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Learjet 45, private jet charter

The Learjet 45 Private Jet and Charter Aircraft! Aircraft Charter Company, & Charter Flights. This Jet can seat up to 8 comfortably, and has a range of almost 2k miles!

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"The LEARJET 45"

  1. Passenger Capacity: 8-10

  2. Lavatory: Full

  3. Airspeed (MPH): 465

  4. Range (nm): 2,049

  5. Cabin Width: 5′ 1″

  6. Cabin Height: 4′ 9″

  7. Cabin Length: 19′ 8″

  8. Baggage Capacity: 65 Cu. ft.

  9. Rate $2,700 – $3,700/hr.

The LEARJET 45 Private Aircraft new model of private jets come out every year, but it’s only ever so often that a jet is released that is truly innovative. The Learjet 45 is one of the rare jets to seamlessly integrate new technology with a tested and successful older design. Its speed and economy are to be expected – being a Learjet – but its remaining features combine to create a high-quality private jet.

"Learjet 45 Private Jet"

Learjet 45

The Learjet 45 cabin holds eight seats (usually in a double club layout) with plenty of room to swivel, recline, and track. The cabin’s length and width are 19.8 feet and 5.1 feet, respectively.

"Learjet 45 Interior"

Learjet 45 interior

The Learjet 45 can fly 2,099 miles (1,824 nautical miles) nonstop and can cruise at 465 mph.

Two AlliedSignal TFE731-20AR turbofan engines provide 3,500 pounds of thrust each on takeoff.

"Learjet 45 Cabin"

Learjet 45 Cabin, private jets, charter aircraft

The LEARJET 45 Bombardier expertise ensures that with each evolution, the Learjet family of aircraft passengers travels in maximum comfort.

It travels faster and farther and ever more efficiently it is supported by a Customer Service promise that always puts you first.

This is to meet your needs and those of your Learjet aircraft, everywhere you go.

The Learjet 45 private aircraft start’s at $2,800 per hour and up. The Learjet 45 Private Aircraft.

"LEARJET 45, Super Light Jet Charter!"

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"LEARJET 45, Information!"

Bleed air load balancing software increases the engines’ total thrust, and improves the rate of climb while the ice removal system is in use.

The software distributes the bleed air system between the two engines so that they perform uniformly.

"Learjet 45 Private Jet Charter"

Learjet 45 cabin

"The LEARJET 45" was still in the design phase, the FAA stiffened the standards for anti-ice systems.

It comes as no surprise that the resulting private jet had the most advanced anti-ice system of any light- or mid-sized jet.

The engine anti-icing system was completely redesigned for better ice removal.

"Learjet 45 Charter Flights"

interior Learjet 45

It burns 198 pounds of fuel per hour and can complete a trip of 1,150 miles (1,000 nautical miles) in about two hours and eighteen minutes.

The Learjet 45 handles exceptionally well, especially at cruise altitude, and taxis and lands smoothly thanks to its trailing link landing gear.

The Learjet 45 engines cruise performance sets it apart from other light- and mid-sized jets.

The Learjet 45 is an extremely reliable jet with great cruise performance and fuel economy.

"LEARJET 45, Private Jet Charter!"


Charter a Private Aircraft, the LEARJET 45.


Its innovative systems and efficient performance make it a viable option for anyone in search of a high-performing, cost-effective mid-sized private jet.

Don’t be misled by these measurements; the interior of the Learjet 45 was designed to offer the most usable passenger space possible so that the passengers do not feel claustrophobic.

The Learjet 45 other fine points of the cabin’s design make it functional and comfortable.

From its work tables that fold down from the walls to an extra pressure relief port on the door for added passenger safety.

Over 50 years of revolutionary achievement with exceptional style, performance and reliability, today’s Learjet aircraft continue the tradition for raising the bar as a dependable business tool.

"Jet Charter Learjet 45"

Learjet 45 exterior, charter planes, charter fly, charter air

The Learjet 45 noise level in the cabin never exceeds 72 dB, and a two-zone temperature control system ensures that both the cabin and the cockpit are kept comfortable.

An external compartment provides 50 cubic feet of baggage space with an additional 15 cubic feet of storage in the interior.

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