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The Legacy 650E Private Jet, Charter, Give Us a Call! This is the biggest Legacy that Bombadier makes!

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The Legacy 650E Private Aircraft, Charter Service.

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The Legacy 650E Private Airplane, Charter! Jet Charter is What we do, and We Would Love to Hear from You!

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The Legacy 650E Private Plane, Flight, Call Us! Jet Charter Rates just Can't be Matched because we Match other Quotes!

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The Legacy 650E Private Charter! It is one of the best and biggest Private Planes, Give it a Try!

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The Legacy 650E Private Flight, chartering a private Jet at It's Best! Luxury Air Travel or Business Air Charter!

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The Legacy 650E Private Jet, Charter is a great way to go! This Private Aircraft is just the Ultimate way to travel!

"The LEGACY 650E"

  1. Passenger Capacity: 13-14

  2. Lavatory: Full

  3. Airspeed (MPH): 529

  4. Range (nm): 3,900

  5. Cabin Width: 6′ 10″

  6. Cabin Height: 6′

  7. Cabin Length: 42′ 5″

  8. Baggage Capacity: 240 cu. ft.

  9. Rate $4,500 – $5,500/hr.

"Legacy 650E Exerior"

The Legacy 650E Private Jet has a highly intuitive cabin management system takes the in-flight experience to the next level. It is the newest and biggest jet built by Embraer and has room for up to 16 depending on seating configurations. It has a stand up cabin, and chairs that can fully recline for sleeping.

legacy 650 exterior, private jet

The Legacy 650E Private Jet has seamless connectivity, high definition capabilities and integrated Apple TV create the best possible on-board passenger experience. With three distinct cabin zones, the Legacy 650E has the largest cabin, galley and lavatory in its class.

"Legacy 650E Jet Charter"

  1. Three spacious cabin zones with up to two lavatories.

  2. Largest cabin and lavatory in its class.

  3. Largest inflight-accessible baggage compartment in the segment.

  4. One of the quietest flight experiences in class.

  5. Rugged airliner heritage - excellent dispatch reliability.

  6. Remarkably low operating costs.

  7. Transcontinental range.

The class-leading baggage compartment is fully accessible during flight, making sure you always have everything you need, or want.

"Legacy 650E Interior"

legacy 650 interior, private jet

With the innovative Honeywell Primus Elite™ avionics suite, this jet is a pilot’s dream.

And for passengers we’ve added all the business, entertainment and relaxation tools for the ultimate flight experience.

"Legacy 650E Private Jet"

legacy 650 interior, private jet

The Legacy 650E has outstanding capability in hot or high destinations.

A 99.5% dispatch reliability over 26 million flight hours creates one of the best man-hour to flight-hour ratios in the large category.

The Legacy 650E Private Jet start’s at $5,200 per hour and up. The Legacy 650E Private Jet.

"LEGACY 650E, Charter Private Jet!"

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"LEGACY 650E Jet Charter"

Embraer introduces the Legacy 650E, replacing the already successful Legacy 650.

Standing for Evolution, the 650E entered into service in 2017 and is priced at $25.9 million.

"Legacy 650E Jet"

  1. Accommodates up to 14 passengers in 3 distinct cabin zones.

  2. Conference table area.

  3. Third private zone configurable with 2 divans.

  4. Optional forward lavatory for full privacy.

  5. Comfort and privacy for business and leisure.

To create the ultimate flight experience, Embraer added tools for business, entertainment, and relaxation to the Legacy 650E so that passengers can fly any way they choose.

In the three zone cabin that seats up to 14, travelers can choose from multiple interior configurations based on their needs.

Options include a conference table area, third private zone configurable with two divans, and an optional forward lavatory with vanity.

Restyled seats are fully berthable and are designed with premium leather.

In one of the quietest cabins in its class, passengers can enjoy full HD systems with surround sound.

It also has Apple TV, cabin Wi-Fi, Blu-ray players as well as XM radio aboard the 650E.

Additionally, a door separating the cabin from the galley and cockpit ensure total passenger privacy and comfort.

"Private Jet Charter, in the LEGACY 650E"


"LEGACY 650E, Jet Charter!"

nbaa, legacy 650 interior, charter flights

With a range of 3,900nm, the 650E can fly from London to New York or São Paulo to Miami without stopping.

It has 240 cubic feet of baggage capacity is fully pressurized with temperature control.

It also has an additional 46 cubic feet of storage is internal and allows passengers to store personal belongings that can easily be accessed in flight.

Two Rolls-Royce AE 3007A2 engines each deliver over 9,000 pounds of thrust to the aircraft and allow it to fly at .80 Mach.

In the avionics suite, Honeywell Primus Elite is pilot friendly and organized over five LCD displays.

Included in the suite is a synthetic vision system, XM weather capability, auto throttle and more.

Additionally, a brake-by-wire system controls temperature monitoring and has anti-skid protection.

The Legacy 650E will have a 10 year/10,000 flight hour warranty and 99.5% dispatch reliability. With low operating costs, transcontinental range, and exceptional cabin comfort.

The 650E is sure to be another success in a long line of executive jets by Embraer.

The 650E, which stands for evolution, includes Primus Elite Advanced Features from Honeywell, with TCAS/traffic collision avoidance system, XM-ground-based weather information, moving map, Synthetic Vision System and autothrottles.

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