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The Learjet 35A Private Airplane, Corporate Jet Charter Company! We Promise to get you there in this great light jet

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The Learjet 35A Private Aircraft, Charter Flights, so Please Give Us a Call! Charter Private Aircraft, Any Place, at Any time!

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The Learjet 35A Private Airplane, Charter Jet Travel in style when You want. Charter Air Travel at it's Very Best.


  1. Passenger Capacity: 6 – 10

  2. Lavatory: Full

  3. Airspeed (MPH): 505

  4. Range (nm): 2,004

  5. Cabin Width: 4′ 9″

  6. Cabin Height: 4′ 4″

  7. Cabin Length: 12′ 9″

  8. Baggage Capacity: 40 Cu. ft.

  9. Rate $2,100 – $3,100/hr.

The LEARJET 35A private aircraft is probably the most common of all light jets in the Private Jet Charter industry. It is very reliable and dependable. The Learjet 35A is known for its range, and speed. It can fly 2,056 miles nonstop. The Learjet 35 offers more than range and speed and it has good handling characteristics, a low fuel burn, and fast cruise speeds as well.

"Learjet 35A Private Jet"

Learjet 35a

The Learjet 35A Private Aircraft has excellent in-flight performance. Its rapid acceleration and rapid response capabilities make it a favorite among pilots. This Private Jet is known for its smooth flights and good performance even outside the recommended flight envelope.

The Learjet 35A Private Aircraft which has a maximum seating capacity of eight passengers can travel in the Learjet 35A’s cabin. It is 12.9 feet long, 4.9 feet wide and 4.3 feet high.

"The LEARJET 35A" has 40 cubic feet of baggage space, enough to hold about eight standard-sized suitcases.

The Learjet 35A can carry up to eight passengers in its 17.1 foot-long cabin. Sixty-seven feet of baggage space is available.

"Learjet 35A Cabin"

Learjet 35a Cabin, private planes, private jets, private airplanes

The Learjet 35A Private Airplane has received some attention-grabbing honors since the first serial number rolled off the line.

The Learjet 35A was selected for use as a military jet, where it now operates with the name C-21.

It was the first private jet to land at Denver International Airport when their new runway opened, and it seems to be a favorite among celebrities.

This provide a relaxed, comfortable environment when traveling for business or pleasure.

"Learjet 35A Interior"

Learjet 35a interior, jet services, jet aircraft, jet charter

There are a few other details that make the earjet 35A a popular private jet. First of all, it meets FAR part 36 noise standards, making it a kind of good neighbor at airports.

"The LEARJET 35A" avionics system is completely redesigned from previous models, giving pilots an uncluttered control panel that is easy to work with.

Pilots have commented on its agility and excellent performance capabilities.

The LEARJET 35A is well appointed with plush leather interiors and club seating, the cabins accommodate up to 7 passengers in full comfort.

"Learjet 35A Inside"

Learjet 35a Inside, private aircraft charter, private fly, private air

A flight phone is also provided for your convenience. Experience the ultimate in affordable jet aircraft travel and arrive fresh and ready at your destination every time.

"The LEARJET 35A" for those unfamiliar with Learjets, their name is synonymous with speed.

The Learjet 35A can reach a cruise speed of .81 Mach after climbing to its cruise level in just 28 minutes — way beyond the capabilities of any competing light private jet.

The Learjet 35a private aircraft start’s at $2,400 per hour and up. The Learjet 35a Private Aircraft.

LEARJET 35a, for Private Jet Charter!

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LEARJET 35a, Information!

Central Jet Charter Inc. & The Learjet 35a. No other aircraft offers a better blend of speed, efficiency, and versatility than the Learjet 35A.

"Learjet 35A Private Jet Charter"

Learjet 35a, private jets, charter aircraft, aircraft charters

The basic version has seating for two pilots, a flight attendant and seven passengers. Its flight characteristics and construction also make it ideally suited for use in atmospheric research.

The Learjet 35a has a Full Leather Interior, Bamboo Leather Seats plus Lavatory, One Piece Headliner, Rosen Sun-Visor, Aft Baggage Compartment, Seven passenger interior, Passenger Music System; USB Port Connection Cockpit & Cabin

The learjet has exceptional fuel efficiency and its spacious, comfortable interior can seat up to 8 passengers.

Charter a Learjet 35A and start arranging your flights based on your own schedule. Depart only when you are ready and arrive closer to your destination by landing in one of the thousands of executive airports or helipads around the world.

"Learjet 35A Specifictions"

  1. The Learjet 35A has the following characteristics:

  2. "Excellent flight performance, i.e. long range and good rate of climb."

  3. "Maximum height of 45,000 feet, also attainable with externally mounted equipment."

  4. "Economical operation."

  5. "Adequate body size for the installation of measurement equipment in 19-inch racks."

  6. "Large cargo door allowing easy access."

  7. "Robust construction enabling easy modification."

Charter an Learjet 35A for your next flight and arrive rested and in less time than by flying commercially or driving.

Charter an Learjet 35A for your next flight and arrive rested and in less time than by flying commercially or driving.

With Central Jet Charter Inc., every flight is customized to your specific requirements, guaranteeing your total satisfaction and making every flight unique.

It can fly 2,000 miles nonstop. The Learjet 35 private jet offers more than range.

It has good handling characteristics, a low fuel burn, and it can cruise at speeds as high as 530 mph.

It features a partial lavatory and 40 cubic feet of baggage space able to carry up to 500 pounds of luggage.

Charter Flights in a Learjet 35A! This is a luxuriously equipped Learjet 35A fleet, flown by pilots qualified to the highest industry standards.

Nothing else can take you there faster, on less fuel. Absolutely nothing.

It's a incontrovertible fact. The Learjet 35A covers more miles in less time on less fuel than any other business jet.

Jet Charter, The LEARJET 35a


LEARJET 35A, Private Air Charter Service!

Learjet 35 is a modern jet. Particularly suitable for longer business flights. Pressurised, air conditioned cabin with a low noise level.

Learjet 35a, plane charters, aircraft charters, flight charters

The Learjet 35A charter aircraft is known, above all, for its range.

The Learjet 35 is recognized as the standard in the light jet charter market.

This versatile aircraft has a five hour flight endurance and can seat eight passengers.

Since it is economical to operate, the Learjet 35 charter rates are very competitive.

This type aircraft has an enclosed potty seat lavatory, flight phone and internal rear baggage compartment. When compared to other light jets, the Learjet excels in reliability, capability, and value.

The Learjet Model 35A is certificated under FAR Part 25 and meets the same performance and safety standards as the major airliners.

It can accomodate up to six to eight passengers in luxury. The luggage is accessible from within the cabin. A lavatory is available should it ever be needed.

With a top speed of 550 MPH, onboard phone and DVD entertainment system, our Learjet 35A transports you and your guests in speed and style.

The Learjet 35a is a light turbofan corporate jet. In service since 1974 (35A/36A since 1976). Larger, turbofan powered development of Learjet 25.

Learjet 36 for extended range with smaller capacity. Improved development 35A and 36A with higher take-off weight.

Replaced by Learjet 31 in 1988 but remained in production until 1994. 676 aircraft were built.

One of the most capable light jets ever designed, the Lear 35 features seating for up to 7 passengers and a range of over 2,300 miles.

Cruising speed is 520 miles per hour at altitudes up to 45,000 feet.

Arrive in style. The ultra sleek Learjet 35A is designed for non-stop flight to either coast and 7,000 airports in between.

The attractive interior includes a full bar, lavatory, and both internal and external baggage compartments.

If you’re in the mood to relax and watch a show, in-flight DVD players are available.

Charter a Learjet 35A for your next private flight as little as 4 hours in advance.

"Learjet 35A Plane Charter"

Learjet 35a, plane charters, aircraft charters, flight charters

Central Jet Charter Inc., team of air charter specialists is available to assist you 24/7.

It has great runway performance and a low fuel burn, making it a great candidate for efficient, fast private jet travel. Private Jet Charter at Any Time in a LEARJET 35A.

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