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Piaggio Avanti, private aircraft charter

The PIAGGIO AVANTI PRIVATE AIRCRAFT, This is a great aircraft because the propellers are in back of the wings reducing the noise in the cabin.

Piaggio Avanti, aircraft interior, plane flight, airplane flights

The PIAGGIO AVANTI interior, PRIVATE AIRCRAFT, Flight Services! Turbo-prop Planes, Charter Air, Plane Services.

Piaggio Avanti inside, Turbo Prop aircraft, airplane charter, plane charter

The PIAGGIO AVANTI PRIVATE AIRCRAFT, Private Plane service at anytime for your Private Flight, Air Services.

Piaggio Avanti interior, private planes, private aircraft, private flights

The PIAGGIO AVANTI inside PRIVATE AIRCRAFT, for Airplane Charter! This aircraft can seat up to 6 - 7 passengers comfortably.

Piaggio Avanti inside, Turboprop Aircraft, Charter Flights, charter jets

The PIAGGIO AVANTI inside PRIVATE AIRCRAFT, for Charter Flights. TURBO PROP Aircraft, Charter Flights, Private Airplanes.

Piaggio Avanti, charter private aircraft, charter flight

The PIAGGIO AVANTI PRIVATE AIRCRAFT, This unique propeller placement design offers such a quiet cabin.

Piaggio Avanti,  aircraft charter

The PIAGGIO AVANTI PRIVATE AIRCRAFT, Charter Air! Aircraft Charter, Plane Charter, Airplane Charter.


  1. Cabin Length 16' ft. 8"
  2. Cabin Height 5' ft. 9"
  3. Cabin Width 6' ft. 1"
  4. Seating (Crew + Pax) 2 + 7 / 9*
  5. Max Cruise Speed 289 kt 535 km/h
  6. Max Range (Ferry + 1 Pilot) 1,791 nm
  7. *2 optional Fold Up Seats

The PIAGGIO AVANTI is the new flagship business aircraft, by "Piaggio Aerospace." They set out to merge world-class customer support with a breakthrough product that combines style, efficiency, performance and cost effectiveness."

"Piaggio Avanti Private Aircraft"

Piaggio Avanti

"The Piaggio Avanti Private Aircraft" makes pioneering design features the frontrunner in its class and earn it its advanced moniker, "Avanti" - literally ahead in Italian.

"Piaggio Avanti Specifications"

Piaggio Avanti specifications

Innovative 5-blade scimitar propellers and the historic 3LS three lifting surface configuration work together to give Avanti EVO unique aerodynamic performance in its class.

"The Piaggio Avanti Turboprop Airplane" sleek, instantly recognisable lines accomodate a remarkably spacious wisper quite cabin, offering passengers greater comfort than any other aircraft of its kind on the market.

"Piaggio Avanti Cabin"

Piaggio Avanti Cabin, private plane charter, charter aircraft flights

The PIAGGIO AVANTI latest chapter in the story of an aviation legend, Avanti EVO is once again rewriting the rulebook on elegance and efficiency.

Combining lavish ‘Made in Italy’ style, meticulous attention to detail and groundbreaking aviation tech, Avanti EVO defies expectation.

"Piaggio Avanti Interior"

Piaggio Avanti interior, airplane services, aircraft services, plane services

The Piaggio Avanti has extended range, superior climb performance, class-leading fuel economy, and a cabin custom-made to the most exacting standards, Avanti EVO is the most sophisticated Aircraft ever designed and built in its category.

"Piaggio Avanti Inside"

Piaggio Avanti inside, plane flights, aircraft flights, airplane flights

The Piaggio Avanti is a great Aircraft in a world that’s always moving faster, business aviation plays an ever more crucial role. "Business aircraft" increase efficiency and eliminate waiting times, making travel faster and time spent on board both more productive and more relaxing.

"Piaggio Avanti Charter Flights"

Piaggio Avanti,  charter aircraft flight, charter plane flight

"The Piaggio Avanti Private Aircraft" fastest twin "turboprop" ever made, Avanti EVO achieves greater speed without compromising operating costs, running at up to 30% less than a jet of the same size and boasting a support program that keeps maintenance costs at a rate guaranteed by the manufacturer.

The PIAGGIO AVANTI unrivalled efficiency of Avanti EVO comes complete with broad band and satellite connectivity in a cabin so spacious and comfortable that it feels like an office in the skies, offering a refined and soothing environment equally suited to rest and recreation as it is to work. At can be chartered for $850 an hour and up.

"PIAGGIO AVANTI, Charter Aircraft Private!"


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"PIAGGIO AVANTI, Information!"

Piaggio Avanti interior, private aircraft charter flights

"The PIAGGIO AVANTI" versatility and reliability, in unison with advanced technology and optimised cabin pressurisation, make Avanti EVO not only a world-class business "aviation aircraft," but in its special mission capacity it also functions as a highly accomplished multi utility Aircraft.

"The Piaggio Avanti Turboprop" is used by the armed forces, government agencies and a diverse range of private operators such as air ambulance units, photo patrol units for territorial control and environmental protection.

The Piaggio Avanti Aircraft is even used for flight inspections as a radio measurements and calibration of air navigation aid and instruments.

Turboprops behave in certain ways, and jets in other ways, but the Avanti II is a true hybrid, a product that blends the best traits from two very different airplane categories to arrive at some third niche, which at present it occupies by itself.

In the process it doesn’t hurt one bit that the Avanti II just so happens to be one of the sleekest and most beautiful airplanes ever built. It just so happens to be one of the most unusual looking ones too.

From the beginning, Piaggio Aero intended the Avanti to be a turboprop that played in the same niche as light jets but with better economy and a larger cabin.

"Piaggio Avanti Charter Flights"

Piaggio Avanti flight, aircraft charter flights, airplane charter flight

It pulled the concept off. The Avanti II does indeed have a big cabin, the best in its class by far, and it also has good speed and range, and best-in-class fuel efficiency.

Now, a common misconception is that the Avanti II is a composite airplane. It is not, at least not primarily.

The fuselage, wings, tail and forward wing of the airplane are metal, though admittedly metal that has been shaped and smoothed in a way that makes a compound curve look like child’s play.

Other parts, mainly fairings and the like, are composite, but for the most part, Piaggio Aero’s Avanti II is a sheet metal airplane.

"Piaggio Avanti Aircraft Charter"

Piaggio Avanti aircraft, airplane private charter, aircraft charter

The use of alloys instead of composites was a purposeful choice for Piaggio Aero, which certified the airplane more than 20 years ago.

This was at a time when there were few successful composite models and sheet metal seemed to augur a shorter approval program than plastics did.

It wasn’t the only fast turboprop twin with a forward wing — the Beech Star ship was a contemporary, though that company stopped production of the composite cabin-class twin shortly after it started it.

It admitted later that the composite model was so time-intensive to build that it was simply unprofitable. Piaggio Aero, on the other hand, is still steadily producing its model. It has delivered nearly 200.

"The Piaggio Avanti Turboprop Plane" addition to cockpit space for two pilots, and the aircraft accommodates up to seven passengers.

"Cabin Piaggio Avanti"

Piaggio Avanti cabin, interior private aircraft, charter flights

If materials were a conservative approach, configuration was not. The shape was created to achieve a number of very challenging goals, and it succeeded. The shape, you’ll see, is not simply for show, though ironically it shows very nicely.

With a range of over 1,729 Nm (3,185 km), Avanti EVO is ideal for any continental destination, while its ability to land on short or even semi prepared runways allows access to peripheral airports and smaller airfields not served by scheduled flights.

The PIAGGIO AVANTI mission has now been accomplished now thanks to Avanti EVO which has been successfully made the Piaggio Avanti. Turning into reality what for generations few had dared to dream; an aircraft capable of blending the efficiency of a "twin-engine turboprop" with the performances of a Jet.

"PIAGGIO AVANTI, Private Aircraft Charter!

aft Charter!"


"Charter an Aircraft, the PIAGGIO AVANTI"

The Piaggio P180 Avanti is an Italian executive transport aircraft with twin turboprop engines mounted in pusher configuration.

"Piaggio Avanti Exterior"

Piaggio Avanti exterior, private aircraft

The design is of three-surface configuration, having both a small forward wing and a conventional tail plane as well as its main wing, with the wing spars passing outside of the passenger cabin area.

Design studies began in 1979 and designs were tested in wind tunnels in Italy and the United States in 1980 and 1981. A collaboration with Learjet to develop the aircraft began in 1983, but ended on 13 January 1986, with Piaggio continuing development on its own.

The first prototype flew on 23 September 1986. American and Italian certification was obtained on 2 October 1990.

Learjet's influence can be seen in the two "delta fins" mounted on the bottom of the tail, as found on most Lear jets; these devices help provide yaw stability and pitch stability at high angles of attack.

An improved Avanti II obtained European and U.S. certification in November 2005. Six months later, 70 planes had been ordered, including 36 by Avantair.

"Piaggio Avanti Aircraft Charter"

Piaggio Avanti, aircraft charter, airplane charter, charter flights

The Avanti is marketed as being faster than other turboprops and many mid-sized jets, while being up to 40% more fuel efficient than market-competing jets.

The Piaggio Avanti is said to have good fuel efficiency relative to other small turbojets flying in the same speed and altitude range.

Flight International stated: "The Avanti has no direct turboprop competitors, its closest jet rivals are the Raytheon Premier I and the Cessna Citation CJ2+.

Interior noise is lower than conventional turboprop aircraft, because the propellers and engine exhausts are located behind the cabin.

Think of the Avanti II as a jet with props and you’ll be close to the mark, though in many respects, it’s not an easy mental shift to make.

Most immediately noticeable is its small forward wing at the nose, the rounded fuselage, and the rear-facing propellers, but each design component serves a specific purpose in improving the aircraft’s performance and passenger experience.

The twin-engine turboprop, priced at roughly $7.5 million, is strikingly different in appearance to its counterparts.

The other huge advantage of the configuration is that it opens up the fuselage, allowing a cabin that is closer to that of midsize jets than light jets.

"Piaggio Avanti Plane Charter"

Piaggio Avanti plane, private aircraft charter, airplane charter

For private owners, charter customers and fractional owners, the big cabin is a major selling point. The cabin, interestingly, isn’t symmetrical; it’s a little cozier up front than in back.

In the end, the Avanti configuration allows it to achieve light jet speeds in the same way as light jets do, by using a very small, highly loaded wing to go with a good dose of power.

The Avanti takes that formula and pushes it to the design edge, achieving that performance with a great deal less power than in comparable jet products and with the best cabin in the class by a long shot. It’s a great formula.

The airplane has been constantly improved over the past decade, with new interiors, higher max takeoff weight, higher Vmo and avionics upgrades galore.

The Avanti II gets its best range figures, up around 1,500 nm, at higher altitudes and lower fuel burns.

"Charter Flights Piaggio Avanti"

Piaggio Avanti flights, charter aircraft flight

Along with the airplane’s great cabin and operating economies, has made the Avanti the airplane that has helped create the remarkable success for Aircraft charter.

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