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Private Jet Charter Services! The different types of Aircraft and Planes comes in all different sizes.

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Central Jet Charter, access to Private Jets! Heavy Jets, Midsize Jets, Light Jets, Turbo Props, & Airliners!

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Private Jets, at C.J.C. Call Us! Private Jet Charter, just Give Us a Call!

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Private Jets, Many Different Types of Jets! Access within 3 hours notice or even Sooner!

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Private Jets, at C.J.C., Private Jet Charter! The Fleet is at your demand anytime!

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Private Jets, Jet Charter, 24/7/365, Try Us! Any Time, Any Place and Any Type of Aircraft, Try Us

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Private Jets, access all over the U.S. and Internatinally. Beautiful Planes at your Disposal, Please CONTACT US!


  1. Supplemental aircraft.

  2. Fleet discount programs.

  3. Concierge services.

  4. Private Jet charter Flights.

  5. Rate $800 – $15,000/hr.

Private Jet Charter Services of any type, we can get you that special private jet that you need in any place at any time with just one call.

"Very Light Jets (VLJ)"

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"VERY LIGHT JETS:" | "Citation Mustang" | "Eclipse EA500" | "Eclipse 500" | "Eclipse 550" | "Honda Jet" | "Premier 1" | "Premier 1a" | "Premier 2" | "Phenom 100e" | "Phenom 100." | "Stratos 714." |

"Light Jets"

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"LIGHT JETS:" | "Beechjet 400" | "Beechjet 400a" | "Citation Jet" | "Citation CJ1" |" Citation CJ1+" | Citation CJ2 | Citation CJ2+ | Citation CJ3 | Citation Bravo | Citation Ultra | Citation Encore | Citation "Encore+' | "Learjet 31A | "Learjet 35" | "Learjet 36A" | "West-wind | West-wind II"> "Beechjet 400A" | "Hawker 400XP" | "Citation Jet" | "Citation CJ1" | "Citation CJ1+" | "Citation CJ2" | "Citation CJ2+" | "Citation CJ3" | "Citation Bravo" | "Citation Ultra" | "Citation Encore" | "Citation Encore+" | "Falcon 10" | Hawker 400XP | Hawker 400XPR | "Learjet 31A" | "Learjet 35" | "Learjet 35A" | "Learjet 36A" | "Nextant 400xti" | "Phenom 300" | "Pilatus PC-12" | "West-wind" | "West-wind II." |

"Super Light Jets Jets"

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"SUPER LIGHT JETS:" | "Astra SP" | "Citation CJ3 Plus" | "Citaiton Encore Plus" | "Citation Excel" | "Citation XLS" | "Gulfstream G-100" | "Learjet 40" | "Learjet 40XR" | "Learjet 45" | "Learjet 45XR." | "Learjet 70" | "Learjet 75" |

"Midsize Jets"

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"MIDSIZE JETS:" | "Astra SPX" | "Citation VI" | "Citation VII" | "Citation XLS+" | "Gulfstream G-150" | "Hawker 900XP" | "Hawker 850XP" | "Hawker 800XP" | "Hawker 800A" | "Hawker 750" | "Hawker 700" | "Learjet 60" | "Learjet 60XR" | "Citation Sovereign" | "Legacy 450." | Midsize Jet Charter Aircraft!

"Super Midsize Jets"

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"SUPER MIDSIZE JETS:" | "Challenger 350" | "Challenger 300" | "Citation Longitude" | "Citation Sovereign Plus" | "Citation X Plus" | "Citation X" | "Falcon 50EX" | "Falcon 50" | "Gulfstream G-280" | "Gulfstream G-200" | "Hawker 4000" | "Hawker 1000" | "Learjet 85." | "Legacy 500" |

"Heavy Jets"

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"HEAVY JETS:" | "Challenger 604" | "Challenger 601" | "Falcon 2000DX" | "Falcon 2000EX" | "Falcon 2000 LXS" | "Falcon 2000 LX" | "Falcon 2000" | "Falcon 900" | "Falcon 900B" | "Falcon 900C" | "Embraer Legacy Shuttle" | "Gulfstream G-450" | "Gulfstream G-IVSP" | "Gulfstream G-IV" | "Gulfstream G-350" | "Gulfstream G-3" | "Legacy 600" |

Private jet companies typically operate on a bespoke quotation principle, where you contact them to discuss your requirements in terms of type of jet, passenger numbers, distance of journey etc. and they will supply you with their best quote.

"Ultra Long Range Jets"

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"ULTRA LONG RANGE JETS:" | "Aerion AS2" | "Challenger 850" | "Challenger 650" | "Challenger 605" | "Citation Hemisphere" | "Falcon 5X." | "Falcon 7X." | "Falcon 8x" | "Falcon900DX" | "Falcon 900EX" | "Global 5000" | "Global Express 6000" | "Global 7000" | "Global 8000" | "Global Express XRS" | "Gulfstream G-5" | "Gulfstream G-500" | "Gulfstream G-550" | "Gulfstream G-V" | "Gulfstream G-600" | "Gulfstream 650" | "Gulfstream 650ER" | "Legacy 650" | "Lineage 1000e" |

You may be wondering how much does a private jet cost as you’re looking to buy or hire one of these fantastic pieces of modern technology. We can answer all your questions with just one call.

"V.I.P. Airliners"

airbus 318, boeing business jet, airbus 319, boeing business jet 2, airbus 320, boeing business jet 3, vip airliners

"V.I.P. AIRLINERS:" | "Boeing BBJ" | "Boeing BBJ MAX" | "Boeing BBJ2" | "Boeing BBJ3" | "Boeing 737" | "Boeing 727" | "Airbus a318" | "Airbus a319" | "Airbus a320" | "Airbus a321" |

Private Jets: We proudly arrange the following Private Aircraft from operators. When you are looking for the ultimate in luxury, nothing beats Private Aviation. We have the ideal Charter Aircraft to meet your travel needs.

Private Jets start at $800 per hour and up. Private Jets.

Running late? While you shouldn’t change your departure time if you don’t have to — the pilots are waiting at the airport for you, after all — if an issue arises you typically can change it.

Yes, most private jets can be booked the same day; however, this doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the jet you want.

"Private Jets, & Private Aircraft Charter!"

TOLL FREE #: 1-(800) 717-1062

  1. "Very Light Jets"
  2. "Light Jets"
  3. "Super-Light Jets"
  4. "Midsize Jets"
  5. "Super-Midsize Jets"
  6. "Heavy Jets"
  7. "Long Range Jets"
  8. "V.I.P. Airliners"
  9. "Turbo Props"
  10. "Multipiston Aircraft"

"Private Jet Charter Services!"

Private Jets are made up of hundreds of Private Aircraft that we have access to with un-compromised safety and luxury.

Choose from our diverse fleet of Charter Jets and Turbo Prop Aircraft and many other types of "Air Charter Aircraft."

You’ll still need your ID to board. A driver’s license works for domestic, and a passport for international.

"Private Jet Charter"

vip airline private charter

Choosing the right aircraft for the right purpose depends on several factors. For business travelers, clients are seeking to maximize their workday and minimize travel time.

This might mean a specific aircraft type with short-runway performance that can operate at a small airport close to the location of an important meeting.

Or it could mean an aircraft with Wi-Fi to continue working onboard.

Flying is the great perk of the modern world. Racing high over beautiful landscapes, catching epic sunrises, slicing through clouds, it’s an exquisite way to appreciate nature’s grandeur.

And while you might not get to enjoy it—stuck in the middle seat in economy, craning your neck to see through that tiny porthole of a window—those who can afford airborne luxury have a better view. Now the private Jets have larger windows.

Central Jet Charter Inc., is your complete online resource for everything about private jets.

We offer the tools and information to help you get the best advice and the best solutions for each and every trip.

Whether you are just learning about private jet charter or already enjoy the benefits and comfort of private jet travel on a frequent basis, we are here to help you.

"Heavy Jet Interior!"

midsize private jet charter, charter flights

Private jets are available in a wide variety of sizes, classes and models, each with different capabilities suitable for different missions and preferences.

From an efficient Light Jet with seating up to 7, to a luxury Ultra Long Range Jet seating up to 19.

The network of certified private jets includes jets for any need.

View specifications for each jet, or contact us for a custom consultation on which jet is best for your next charter flight.

Our capabilities don’t end with personal travel – we are also proud to provide business jet charter for many corporate clients.

Whether you need a speedy Learjet for a short hop to visit a client or a roomy Challenger jet to move a large group on a Road Show.

We have an unparalleled ability to get you the right private plane at the right price.

We are bringing common sense and uncommon levels of personal service to private jet travel.

By giving passengers the power to choose how and when they fly, we're pioneering a new kind of private jet and luxury service—one that's personal, flexible and on-demand.

We have, the modern alternative to fractional ownership.

At Central Jet Charter Inc., it`s about what we can do for you. Providing a travel experience above and beyond the rest is our mission!

"Private Jet Interior"

heavy jet interior, private jet charter

We specialize in executive charters, jet charters, and aircraft Charter. We are committed to meet and exceed all your needs.

With access to a diverse fleet of aircraft and superior flight crews, we will take you anywhere, anytime.

Costs vary enormously based on the type of private jet that you desire, size and complexity. If you are in the market for chartering or purchasing a jet for yourself or your company then call us.

"Turbo Prop Aircraft"

turboprop airplanes, king air 90, piper cheyenne, king air 200, pilatus pc 12, king air 350, nextant g90xt, king air 250

"Turbo Props:" | "Caravan EX" | "Cessna Caravan" | "Cessna Danali" | "Epic E1000" | "King Air 350ER" | "King Air 350i" | "King Air 350" | "King Air 300" | "King Air B200" | "King Air 200" | "King Air 100" | "King Air C90GTx" | "King Air 90" | "King Air E90" | "Pilatus PC-12." | "Piper Cheyenne" | "TBM 900" | "Turbo StationAir" |

We can also give you a quote right over the phone. The Private Jet's can be chartered for as low as $1,200 per hour and up.

"V.I.P. Aircraft Interior!"


"Private Jets, at Anytime!"

When you charter an aircraft through Central Jet Charter Inc., you enjoy access to an impressive selection of high-quality jets.

"Private Jet Exterior"

private jet exterior, jet charter flights

The private jets available represent the finest aircraft – from the Citation to Learjet, to Challenger, and to Hawker.

The Private Jets aircraft charter experts will provide you with a level of service that goes beyond your expectations. Our team is available around the clock and ready to serve you.

"Private Jet Interior"

light jet interior, private jets, jet charter aircraft

Exceptional Service and Selection. Private Jets, Inc., provides jet charter flights for private as well as business travelers.

Our commitment to aviation safety, high quality aircraft and unbeatable private jet service has made us a leader in the charter industry.

In addition to our charter services, we also arrange hotels, ground transportation and in-flight catering. At C.J.C. Inc., safety is our number one priority.

"Midsize Jet Interior!"

midsize private jet charter, charter flights

We maintain stringent safety programs that exceed FAA requirements and our pilots that are put through a rigorous training and certification process.

When chartering a private jet you can typically drive right up to the aircraft to easily load your luggage and board, with your car being parked or stored until your return.

Many jets have luggage limits due to the size of the luggage compartment door, or weight restrictions based on how many people or how much fuel is required for the flight.

If there’s just one person flying there won’t be an issue, but if you have a full group it can become one.

"Heavy Jet Exterior!"

heavy jet charter, private jet aircraft flights

Quite surprisingly there are even private jet broker websites that operate in a similar way to a regular flight booking website by searching for prices among other private jet companies.

When considering whether to hire a private jet, your duration of stay is a key factor when you’re wondering how much does a private jet cost.

There’s no need to sneak alcohol onto a private jet, as it’s legal to bring your own booze on board. The FAA rule states only that alcohol must be served by the flight crew.

We have the flexibility of schedules in the industry as well as huge savings on private jet empty-leg flights.

If you are traveling one-way or taking an extended vacation, be sure to check into Central Jet Charter Inc., empty-leg flights for special deals and huge savings on your private jet charter.

"V.I.P. Airline Charter!"

vip airline charter

Private Jet Charter Services are just a phone call away, and we can search for your perfect private plane for your perfect Trip.

We have access to many different types of "Private jets" for your trip.

We seek out the finest and safest "Private Jets" in the World for our clients.

If you are looking for superior service, access to the best fleets in private jet charter, and the most competitive pricing available today, then C.J.C. Inc., is simply the private jet broker for you.

If you’re planning on being at the destination for more than a day then the aircraft may need to either return to base, or continue on a charter for another customer.

This process, called ‘deadheading’ or repositioning flights, can add to the cost in a significant way.

"Private Jet Charter Services"

vip airline seating, charter vip airliner

There are quite a few private jet charter companies nowadays that allow you to search for and purchase these ‘deadhead’ or empty legs, thus reducing costs for all involved and saving you money in the process!

Alternatively rather than classifying the job as a ‘one way’ job, you may just incur layover or overnight costs at the destination.

"Private Jet Charter Services"

Central Jet Charter Inc., can be reached at (617) 794-9000 or at pa(at) or at 2033 Valentine Avenue, Suite 50B, New York City, New York 10457 U.S.A. or at . We can be reached 24/7/365.

"Call Us for Private Jet Charter Quotes!"