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The Premier II Private Aircraft, at Any Time, in Any Place, at the best price!

Premier 2, VLJ, Very Light jet, aircraft charter services

The Premier 2 Private Airplane, at it's very best. This is the latest model out.

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The Premier II (2) Private Flight, Jet Charter at anytime, where ever you would like.

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The Premier 2 Private Plane, for Very Light Jet Charter! They are sometimes referred to as VLJ's.

Premier 2, jet charter flights, private aircraft, private planes

The Premier II (2) Private Jet, This is model proceeds the Premier 1 and Premier 1A.

Premier 2, flight services, airplane services, aircraft services

The Premier 2 Private Flight, Please give us a call to Charter this Jet at anytime!

"The PREMIER II (2)"

  1. Passenger Capacity: 5 – 6

  2. Lavatory: Full

  3. Airspeed (MPH): 470

  4. Range (nm): 1,275

  5. Cabin Width: 5′ 4″

  6. Cabin Height: 5′ 4″

  7. Cabin Length: 12′ 9″

  8. Baggage Capacity: 40' 3"

  9. Rate $2,000 – $3,000/hr.

The Premier II (2) Private Jet was launched on May 19, 2008. Hawker Beechcraft announced the launch of the Premier II [2] Developed from the "PREMIER 1A", the new Aircraft will feature higher cruise speeds, a 20% longer range with four passengers, and increased payload.

The Premier II (2) Private Jet will continue to feature composite materials for the fuselage, and will have more powerful engines and new winglets to achieve performance improvements over the previous model.

"Very Light Jet (VLJ)"

premier 2 jet

The Premier 2 had it's first flight on April 2009, with FAA certification for the first half of 2010.

Hawker Beechcraft claims to have received orders for several dozen Premier II.

The Premier II Private Aircraft was the first composite fuselage "Business Jet" to do so.

Four years later, the Premier 1A was certified as the largest single-pilot business jet in the world by Raytheon and Hawker.

The Premier 2 carrying two reputable legacies in its name, it’s no wonder the Premier 1A is groundbreaking.

Essentially the same Aircraft as its predecessor, the 1A boasts improved avionics and brakes, and a redesigned cabin.

They did this successfully in 2001, when the Premier 1 gained FAA certification.

"Premeir II Cabin"

premier II Cabin, private jet charter, charter flights, charter aircraft

The Premier II (2) cabin is one of the biggest for a private jet of its size, seating six or seven passengers in a 315 cubic-foot cabin.

The Premier II (2) Private Jet measurements are 13.5 feet long, 5.4 feet tall and 5.5 feet wide.

The cabin is designed with contoured headroom for maximum passenger comfort.

The Premier 2 has fold-out tables on both sides of the Aircraft, LED lighting and fully reclineable, extra-wide, contoured seats further prove the "Very Light Jet" Aircraft’s comfortability.

This private jet is also has available an array of cabin entertainment systems and interior trim/finish upgrades.

There is 77 cubic feet of baggage space available in internal and external baggage compartments.

Although the wing was enlarged to add an additional 250 pounds of fuel than was originally planned.

The Premier 2 still manages a short enough takeoff distance to be able to utilize "Small Airports."

"Premeir II Interior"

premier 2 interior

The Premier 2 fuselage on this Very Light Jet is made of a high-strength carbon fiber/epoxy honeycomb composite.

It is lightweight, simple to manufacture, and almost never needs repairs. The thinness of the fuselage is the reason for the cabin’s spaciousness.

While the jet itself holds six or seven passengers, there is no sacrifice when it comes to size.

The cabin dimensions give travelers are relaxing 5.5 H x 5.6 W x 13.6 L which roughly equates to 315 cubic feet of comfort.

The Premier 2 private jet start’s at $1,800 per hour and up. The Premier II.

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"Premeir 2, Information"

The two-zone cabin environmental system also uses bleed air for heating and one of two separate generators for cooling.

The Premier 2 cabin pressure can be automatically or manually controlled and is rated to a maximum of 8.4 psi.

"Premeir II Private Jet Charter"

premier 2, jet charter services, aircraft services, airplane services

While the Premier II’s cabin will pamper passengers with luxury and comfort, its cockpit will deliver an advanced level of operational sophistication.

It has situational awareness—just what one would expect in a jet designed to be flown single-pilot.

Elliptical shaped winglets, crafted of lightweight, ultra strong composites, will be installed to enhance aerodynamic performance.

The winglets offer reduced drag and an increased effective wingspan without actually lengthening the wings, enabling the Premier II to fly farther than its predecessor.

The custom designed winglets were sized to provide distance performance improvements while not impacting airframe inspection schedules.

The Beechcraft Premier is the name given to a series of light jet aircraft made by the Beechcraft division of Hawker Beechcraft.

The series consists of the Model 390 Premier I and the Premier II. The aircraft was designed to compete with the Cessna CitationJet series of aircraft.

It also has an exceptionally roomy cabin for a light jet aircraft: 13'6" long x 5'6" wide x 5'5" tall, with folding table, four club type seats, two forward-facing seats, and a partitioned aft toilet.

On 19 May 2008 Hawker Beechcraft announced the launch of the Premier II. Developed from the Premier IA.

The new aircraft features higher cruise speeds, a 20% longer range with four passenger, and increased payload.

The Premier II takes everything that operators love about the Premier IA and improves upon it.

This creates an aircraft that will deliver the performance and capabilities of a much larger jet while providing the economy and efficiency of a light jet.

The aircraft features composite materials for the fuselage, more powerful engines and new winglets to achieve performance improvements over the previous model.

As a smaller jet in its class, the Premier was designed to compete in the market with other compact luxury aircraft.

The Premier 2 which was Raytheon’s goal in designing their first light corporate jet, Premier 1, was to create a high-performing private jet with minimal acquisition and operating costs.

"Private Jet Charter: The Premeir 2"


"Jet Charter Flights, PREMIER 2"

You’ll be safe in knowing that you’re being flown by pilots who rank among the finest in the world.

It continues aboard our aircraft, which are maintained to the highest standards in the world.

"Premeir II Jet Charter"

premier 2, jet charters, airplane charters, aircraft charters

Hawker Beechcraft Corporation (HBC) today launched the newest member of its legendary family of capable, comfortable, reliable and efficient jets—the new Beechcraft Premier II light business jet.

Evolving from the highly successful Premier IA, the Premier II will feature higher cruise speeds

It has a 20 percent longer range with four passengers and an increased payload while still offering the largest cabin and most technologically advanced single-pilot business jet in the world.

With its unmatched performance and efficiency, impressively spacious cabin and advanced technology.

The Premier II is a natural choice for business and private travelers who want to travel in comfort and get to their destination quickly.

The Premier II will be a twin turbofan, swept wing, light jet aircraft featuring a high-strength, state-of-the-art all-composite fuselage that allows for a medium-jet sized cabin at light jet costs.

Featuring luxurious and comfortable standard seating for up to six passengers and their baggage.

The Premier II will deliver more people to more locations, more efficiently and in more comfort than any other light jets.

"Premeir II Jet Interior"

interior premier 2

At the heart of these major aircraft advancements will be a pair of FJ44-3AP turbofan engines, the newest member of the Williams International engine family.

The higher thrust engines will also improve high/hot take-off operations and increase maximum cruise speed to 465 knots (861 km/hr) at typical cruise altitudes.

This is primarily due to the use of the ‘Viper process’ which involved using 3D designs to optimize the jet’s potential before it was ever made into a prototype.

The Beechcraft Premier IA is the fastest large-cabin, single-pilot business jet in production today, and the Premier II will be even better.

The Premier II has the swept wings which are on the "Premier 1A" are an original design from Raytheon.

The unique design minimizes drag, and increases cruise speed and high altitude capabilities.

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