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Nextant G90XT, private aircraft charter

The Nextant G90XT Private Aircraft, Turbo Props! Charter Flights, This aircraft is great for getting into short runways!

Nextant G90XT, Aircraft Charter, plane charter, jet charter

The Nextant G90XT Private Airplane, Turbo prop Plane, Charter Aircraft. Private Aircraft, Charter Flights, at Any Time.!

Nextant G90XT, Turboprop Aircraft, charter aircraft, charter flight

The Nextant G90XT Private Plane, Charter Flight, Plane Service.

Nextant G90XT, Turboprop Airplanes, charter private aircraft, charter flights

The Nextant G90XT Private Charters, Aircraft Services! Charter Flights, Aircraft Services, Charter airplanes

Nextant G90XT, Private Plane, Private Jet, Private plane

The Nextant G90XT Private Flight, Turbo prop Aircraft! Private Aircraft, Charter Flights.

Nextant G90XT, private jet flights, private planes, private air

The Nextant G90XT Private Plane, Turbo prop airplane, Charter Aircraft! Private Aircraft, Charter Flights.

Nextant G90XT, jet services, aircraft services, airplane services

The Nextant G90XT Private Aircraft, Charter Aircraft! Aircraft, Charter Flight, Aircraft Services, Airplane charter.


  1. Crew: 1-2

  2. Capacity: 7-8 passengers

  3. Performance 250 mph

  4. Range: 1,200 mi

  5. Rate $800 – $1,800/hr.

The NEXTANT G90XT private aircraft and the pitch: A souped-up entry-level KING AIR 90 Turboprop that feels and flies like a new Aircraft. This is a newer Aircraft that has just come out and they are very cost effective in the Private Aircraft market.

"Nextant G90XT Airplane Charter"

nextant g90xt

The NEXTANT G90XT background: After Nextant created a new category in the Private Aircraft Bluebook with the Nextant 400XT (and the upgraded 400XTi), which was essentially a re-built "Hawker 400", the company chose the "King Air 90" to form the basis of its next re-manufacturing project. It has:

"Nextant G90XT Specifications"

  1. Single lever power control technology for enhanced safety and reduce pilot workload.

  2. Fully integrated Garmin G1000 flight deck including electronic engine and fuel quantity indication.

  3. Ultra- low maintenance GE H75 engines for industry leading reliability and performance.

  4. Digital Pressurization.

"The Nextant G90XT Turboprop Aircraft" which GE H75 marks a step up in performance and economy from previous turboprops in its class.

The engines operate at higher temperatures and pressures than the competition, which translates into lower fuel burn and higher power output, even in high and hot conditions.

"Nextant G90XT Cabin"

nextant g90xt Cabin, private airplanes, private aircraft flights

The Nextant G90XT Turboprop was launched by Nextant at NBAA 2013 as a joint-venture with the GE.

No surprises that Nextant are adding brand new GE H80 engines to the airframe to match Garmin G1000 avionics and a new interior.

"Nextant G90XT Information"

  1. Auto-start and full electronic engine control system.

  2. Nextant’s best-in-class cabin experience.

  3. Ergonomically re-designed cockpit.

  4. Enhanced air conditioning system for ultimate cabin climate control.

The NEXTANT G90XT cockpit is enhanced with an all-new electronic engine control (EEC), full auto-start capability and direct interface with the aircraft avionics system to further ease pilot workload.

The Nextant G90XT will be the first aircraft in the world to feature the EEC.

"Nextant G90XT Interior"

nextant g90xt Interior, airplane flights, aircraft flights, jet charter flights

"Nextant G90XT Charter Flights" in this cosy cabin may cause problems for the larger passenger, but it’s hard to argue with the price tag.

"The NEXTANT G90XT" cabin will feature a wide range of passenger configurations.

It has executive and VIP to high-density, mixed passenger- cargo utility and Air Ambulance.

The Nextant G90XT Private Airplane is one of the most cost effective ways to travel in a private aircraft.

The Nextant G90XT Private Plane like the 400XTi, is all about craftsmanship without compromise.

Each Nextant G90XT receives a refined, handcrafted, bespoke interior and striking paint scheme that allows you to admire your own corporate paint scheme while flying.

"Nextant G90XT Inside"

nextant g90xt Inside, jet flight, aircraft services

The Nextant G90XT groundbreaking innovation allows for single lever power control of both the engine and the propeller.

"The NEXTANT G90XT" will feature a specifically developed enhanced Garmin G1000 integrated flight instrument system.

The uncluttered instrument panel features 3 large landscape oriented LCD screens (two primary flight displays and one oversized multi-function display).

The aircraft will be capable of flying nonstop from Washington, DC, to destinations including Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Shreveport, Louisiana; and Nassau, Bahamas with four passengers.

The Nextant G90XT private jet start’s at $1,300 per hour and up. The Nextant G90XT Private Jet.

"NEXTANT G90XT, Private Aircraft Charter!"

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"NEXTANT G90XT, Information!"

The cabin shell includes new air ducting to improve comfort. The new seats are fully articulating.

The new production interior was ready to install when the G90XT returned to Cleveland after AirVenture.

The G90XT does not have the single-lever power control, which was designed in partnership with GE’s Unison Industries.

For pilots, the new power levers make flying much easier because they are tied to single-channel electronic engine controls

Because so many modifications are done to the G90XT, Nextant engineers developed a new flight manual to reflect the changes.

The maintenance manuals include new material for the new engines and systems, and an ATA chapter reference tells the technician exactly where to go in the manuals for pertinent information.

The aircraft shown at Oshkosh is the first G90XT remanufactured by Nextant and the fourth C90 ever built.

It has about 13,000 hours on the airframe. No structural problems were discovered during the disassembly. It’s really a stout basic design.

The G90XT, with the airframe provided by Nextant, will cost $2.8 million, and this includes the Garmin GFC700 autopilot and synthetic vision and Raisbeck aft strakes and wing lockers.

Gogo Business Aviation’s Access air-to-ground telecom system and TCAS are available as options.

After the 400XTi, everybody knew that Nextant would do another aircraft, but nobody guessed it would be the King Air C90.

Nextant did consider new modifications for Hawker or Falcon jets, but the enthusiasm and support from GE and Garmin pushed the King Air to the top of the line.

The secret is to pick a solid air frame then go to work on the engines, avionics and interior.

The C90 was a natural fit to those criteria; it allows us to start walking customers up our product line – and there are 1,500 C90s out there that we can target.

Nextant’s G90XT was actually born in Geneva EBACE convention, where the three partners sat down and identified the King Air as the perfect entry-level product at the right price.

For the G90XT program Nextant will use the existing STCs held by Garmin and GE.

Those STCs are in place, and that’s why they can make the first deliveries of this aircraft.”

The Nextant G90XT, based on the Beechcraft King Air 90 platform, will be equipped with GE H75-100 engines, Garmin 1000 avionics with features such as Electronic Stability and Protection.

It has a new ergonomically designed cockpit for single-pilot operations, single-lever controls and a new composite-shell interior design.

The changes will make the aircraft more fuel-efficient and will enable it to fly faster and farther with lower operating costs at Nextant..

Initial performance parameters, including a speed of up to 280 kt, a 1,240 nm range with four passengers and NBAA IFR reserves.

It has a maximum gross takeoff weight of 10,500 lb. and a maximum payload of 2,143 lb

Nextant acquired its first air frame earlier this year, a model already modified with the Blackhawk Modifications Pratt & Whitney PT6A-135A engine upgrade.

It flew the aircraft to baseline it for performance, then subsequently began the modification process that will make it the G90XT.

The company has fitted the engines and expects first flight shortly.

The Beechcraft King Air is among private aviation’s most tried-and-true turboprops, with roots of the Model 90 variant dating as far back as the early 1960s.

"Private Aircraft Charter, NEXTANT G90XT"


"NEXTANT G90XT, TurboProp Air Charter!"

Nextant Aerospace received FAA certification for the G90XT, a remanufactured Beechcraft twin turboprop with GE H75 engines, an avionics suite based on Garmin's G1000 and new paint and interior.

"Nextant G90XT Private Aircraft Charter"

nextant g90xt, private jet charter, air charters, jet charters

The new model's GE engine offers a noteworthy performance benefit by delivering improved high-altitude performance and about a 10 percent improvement in specific fuel consumption.

The G90XT also incorporates a series of safety features designed to significantly enhance single-pilot operations, including digitally controlled single-lever power.

The Nextant G90xt is an entry level, twin-engine turboprop that offers the best combination of overall value, performance, and cabin comfort in the category.

The Nextant process, first developed with the 400XTi remanufacturing program for the Beechjet 400/400XP.

This involves completely disassembling the airframe, replacing any worn components, installing fresh engines, avionics and interior and repainting.

The G90XT interior gets a new cabin shell and seats designed and manufactured at Nextant’s facilities in Cleveland, Ohio.

The GE H75-100 engines replace Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6As (-135As in the later versions), and the H75s are flat-rated to the same maximum power of 550 hp and able to deliver more power at higher altitudes.

This enables the G90XT to climb directly to 25,000 feet and burn less fuel while flying about 10 knots faster.

Cabin comfort is improved with a new vapor-cycle air-conditioning system with twice the cooling and three times the airflow of the previous system.

One factor that improves the air-conditioning system performance is mounting the evaporators in the cabin, instead of in the nose.

A new digital pressurization system is automatically controlled by the Garmin avionics.

Cabin noise levels are significantly lower, with a 9.5-dB drop thanks to the same acoustic treatment that Nextant uses on the 400XTi, as well as moving the propeller two inches forward of the C90 King Air’s and the tips of the Hartzell props farther from the fuselage.

The King Air 350i and 250 have been Best of the Best for years; those models’ higher levels of performance and cabin refinement as qualifying characteristics.

But with the recent announcement of the Nextant G90XT, this comparatively lowly King Air variant may soon be rising in the ranks of business aviation’s elite turboprops.

To produce the G90XT, Nextant essentially remanufactures existing King Air C90 aircraft—introduced by Beechcraft in the early 1970s—of which there are some 2,300 examples in operation.

The Cleveland-based Nextant—a subsidiary of Directional Aviation Capital, which recently acquired the leading flight-service provider Flexjet—then replaces the engines with a pair of General Electric’s new H80 turboprop engines.

This powerplant delivers higher output, reduces fuel burn, and requires less-frequent maintenance in addition to utilizing a new, more aerodynamic prop made especially for this model.

The Regent flight deck is part of a complete redesign of the G90XT’s cockpit, with the single-lever power control and removal of the existing engine instruments and fuel system panel adding to the uncluttered look.

Nextant also installs Garmin’s new three-screen, all-glass G1000 avionics suite and outfits the cabin with new leathers, woods, fabrics, and carpeting as well as the latest cabin technology.

The cabin can seat as many as 11 passengers, though in most configurations it will seat three to five people.

Beechcraft’s C90GTx, which cruises at 313 mph, has a ferry range of about 1,500 miles, and can take off from runways as short as 2,400 feet.

While the Beechcraft C90GTx starts at about $3.8 million for a new aircraft, Nextant’s G90XT has a starting price of just $2.2 million, making it a viable option for many business owners.

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