior"

interior king air 90

The King Air 90 with greater range and efficiency, this entry level "twin–turboprop aircraft" is ready to meet the needs of owner pilots as well as value–conscious corporations around the globe.

Charter flights in a King Air 90 because Beechcraft, has made it their mission to bring you extraordinary cabin comfort.

The King Air 90 Private Plane sophisticated design with convenient amenities, the King Air C90GTx’s cabin is an advanced piece of craftsmanship worthy of the Beechcraft name.

"King Air 90 Cabin"

king air 90 Cabin, private planes, charter flight, charter plane

The KING AIR 90 is a versatile and roomy 227 cubic-foot interior is nearly 50 percent larger than the closest light-jet competitor. The ultra-quiet cabin creates a superb work environment.

The King Air 90 Private Aircraft departs at maximum takeoff weight in less than 2,000 feet.

"King Air 90 Inside"

king air 90 inside, air services, aircraft service, plane services

Certified damage tolerant airframe ensures overall structural integrity with regular inspection and maintenance routines.

The King Air 90 has always been about taking performance to the extreme.

With new levels of efficiency and next–generation engineering, the tough and rugged C90GTx is no exception.

"King Air 90 Aircraft Charter"

king air 90, private planes, charter aircraft, turbo prop flights

"The King Air 90 Turboprop Airplane" has doubled the C90GTx’s payload by increasing the Aircraft’s gross weight, allowing it to carry more fuel under all loading scenarios, and fly farther.

The King Air 90 private aircraft start’s at $1,100 per hour and up. The King Air 90 Private Aircraft.

"KING AIR 90, for Private Aircraft Charter!"

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"KING AIR 90, Information!"

"Central Jet Charter Inc., & The King Air 90."

Since its incorporation in 1932, Beech Aircraft was a successful builder of civil and military aircraft.

The design was a low-wing cantilever monoplane of aluminium construction with retractable tricycle landing gear.

To improve its utility and safety in changing flight conditions, standard equipment, that had been optional on the Queen Air.

This includes de-icing boots on the leading edges of the wings, fin, and tail plane.

The Model 90 had two seats in the cockpit and four reclining passenger seats facing each other in the cabin, with options for a two or three-place couch for passengers.

Air conditioning and soundproofing also improved passenger comfort in the cabin.

Two 500-hp P&W Canada PT6A-6 turboprop engines with three-blade Hartzell propellers gave the King Air a top ceiling of 27,400 feet and a range of 1,565 miles at 270 mph.

Piston-powered aircraft could not match this performance while emerging jet aircraft of the 1960s used turbojet engines that were high-priced, noisy, and had high fuel consumption.

Rather than investing in a completely new and expensive technology, Beech built a vastly improved and marketable business aircraft from its existing production line.

After the King Air's initial success, Beech concentrated on continuous upgrades to appeal to a range of executive and corporate needs.

Sophisticated electronics packages, increased cabin space, and finer interior amenities in Models 90, 100, 200, 300, and 350 provided comfortable working and transport environments for the business travel.

Newer models are longer and sport T-tails, but the basic configuration remains the same and continues to appeal as a new or previously owned medium-range aircraft.

In addition to the air frame, the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A turboprop engine family consistently provides a high level of performance and reliability.

Nearly 40 years since its introduction, the King Air series is still the king of the turboprops and fills a significant niche in the business aviation marketplace.

Few aircraft can match the Hawker Beechcraft King Air. The first, and widely regarded as the best, twin turboprop in its class.

Nearly 7,000 have served diverse missions, including aircraft for charter operations.

The 275-mph King Air C90 is the ideal option for an economic approach to business and leisure travel.

You will enjoy exceptional mountain flying along with short field take-off and landing capabilities.

This twin turbo-prop aircraft is the quickest way to the mountain resorts and fully capable of safely transporting up to 5 passengers, skis and bags at a competitive price.

Flying with the King Air is the highest standard of travel. For short-haul flights in particular.

This model shines thanks to its high level of operating efficiency. It can take you in comfort directly to a range of destinations.

Today the 90 Series can be found in a diverse set of operating settings from air-med to corporate transport.

The latest in the line, the 90, brings performance improvements across the board for this popular twin-turboprop, with increased carrying capacity, range and rate of climb.

The King Air is best known for excellent handling characteristics and comfortable, spacious cabin.

The King Air 90 is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A–135A turbine engines, providing an exhilarating 1,100 shaft horsepower.

"KING AIR 90, at any time in Any Place!"


"KING AIR 90, for Turbo Prop Aircraft Charter!"

Beech has produced six different basic King Air models, with the 90 series the smallest. The first Model 90 King Air was introduced in 1964.

king air 90, charter flights, charter plane, aircraft service, nbaa

It was basically a Queen Air with turboprops. After its introduction, the 90 series went through a number of air frame and power plant modifications.

The King Air competes with other turboprops such as the MU-2, Conquest, and Cheyenne 400 LS. Beech airplanes are now being built by Hawker Beechcraft.

Over time, both the engine and the powerplant grew. The A90 came along in 1966 with reverse pitch props, increased cabin pressure (3.1 psi to 4.6 psi), the PT6A-20 engine, and a gross weight increase of 300 pounds.

In 1968, the B90 brought an increase in wingspan, recontoured rear fuselage, balanced controls, and a 350-pound gross weight increase.

The C90 was next to be introduced in 1971, with a new cabin pressurization system that used bleed air from the engines (which increased cabin noise and reduced engine power).

The E90 featured a PT6A-28 engine in 1972, and in 1979, the F90 appeared with a T-tail, 750-shp engines, and a 600-pound increase in useful load.

The King Air typically has the club seating arrangement, and a fifth "side-facing" seat is available for the back.

The airplane is a seven- to ten-place, pressurized, all-metal, low-wing, twin-engine, turboprop airplane with retractable landing gear.

The Beech King Air is the world's most popular turboprop aircraft.

Beech Aircraft Corporation developed the King Air in 1964 as a compromise between piston-engine and jet aircraft and the design quickly found success.

The King Air can fly farther and higher than piston-engine aircraft, and, unlike many jets, it can land on the short runways of most small airports.

With the three different models, including the C90B, still in production in 2001, this aircraft remains the primary business aircraft for small to mid-size companies.

It is an integral part of the flight inventories of many larger corporations.

Built-for-comfort, not-for-speed has been the design mantra for 90 series King Airs for more than half a century.

The roomy 179-cu.-ft. main cabin, measuring section 4.8 ft. tall, 4.5 ft. wide and 7.5 ft. long, seats four passengers in club.

Some aircraft have an additional seat or two in the 48-cu.-ft. aft baggage compartment.

In the aft cabin, there is a full-width, internally service lavatory with privacy curtain.

Converted aircraft enjoy excellent factory support from Textron Aviation, Raisbeck Engineering, Garmin and Blackhawk Modifications.

They have relatively good safety records. These aircraft have few modern day turboprop competitors because virtually all other light twin turboprops died off in the mid-1980s.

The C90GT-series remain in production today. That speaks reams about the built-in value of aircraft model line that’s been in production longer than any other business turboprop.

With the three big upgrades, C90 models are highly desirable, entry-level, twin-turboprops.

The King Air 90 Turboprop Aircraft refreshment cabinets and a heated, pressurized aft baggage area are fully accessible at all times. Each leather seat is able to track, swivel and recline.

"King Air 90 Private Aircraft Charter"

king air 90, charter flights, charter plane, aircraft service

The Beechcraft Kingair 90 was designed to meet the needs of executive and business travel for 4 to 6 passengers.

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