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PRIVATE JET CHARTER SAFETY, We go to any lengths to make sure the flight is safe and secure!

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PRIVATE JET CHARTER SAFETY, We take safety very seriously.

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PRIVATE JET CHARTER SAFETY, Flights! This is our main concern on a Charter Flight.

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PRIVATE JET CHARTER SAFETY, is very important to us.

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PRIVATE JET CHARTER SAFETY, Plane Service! Private Jets for Charter Safely is a priority.

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PRIVATE JET CHARTER SAFETY, an Executive Jet! Luxury Jet Charter, Business Jet Charter, safty comes first.

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PRIVATE JET CHARTER SAFETY, The Jets are safer then being in your own car.

"SATEFY First & Foremost!"

Safety for our Private Jet Charter with C.J.C. Inc. and enjoy peace of mind with our Safety and Security. We take this very seriously! Come learn how to charter a private jet safely and securely. We can arrange any type of security personal for your trip!

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Safety for Chartering a Private Jet and International Private Jet Charter comes first. We make safety our concern! All Jets are Part 135 FAA (FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION REGULATED) with our "Private Jets for Charter."

"Safety and Security.

  1. "Most passengers are not aware of it, but before and after each and every Private flight a rigorous set of checklists ensures that the private plane is mechanically sound and ready to fly."
  2. "FAA inspections include surprise inspections of everything from operation records to the mechanics and maintenance of the private airplanes."
  3. "Each Jet charter company must have a flight manual that outlines flight procedures and the manual is approved by the FAA."
  4. "Over the years we have a proven to be able to use Safe, Professional, and Reliable operators."

We foster a safety focused culture at Central Jet Charter Inc. that impresses upon each and every employee their responsibility to treat every flight as if their own family were on-board.

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Private Jet Chartering is safe with us! When it comes to safety, our success is not only defined by our history but also by the people and programs that truly differentiate us from our competition. All the Private Aircraft come with such an amazing selection of AIRCRAFT AMENITIES!

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Private Jet for Charter: We am committed to ensuring that we exceed even the highest safety standards through our passionate attention to detail, dedicated resources and accountability.

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Air charter safety and PRIVATE JET CHARTERING could not be safer! Our RATES & COSTS are very competitive, please Call for a Quote!

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At Central Jet Charter Inc., ensuring the safety of our Members is our number one priority. We work with only the top private jet operators, exceeding FAA Part 135 requirements, ensuring a commitment to best practices in pilot training and experience, progressive aircraft maintenance, and a flawless safety history.

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The FAA certified part 135 air carriers approved for service within the Central Jet Charter Inc., program are uniquely reviewed by the industry’s leading independent charter intelligence organizations Wyvern LTD and the Aviation Research Group / US (ARG/US). We offer a wide selection of AIRCRAFT SERVICES! We can have extra special safety procedures for $300 and up.

We offer a wide selection of AIRCRAFT SERVICES! Including Special Safety & Security measures. Here at "Central Jet Charter Inc." Air Charter Safety is our priority.

We take safety very seriously.


  1. "Very Light Jets"
  2. "Light Jets"
  3. "Super-Light Jets"
  4. "Midsize Jets"
  5. "Super-Midsize Jets"
  6. "Heavy Jets"
  7. "Long Range Jets"
  8. "V.I.P. Airliners"
  9. "Turbo Props"
  10. "Piston Aircraft"

"Jet Charter, Safety First and Foremost!"

This section of the code is designed for charter aircraft that have fewer than 30 seats and payloads of less than 7,500 pounds.

"Jet Charter Safety"

  1. "The type of plane."

  2. "The age of the plane."

  3. "The experience and training of the pilots and crew."

  4. "Weather conditions."

  5. "Plane and equipment maintenance."

  6. "Company procedures and policies."

The regulations are lengthy, complicated and precise. In many instances part 135 regulations are stricter than section 125 which governs large commercial aircraft.

In practice, FAA regulations and inspections carefully control and regulate the operation of private jet charter companies.

Most passengers are not aware of it, but before and after each and every flight a rigorous set of checklists ensures that the plane is mechanically sound and ready to fly.

FAA inspections include surprise inspections of everything from operation records to the mechanics and maintenance of the airplanes.

Since 9/11 these standards are even more carefully enforced. Pilots must be U.S. citizens, have perfectly clean police records, get a medical certificate from a FAA medical examiner, and in many cases have a college degree to work for a charter company.

Pilots also must meet minimum training and flight hour requirements to pilot private jets. The bare minimum to get a private pilot’s license is 40-60 hours of flying and flight school.

To pilot almost anything above a private prop plane, an FAA Instrument rating is also needed. This takes an additional 50 hours of Pilot in Command (PIC) time and another 40 hours of flight or simulator training.

For anything other than personal use, a Commercial certificate/pilot’s license issued by the FAA is required (For a total of 250 hours with cross-country and PIC training).

On top of this charter, pilots must have an Airport Transport License. This requires an entirely new level of FAA schooling and testing with at least 1,500 hours of flying time.

Flying time is limited to 1,000 hours per year by the FAA. Most commercial pilots for charter and large domestic carriers have between 4,000-6,000 hours of flight time under their belt before they are allowed to captain an aircraft.

In addition, testing and qualifications exist for specific types of aircraft. Experience on the planes in the company’s fleet is often a requirement for employment. For example, the company may require ratings for Falcon 2000 pilots or Lear jet experience.

In other words, the rules for piloting passengers are extremely strict making pilot proficiency quite high.

Charter pilots are not like your Uncle Bob who would take the kids out for a spin in his plane. It takes a non-military pilot an average of four to six years of regular flying and testing before they are qualified to carry passengers.

We have access to many more Small Airports, over 6000, and we can set up Special Security.

Safety on private jets is our most important thing. Free. Safety Private Jets.

"Safety Foremost, F.A.A. (Federal Aviation Administration) Regulated!"


"Private Jet Charter: Safety!"

If you are chartering or brokering a charter, how can you be sure that the broker meets your standards in terms of safety and quality of service?

aircraft security

The CHEQ report from ARG/US is an objective, unbiased, fact-based safety analysis of Part 135 charter operations.

The CHEQ system has three major components: historical safety ratings, current aircraft and pilot background checks, and on-site safety audits.

Top aviation leaders rely on ARG/US for accurate, real-time data from hard-to-find information sources and one-of-a-kind database tools.

The Platinum rating – the highest level of ARG/US safety ratings – is awarded to those operators who meet the criteria for ARG/US’s Silver and Gold safety ratings, and successfully pass either an ARG/US on-site safety audit or a recent Department of Defense (DoD) Air Carrier Quality and Safety inspection.

The ARG/US audit is conducted identically to a DoD audit by former DoD inspectors. This is a constructive, operational and system-oriented evaluation to help identify and correct potential deficiencies or safety issues.

Private jets are fast and wonderfully convenient. They can access hundreds of airports throughout the world, making it possible to go places you just can’t get into on large commercial aircraft.

For example, if you are a golfer, a private jet can take you within a ten to twenty minute drive to St. Andrews, Scotland, Bandon Dunes, OR, Pebble Beach, CA, Augusta National, GA (private) and Pinehurst, NC.

Normally it would take at least this long to deplane from a standard aircraft. Private jets are also perfect for taking business associates, families and friends on holiday.

The FAA regulates all aviation in the United States, governing and controlling the operation of private, commercial and chartered aircraft.

Commercial aircraft must operate under Federal aviation regulations (FAR) part 119, (and 23, 25 120 and 121 etc.) of the FAA’s regulations.

In addition, private jet charter aircraft must adhere to part 135 of Title 14 of the Federal Aviation regulations.

ARGUS is the worldwide leader in performing on-site safety audits for charter operators. Every Central Jet Charter Inc., flight must pass an ARGUS TripCHEQ with a Gold or Gold-Plus rating, guaranteeing the highest levels of safety.

When utilizing the services of a professional air charter broker, you travel by private jet aircraft with passengers you know, eliminating “the unknowns”.

You travel with your belongings and your baggage. The pilots of your chartered business jet receive extensive training from the company operating the jet and their safety record and experience is tracked and recorded by Aviation Research Group (ARGUS).

All of our executive jet flights are flown only with pilots flying for charter operators that have received a “gold” or “platinum” rating from ARGUS.

The International Business Aviation Council and Wyvern are two of these auditing agencies, but there are others.

Lastly, it is possible to access several sets of accident reports through Robert E. Brelling and Associates, a firm that specializes in business aircraft accident analysis reports.

Through the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) consumers can order a free aircraft charter consumer guide that explains things to take into consideration when choosing a charter company.

Key safety statistics are also available directly from the FAA.

Only the top companies that meet the highest safety guidelines have been chosen for our use. We are committed to Your Safety & Security!

"Safety is our Top Priority!"

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