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Stratos 714, private jet charter

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"The Stratos 714"

  1. Passenger Capacity: 1 – 3

  2. Lavatory: no

  3. Airspeed (MPH): 400

  4. Range (nm): 1,500

  5. Cabin Width: 4′ 7"

  6. Cabin Height: 4′ 8″

  7. Cabin Length: 9′ 5″

  8. Baggage Capacity: 15 cu. ft.

  9. Rate $800 – $1,300/hr.

The Stratos 714 is a Very Light Personal Jet (VLPJ) designed to meet the needs of a growing number of performance-oriented aviators who demand more speed and more range in an owner-flown aircraft. This is an aircraft that is uniquely suited to transport four people in cabin-class comfort at speeds and ranges that no other aircraft can match for its size or acquisition cost.

"Stratos 714 Private Jet"

stratos 714

The Stratos 714 Very Light Jet Flies high above the weather at FL 410. The Stratos 714 can traverse the United States from Miami to Seattle in seven hours flight time against 50 knot headwinds, with a single stop and a full payload. Until now, no personal aircraft could accomplish this feat.

To achieve speeds in excess of 400 knots with an NBAA IFR range of 1,500 nautical miles, the Stratos exploits the full potential of advanced technology, space age materials and cutting edge manufacturing techniques.

"Stratos 714 Interior"

stratos 714 interior

Comparing aircraft is not simple! There is little consistency from one manufacturer’s brochure to the next.

>It is no surprise that manufacturers seek to present their own performance in the best possible light and that the particular light chosen is unlikely to show the best side of their competitors.

In their attempts to make the best comparison, some manufacturers list Range Map with IFR reserves and some with VFR reserves.

Some list performance with two people on board at economic cruise speeds, and some with full payload at maximum cruise speeds.

There is no agreement on a Standard” person: Some manufacturers quote their range with passengers weighing 170 lbs, with baggage.

Similarly, mentioning fuel burn without referring to speed can lead to confusion as lowering the speed reduces the fuel burn.

"Stratos 714 Cabin"

stratos 714 Cabin, jet charter, private charter flights

This Private Jet is consider a Very Light Jet that costs a lot lower to charter then a regular light jet!

The Stratos 714 very light jet start’s at $800 per hour and up. The Stratos 714.

"Stratos 714, for Private Jet Charter!"

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"Stratos 714, Information!"

The Stratos was designed with the owner-operator in mind, focusing on simplicity and docile flight qualities for ease of operation.

The configuration is optimized with a long tail arm (relative distance between the wing and horizontal tail), ensuring good stability.

"Stratos 714 Jet Charter"

stratos 714, jet charter private charter flights

The Stratos 714´s engine thrust acts close to the aircraft´s center of gravity, contributing to the design objectives of easy handling and low pilot workload. A wide center of gravity envelope simplifies loading.

The Stratos 714 will safely land at much lower speeds than twin-engine jets with similar performance.

As a Very Light Personal Jet, emphasis has been placed on making the Stratos 714 handling simple and predictable with benign stall characteristics for safe flight by owner-operators, even at low speed.

Much of the efforts over the past two years has been spent developing a detailed weight and performance model of the aircraft.

It has used only those analytic and empirical methods that are appropriate to this class of aircraft and these have been verified against existing designs or published data.

The approach has been ‘bottom-up’ in the sense that weight of all major components and systems have been estimated and then summed to give the overall aircraft weight.

As an additional check, ‘top-down’ weight estimates have also been made by comparison with the historical trends of similar aircraft.

In both cases the approach has been conservative and the Stratos weight targets are therefore achievable with standard composite materials and construction technique.

In presenting the Stratos 714 performance data, it is endeavored to avoid such temptations and to present the performance data in as unbiased a fashion as possible.

"Stratos 714, Very Light Jet Charter!"


"Private Jet Charter, in a Stratos 714"

Most VLJ´s force you to choose between range or payload. This means that you have to decide whether to fill the seats and make a fuel stop, or fly non-stop with empty seats.

"Stratos 714 Very Light Jet Charter"

stratos 714, private jet, charter flights

The Stratos can fly 1,500 nm at 400 knots while carrying a 900 lbs payload (4 people with baggage).

The wide cabin door is on the left side. Folding steps and a rail makes entry and exit easy. An emergency exit is located on the opposite side.

The Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-5 engine deck has been embedded in the performance model so the thrust, air and fuel flows come directly from Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-5 test data.

In doing so, we have been realistic in the estimation of intake pressure recovery, bleed air flows and mechanical power extraction, all of which impact the engine performance.

It has carried out a detailed trade study and have found the optimum stall speed for the Stratos aircraft to be 63 knots.

As this is above 61 knots, the FAA will require demonstration of increased crash worthiness which will require additional fuselage structural weight.

However, these are offset by savings in wing weight and, overall, 63 knots gives the best combination of weight, performance, field performance and low speed handling.

In Europe single engine aircraft are required to stall at 61 knots or below. EASA certified versions of the Stratos will have a slightly lower maximum takeoff weight to comply with this requirement.

"Stratos 714 Private Jet Charter Services"

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