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"The LEARJET 35"

  1. Passenger Capacity: 6 – 8

  2. Lavatory: Full

  3. Airspeed (knots): 461

  4. Range (nm): 2,004

  5. Cabin Width: 4′ 9″

  6. Cabin Height: 4′ 4″

  7. Cabin Length: 12′ 9″

  8. Baggage Capacity: 40 Cu. ft.

  9. Rate $2,000 – $3,000/hr.

The LEARJET 35 private aircraft is a light turbofan Corporate Jet which has been in service since 1974 (35A/36A since 1976). Larger, turbofan powered development of "Learjet 25." "Learjet 36" for extended range with smaller capacity. Improved development 35A and 36A with higher take-off weight. "The LEARJET 35"

"Learjet 35 Private Jet"

Learjet 35

The Learjet 35 Private Aircraft remained in production until 1994 and 676 aircraft were built. In 1999 631 remain in world wide service. Also used by military as utility/VIP transport and maritime patrol. Mil. type C-21 (U-36 for Japan Air Force).

"Learjet 35 Interior"

Learjet 35 interior, private plane

"The LEARJET 35"performance statistics are impressive. It can take off from runways of no more than 4,972 feet, giving it access to a wide range of potential departure and arrival points.

It has an unbeatable ability to fly 2,056 miles without stopping and cruise at an impressive speed of 451 knots.

"Learjet 35 Interior"

Learjet 35 interior, private jet charter, aircraft flight

Bombadier’s "Learjet 35" is a popular "Private Jet" for cross-county trips.

A small light weight jet, it is known for low fuel consumption and economic operating costs. The Learjet 35 seats 6-8 passengers and two crew.

It has two Garrett TFE731-2 turbofan engines, mounted on the sides of the fuselage, providing around 3,500 lbs of take-off thrust.

It sports distinctive fuel tanks on its wingtips, and the wing flaps are single-slotted.

"Learjet 35 Cabin"

Learjet 35 ,private jet, charter aircraft, charter flights

Learjet 31a Private Jet Charter is a very good choice because the interior dimensions are 12.9 ft. in length, 4.9 ft. in width and 4.3 ft. in height, with 40 cu. ft. of baggage storage.

"Learjet 35 Charter"

interior Learjet 35

Luxury leather seats with ample legroom, pull-out tables and a refreshment cabinet complete with warming oven ensure a comfortable trip.

"Learjet 35 Inside"

Learjet 35 Inside, private jets, charter flight, plane service

With 2,300 statute miles of range, short runway capability, best-in-class performance and a cruise speed of 510 mph, the Learjet 35 is a superbly effective aircraft.

The Learjet 35 Private Plane is noted by pilots for its excellent handling and agility as well as for its impressive performance.

The Learjet 35 has received some attention-grabbing honors since the first serial number rolled off the line.

"Learjet 35 Jet Charter"

Learjet 35, air charter services, airplane services, plane services

The Lear 35 is classified as a Light Jet and is most suitable for short, quick flights. It cruises at 510 mph, and it remains among the fastest aircraft in the Light Jet category.

The Learjet 35 private aircraft start’s at $2,200 per hour and up. The Learjet 35 Private Aircraft.

"LEARJET 35, for Light Jet Charter Flights!"

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"LEARJET 35, Information!"

This includes and extremely welcome low rate of fuel consumption too. But its take-off, cruise and range characteristics are the Learjet 35’s real strengths. "The LEARJET 35"

"Learjet 35 Specifications"

  1. "Excellent flight range."

  2. "Up to 8 seat configuration."

  3. "Built in restroom."

  4. "Fast cruising speed of Mach 0.81."

It was the first private jet to land at Denver International Airport when their new runway opened, and it seems to be a favorite among celebrities.

It has best-in-class performance and a cruise speed of 510 mph, the Learjet 35 is a superbly effective aircraft.

The Learjet 35 is a known for its flight range, combined with good handling characteristics, a low fuel burn, and fast cruise speeds.

"Learjet 35 Private Jet Charter"

Learjet 35, private jet charter flights

A maximum of eight passengers can travel in the Learjet 35's cabin. The cabin is usually in a double club layout, with plenty of room to swivel and recline the seats.

The Lear 35 is one of the most popular private aircraft of all time and it carries the best range of any aircraft in the light jet category.

The Learjet 35, known, above all, for its performance, with a range of over 2000 nautical miles, the ability to climb out of the most challenging mountainous airports.

"Learjet 35 Information"

  1. "Leather Interior."

  2. "Free Gogo InFlight Wi-Fi."

  3. "Refreshment Center."

  4. "DVD/CD Entertainment System."

  5. "3 Individual Monitors."

  6. "Rosen Airshow and Moving Map."

  7. "Aircell Satellite Phone System."

  8. "Curtained Lavatory."

  9. "Worldwide Navigation System."

The Learjet 35 is know for speed that shrinks even coast to coast flights, can seat 8 passengers with 40 cubic feet of baggage space.

The name Learjet has become synonymous with the words “Luxury Jet”, with the model 35 grabbing honors since the first serial number rolled off the assembly line.

With a top in class range of over 2,000 miles, the Learjet 35 quickly became a popular choice among business, personal and military charters across the globe.

Its long range and astonishingly low fuel consumption has made it a favorite of professional athletes such as Arnold Palmer, who accomplished a round the world flight in 57 hours 25 minutes 42 seconds covering 22,894 miles.

The Lear 35A offers seating for up to eight passengers. Whether you want to work quietly and confidentially or simply recline, rest and relax.

The Learjet 35 charter lets you do it in style and is synonymous with speed. With this Lear 35A, you get where you are going fast.

The name Lear Jet has become as iconic as “Kleenex,” or “Piper Cub.” Lear represents and entire class of executive jet aircraft.

The Learjet 35 is one of the most common and sought after models of this brand name.

Pilots love this airplane and passengers love its speed, economy and “wow” factor.

"The LEARJET 35" is one of the most flexible and cost-effective Business Jet in its class.

The "Learjet 35" is a Light Private Aircraft that has long been a favorite among celebrities, as well being selected for use as a military jet, in which guise it operates under the title C-21.

"LEARJET 35, Private Jet Charter!"


"Charter an Aircraft, the LEARJET 35"

The Learjet Model 35 and Model 36 are a series of American multi-role business jets and military transport aircraft manufactured by Learjet.

"Learjet 35 Charter Jets"

Learjet 35 jet

The longer-range Model 36 has a shortened passenger area to provide more space in the aft fuselage for fuel tanks.

The engines are mounted in nacelles on the sides of the aft fuselage. The wings are equipped with single-slotted flaps.

The wingtip fuel tanks distinguish the design from other aircraft having similar functions.

The Learjet 35 is known, above all, for its range. It can fly 2,056 miles nonstop.

The Learjet 35 offers more than range: it has good handling characteristics, a low fuel burn, and fast cruise speeds as well.

A maximum of eight passengers can travel in the Learjet 35’s cabin. It is 12.9 feet long, 4.9 feet wide and 4.3 feet high.

There are 40 cubic feet of baggage space, enough to hold about eight standard-sized suitcases.

"Learjet 35 Exterior"

Learjet 35 exterior, jet charter aircraft

he real strength of the Learjet 35 is its range, takeoff, and cruise capabilities.

Two Honeywell TFE731-2-2B engines provide 3,500 pounds of thrust, allowing the Lear 35 to take off in 4,972 feet.

Its maximum takeoff weight is pretty high as well at 18,300 pounds.

Components of these engines have been used on much higher-performing jets.

The engine’s turbine components come from DC-10s, and the high-pressure impellers are modified versions of the ones used in the TPE 331 and T76 engines.

The Learjet 35 has a relatively long range for a private jet and can cruise at speeds as high as 451 ktas, or 424 ktas with four passengers.

Fuel consumption is excellent: the 31A burns 197 gallons of fuel per hour.

There are a few other details that make the Learjet 35 a popular private jet. First of all, it meets FAR part 36 noise standards, making it a kind of “good neighbor” at airports.

Furthermore, the avionics system is completely redesigned from previous models, giving pilots an uncluttered control panel that is easy to work with.

"Jet Charter Learjet 35"

Learjet 35, private aircraft charter

Pilots have commented on its agility and excellent performance capabilities.

The Lear 35 can transport up to seven passengers in its cabin.

While not the largest in the business jet world, the passenger area on this Light Jet is ergonomically designed and comfortable.

Standard seating for six or seven people can be extended to eight, with an optional jump seat.

The cabin configuration offers two distinct seat groups, allowing for easy passenger interaction and conversation.

Adjustable tables are available for eating, playing games and work.

The quiet engines on this aircraft keep cabin ambient noise to a barely noticeable minimum, allowing for quiet conversations or important wheeling and dealing.

This lower noise profile makes it possible for the jet to fly into noise sensitive airports that other biz jets can’t use.

"Private Jet Learjet 35"

Learjet 35 airplanes, aircraft charter

The Learjet 35 is one of the most flexible and cost-effective aircraft in its class. With 2,300 statute miles of range, short runway capability.

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