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The Premier I (1) Private Jet, Charter this Private Jet with Us at Any Time in Any Place you would Like!

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The Premier I Private Aircraft, at Your Service! Private Flights could not be better in this Very Light Jet, Please Contact Us.

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The Premier 1 Private Airplane, for Private Jet Charter! This Private Jet is in a Newer category of Very Light Jets (VLJ's).

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The Premier I Private Flight, Air Charter Service. One of the best private jets in this Very Light Jet Category is a good choice for Shorter Trips.

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>The Premier I Private Plane, Jet Charter! The cost of this Private Jet is about 1800 per hour in this Very Light Jet.

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The Premier I (1) Private Air Charter in this Very Light Jet! Air Charter Services have never been this good, so Please CONTACT US!

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The Premier I Private Aircraft, Private Plane Charter in this newer Model! Private Jet Companies who can set up Your entire Trip in this jet.

"The PREMIER I (1)"

  1. Passenger Capacity: 6 – 7

  2. Lavatory: Full

  3. Airspeed (MPH): 461

  4. Range (nm): 1200

  5. Cabin Width: 5′ 6″

  6. Cabin Height: 5′ 5″

  7. Cabin Length: 13′ 6″

  8. Purchase Price 5 Million

  9. Baggage Capacity: 40 cu. ft.

  10. Rate $800 – $1,700/hr.

The Premier I (1) Private Jet was Raytheon’s goal in designing the Premier I was to create a high-performing private jet with minimal acquisition and operating costs. The Premier I can take off in 3,792 feet and climb to 37,000 feet in seventeen minutes when loaded to its maximum takeoff capacity of 12,500 pounds. Its cruise speeds can reach 451 ktas (.785 Mach). Its maximum range is 1,726 miles (1,500 nautical miles).

"Very Light Jet Charter"

premier 1 jet

The Premier I (1) Private Jet has a cabin which is one of the biggest in the Very Light Jet category and its size, seating six or seven passengers in a 315 cubic-foot cabin. The cabin is very well-insulated due to the carbon fiber/epoxy honeycomb composite fuselage.

The Premier 1 fold-out tables on both sides of the private jet, and fully adjustable, extra-wide seats make for a comfortable flight.

Additional options include an array of cabin entertainment systems and interior trim/finish upgrades.

"Premier I Cabin"

premier 1 cabin

The swept wings on the Premier I are an original design from Raytheon.

The unique design minimizes drag, and increases cruise speed and high altitude capabilities.

Although the wing was enlarged to add an additional 250 pounds of fuel than was originally planned.

The Premier I (1) still manages a short enough takeoff distance to be able to utilize small airports.

"Premier I Interior"

interior premier 1

The Premier I (1) 77 cubic feet of baggage space available in internal and external baggage compartments.

The external baggage compartments can be heated, if desired.

The computer-controlled manufacture line (known as the “Viper process”) used in the production of the Premier I is a big reason for its low acquisition cost.

Whether your journey is business-related or for pleasure private jet service on the Hawker Beechcraft Premier I and IA are excellent options for VIP travel.

The Premier 1 light business jet by Hawker Beechcraft is quick and efficient with mid range travel capabilities.

"Premier I Aircraft Charter"

premier 1 aircraft

The Premier I has computer aided three-dimensional interactive analysis (CATIA) simulations analyzed structural models and system design of the jet to optimize its performance and reliability, and cut down production time and costs.

The Premier 1 is powered by two Williams/Rolls-Royce FJ44-2A engines, which provide 2,300 pounds of thrust on takeoff, apiece.

They are controlled by an electronic control unit that is linked to a hydro-mechanical fuel control system mounted on the engine.

Manual control, although not usually utilized, can be used in emergencies.

"Premier I Airplane Charter"

premier 1 airplane

The fuselage of the Premier I is made of a high-strength carbon fiber/epoxy honeycomb composite.

It is lightweight, simple to manufacture, and almost never needs repairs. The thinness of the fuselage is the reason for the cabin’s spaciousness.

The Premier I (1) Private Jet began achieving it's goal by using the fully-automated “Viper” composites manufacturing system and new design software.

But just because they cut back on manufacturing costs does not mean they cut back on quality.

"Premier I Private Jet"

premier 1, private jet, charter aircraft, charter jets

The Premier 1 seats up 6 passengers with a range of up to 1430 nautical miles. With a top speed of 519 miles per hour, the Premier 1 arrives at its destination with no wasted time.

Contact our private jet service charter consultants to find you the best corporate jets in your preferred location at the best prices.

Chartered private flights on the Hawker Beechcraft Premier offer you relief from crowded airports and long security lines as well as convenience and luxury.

The Premier 1 very light jet start’s at $1,400 per hour and up. The Premier One.

"PREMIER I, for Jet Charter Private Flights!"

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"PREMIER I, Information!"

The Premier was certified in 2001 and its upgraded successor, Premier IA, was certified in 2005.

"Premier I Inside"

premier 1 inside, private jet inside, jet charter aircraft cabin, private flights

The Premier I (1) Private Jet cabin pressure can be automatically or manually controlled and is rated to a maximum of 8.4 psi.

The design of this aircraft has some “wow” factor due to the amazingly strong composite fuselage which was designed with CATIA Computer-Aided Design technology.

"Premier I Charter"

  1. "Superior End-to-End Experience."

  2. "Dedicated 24/7 VIP Service."

  3. "Integrated Trip Planning."

  4. "ARGUS Platinum, IS-BAO Aircraft."

  5. "Wyvern Recommended Aircraft Backed by Charter Vault Escrow."

  6. "Point-to-Point Pricing."

The biggest advantage is that Premier fuselage could be built in one day compared to the two to three weeks needed for conventional fuselage.

"Premier I (V.L.J.) Very Light Jet"

premier 1 jet aircraft, jet charter flights, aircraft charter private

The composite graphite, epoxy laminate, honeycomb fuselage and high-swept wings also made the airframes lighter and stronger and the cabins roomier than any other light jet in the class.

The Premier earned Raytheon a reputation as a world leader in general aviation composite technology.

"Premier I Specifications"

  1. Other specifications of Hawker Beechcraft Premier I corporate jets include:

  2. "Altitude: Up to 41,000 feet."

  3. "Range: 850 nm; 978 m (seats full)."

  4. "Normal Cruise Speed: 425 knots (490 mph)."

  5. "Pressurized: Yes."

  6. "Galley: Beverages."

  7. "Lavatory: Partitioned."

  8. "Baggage capacity: 78 cubic feet."

In comparison, for example, to the Cessna Citation CJ, the Premiers are significantly lighter and faster.

Flights on these corporate jets will enable you to travel on your own schedule and are ideal on short runways that can’t accommodate larger jets.

The large cabins of these corporate jets feature cushy executive seats that slide, swivel and recline for maximum comfort.

With the Premier’s range and fast cruising speed, you can swiftly get from San Diego to Denver, Washington DC to Bermuda, or London to Zagreb with a full passenger load.

"Premier I Plane Charter"

premier 1 interior, private jet inside, jet charter aircraft cabin, private flights, plane flight

We can arrange private jet service on Hawker Beechcraft Premier corporate jets within a few hours of your call.

"Premier I Information"

  1. "6 seat configuration."

  2. "Fast cruising speed."

  3. "Spacious cabin and large luggage capacity."

  4. "Stylish option compared with other light jets."

The Premier accommodates a crew of one or two and 6 or 7 passengers, depending on the crew complement, and it gives you near-stand up headroom.

Light jets are some of the most economical corporate jets. They will typically use less fuel per passenger compared with bigger corporate jets with the same passenger capacity.

"Premier I Jet Charter"

premier 1 jet, private jet charter, aircraft flights, private flight

Both the Premier I and IA feature two Williams Rolls FJ44-2A turbofan engines and top-of-the-line Collins Pro Line 21 EFIS avionics.

Even with a full load, expect to climb to 37,000 feet in about 15 minutes.

You can rely on our commitment to safety, comfort and discretion when you arrange your chartered private flights with Charter Flight Group for business or recreation.

"PREMIER I, Jet Charter Services!"


"Private Jet Charter, in the PREMIER I"

OVERVIEW: The Beechcraft Premier 1 has a uniquely spacious cabin for an aircraft in it's category. It remains popular due to it's performance and comfort, while remaining cost-effective.

"Premier I Exterior"

premier 1 jet exterior, private jet charter, aircraft flights private

The Premier 1's cabin is one of the biggest for a private jet of its size, seating six or seven passengers in a 320 cubic-foot cabin.

Fold-out tables on both sides of the aircraft and fully adjustable, extra-wide seats make for a comfortable flight.

Design of the Premier I began early in 1994 under the designation PD-374 (PD for Preliminary Design), and development was authorized to continue early the following year.

The aircraft was officially launched at the annual National Business Aviation Association Convention in September 1995 and construction of the first prototype commenced late in 1996.

The Premier I prototype was rolled out on 19 August 1998 and its first flight was on 22 December 1998.

Four prototypes were used in the flight test program and its FAA Type Certificate was issued on 23 March 2001. On 22 September 2005, the upgraded Premier IA was certified.

The Premier I is constructed with a high-strength composite, carbon fiber/epoxy honeycomb fuselage.

The Premier I and IA can be certified as light aircraft for operation by a single pilot. The powerplants are Williams International FJ44-2A engines.

The Premier I has a roomy cabin for a light jet aircraft: 13 ft 6 in long by 5 ft 6 in wide by 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m) tall, with a folding table, four club-type seats, two forward-facing seats and a partitioned aft toilet.

Enjoy private jet service to and from regional and global destinations on Hawker Beechcraft’s innovative all-composite light jet.

he Premier I, when you book chartered private flights with Central Jet Charter Inc.

"Premier I Very Light Jet"

premier 1 jet exterior, private jet charter, aircraft flights private

The Premier I was actually the first business jet developed from the ground up by Raytheon, which owned Beechcraft between 1980 and 2007.

We can have your Premier 1 ready to go within hours from any number of locations worldwide. We work on your schedule, not ours.

Chartering a Premier 1 through us eliminates time consuming layovers, as well as the stress of trying to catch a connecting flight.

All Central Jet Charter Inc., flights bring you runway to runway from thousands of executive airports around the United States and the world.

This light jet, known for its superior strength and power, is a model of efficiency that never sacrifices comfort and enjoyment for passengers who choose to rent a Premier 1.

C.J.C.Inc., chartered flights are tailored to the specific needs of each individual client.

You decide when you want the Premier 1 luxury jet to takeoff for your desired destination.

We understand that all of our clients have unique travel situations and each ElJet flight is custom designed around your schedule, allowing you to reach your final destination in rested comfort without any stress.

The Premier 1 offers a spacious cabin with more room than any other small jet on the market.

Seating six passengers in sublime comfort, the Premier 1 offers a top class jet hire experience.

We are available 24/7 and 365 days a year to arrange your travel on the Hawker Beechcraft Premier or one of the hundreds of other corporate jets in our arsenal.

To make sure you reach your destination efficiently and safely, in many cases, we have the corporate jets scrutinized by third-party safety experts Aircraft Research Group of the United States (ARGUS) and WYVERN.

To top it off, our stellar concierge service both on the ground and in the air will ensure that everything goes as planned.

The Pemier I cabin pressurization is automatically regulated by a digital system that uses engine bleed air.

The two-zone cabin environmental system also uses bleed air for heating.

"Premier I Airplane Charter"

premier 1 jet interior, private jets, charter airplanes, aircraft flights, private jets

The adjustable seats and fold-out tables will make you feel like you’re in an airborne office.

With other amenities such as a beverage center and lavatory, the Hawker Beechcraft Premier I and IA are smart choices for chartered private flights.

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