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challenger 350, jet charter, private flights, aircraft charter

CHALLENGER 350, Super Midsize Jet! These Jets are a Great because they have a cabin the size of a heavy jet!

gulfstream g280, jet charter, private flights, aircraft charter

GULFSTREAM G280, Super Midsize Jet! These Jets are a Great because they have a range of almost 3500 miles!

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CITATION SOVEREIGN PLUS, Super midsize jets for charter flights! Please CONTACT US, at Anytime.

hawker 1000, jet charter, midsize jets, private jets

HAWKER 1000, Jet Charter, Super Midsize Jet! They have a stand up cabin and are Very Spacious Inside, Try Us!

citation longitude jet, aircraft charter, private jet charter

CITATION LONGITUDE, Jet Charter, Super Midsize Jet, can seat up to 8 - 9 Comfortably! This is one of the newest private jets made by Cessna, and it has great range, and a huge cabin space!

citation x plus, jet charter, super midsize jets

CITATION X PLUS, Super Midsize Jet, can go transcontinental! These JETS can be arranged within 3 hours notice, Give Us A CALL!

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Falcon 50, Jet Charter, Super Midsize Jet! Give Us a Try! Travel and it is an Experience to Remember!


  1. Capacity: 7 – 12 People.

  2. Speed 490 – 590 mph.

  3. Range: 3,000 – 3,600 nm.

  4. Rate $4,000 – 5,000/hr.

SUPER MIDSIZE JETS: | "Challenger 350" | "Challenger 300" | "Citation Longitude" | "Citation Sovereign+ (PLUS) | "Citation X+ (PLUS)" | "Citation X" | "Falcon 50EX" | "Falcon 50" | "Gulfstream G280" | "Gulfstream G200" | "Hawker 4000" | "Hawker 1000" | "Legacy 500" | "Praetor 600" |

Super Midsize Jets are on a level between standard midsize and larger jets. Seating capacity is on the high end of typical midsize jets (10 to 12). These jets have a range of around 3,500 miles.

"The Citation X"

super midsize jets, citation x, private aircraft, private flights

Super Midsize Jets cabin size will vary depending on the individual aircraft but these private jets are nothing but pure luxury. All the super midsize jets come with supple leather seats, enclosed aft lavatory, full-service mini galley and a DVD and CD entertainment system provides exceptional travel enjoyment and comfort.

The Citation X is best known to be the fastest, most fuel efficient private jet in the sky today.

This famous distinction is also claimed by the Gulfstream G650ER but they both travel at around 550 miles per hour.

"Super Midsize Jets"

Interior citation 10, super midsize jet, citation X interior

They have a well equipped galley and fully enclosed lavatory. The super midsize aircraft has a range of over six hours or between 3,200 and 3,500 miles.

We are committed to providing a superior level of privacy, safety, service and reliability for your private air charter both domestically and internationally.

Super midsize jets have an average cruising speeds of 530 mph. The average maximum range of 3800 miles.


gulfstream g200 interior, private jet charter, interior gulfstream g 200

The Gullfstream G280 comes with one of the largest bodied cabins, and these private jets can comfortably hold an average of 8-9 passengers.

It has a range of about 3,000 nautical miles, they can easily travel coast to coast nonstop.

Ideal for business or a family, the Gulfstream G280 can even be considered a heavy jet in a class of their own.

The Super Midsize jet's start’s at $4,000 per hour and up. The Super Midsize Jets.


gulfstream g200 inside, gulfstream g200 cabin, gulfstream g200 interior, jet charter

The Gulfstream G200 could even be considered a heavy jet because of it's range and cabin size.

We can set the trip up in this jet and will try to match any other quotes and will go above and beyond what the client wants.

Super midsize jets offer some luxurious options that include a private lavatory with dressing area, spacious internal/external luggage compartments, and advanced entertainment and information centers.

"FALCON 50 Super Midsize Jet"

falcon 50, private jet, charter aircraft, falcon 50ex

In the super midsize jet category cabin size is much bigger then a midsized jet.

The super midsized jet class offers the range and comfort of a much larger Jet in a sophisticated, large stand-up cabin.

We always will work at providing the best jet at the best cost, and we always try to show you the best jet charter service.

"The Falcon 50"

falcon 50 interior, falcon 50ex, inside falcon 50, cabin falcon 50

The Falcon 50 super midsize jet has coast-to-coast range. We also have the Challenger 300 super midsize jet.

This Jet features complimentary Wi-Fi access as most jets do, an upgraded quiet cabin package, and more space than any other Aircraft in its class.

These jets are great for longer flights and have a lot of room inside. So come try one of the super midsize jets for your corporate jet charter trips.


challenger 300, challenger 350, challenger 805, private aircraft

The Challenger 300 super midsize jet operates with the efficiency of midsize aircraft and the greater range and speed of heavy jets, making them suitable for coast-to-coast or international flights with a small to moderate size party.

We can arrange for a variety of super midsize private jet charter flights for your travel convenience.

These corporate jets can accommodate groups of 8 to 12 people in different sitting configuration and flight range.

"Super Midsize Jet Charter!"

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"Super Midsize Jets, Information!"

Super midsize jets have got it all. They can make it across US, coast to coast and really have great range.

By giving passengers the power to choose how and when they fly, we're pioneering a new kind of private jet and luxury service—one that's personal, flexible and on-demand. C.J.C. Inc. the modern alternative to fractional ownership."

It falls into the super midsize private jet class, along with jets like the Citation X and the Gulfstream G200.

It can fly eight passengers coast-to-coast nonstop, and was designed to have low direct operating costs – making it a strong contender for the new super-midsize private jet category.

"The Citation X Exterior"

citation x exterior, Citation X Charter, Citation X jet charter

The Citation X (10) is Cessna’s version of what a business jet should be: comfortable, high-performing, and economical.

The strongest feature of the Citation X is its range; it has coast-to-coast capabilities, like large jets, but still retains the features that make midsize private jets so advantageous.

It can take off in under 4,000 feet, a feat still unmatched by other midsized jets, and can cruise at around .75 Mach (458 knots).

There was much excitement in the aviation community when Cessna first announced its goals for the Citation X – in short, to completely outdo the competing private jets.

Cessna exceeded everyone’s expectations with the Citation X – it was the fastest, most comfortable, and most efficient jet on the market.

"Super Midsize Private Jets"

cessna longitude cabin, super midsize jet, private jet charter, private aircraft, private jets

It was even awarded the prestigious Collier Trophy in its debut year, in honor of the advances it had made in aviation and aerospace technology.

Introduced in 1982, the Dassault Falcon 20 derives from the Falcon 20’s.

Do not let age overshadow this mid-size business jet’s competitive capabilities.

The Falcon 20 features powerful engines as well as a distinctive design that integrates larger fuel tanks.

When first manufactured, Dassault’s line of Falcon 20’s fell short on power. Dassault re- engined the Falcon 20’s not once, but twice.

However, with the second upgrade in 1989, the aircraft improved across the board, becoming the Falcon 20-5.

A great example of this is the Falcon 20 midsize business jet.

Improvements between variants included greater fuel capacity and greater engine power.

"Jets Super Midsize"

cessna longitude, super midsize jet, jet charter, private jet charter

Dassault Aviation created the Falcon 50 to be able to complete intercontinental flights, and still maintain a short takeoff distance and a roomy cabin.

At the time of its completion, it was the first private jet on the market with intercontinental range.

Its range/payload capacity is pretty impressive, even years after its release – it can carry eight passengers 3,020 miles (2,625 nautical miles) at a speed of .80 Mach.

Dassault Aviation was the first to create a private jet with intercontinental range and that was Falcon 50.

Seventeen years later, they re-created it, keeping the features that made it such a success, while modifying others with more advanced technology.

The Falcon 50EX cruises faster at high altitudes; flies further; burns less fuel; and generally outperforms the Falcon 50 in every respect.

Average passenger seating capacity of 9-12 with many more options and amenities.

Even roomier stand-up cabins, many luxury amenities seen in heavy jets, and often a full galley.

"Super Midsize Jet Charter"

super midsize jet, jet charter, Private jet charter, charter flights

The Gulfstream 200 was one of the first private jets in the Gulfstream series, jets that would become top competitors in the super-midsize category.

The Gulfstream 200 has everything that could be desired in a private jet: great range, cabin size, and speed.

"Jet Charter, Super Midsize Jets!"


"Super Midsize Jets, Aircraft Charter!"

super midsize jet cabin, jet charter, private jet, private aircraft

The Hawker 1000 super midsized jet has a cabin height close to or just over six feet. The cabin length ranges from 21-31 feet.

Conduct your business in private and while enjoying a wide range of amenities designed to enhance productivity and relaxation in this jet.

"Charter Super Midsize Jets"

super midsize jet charter, jet charter, private jet charter, private aircraft charter

Fly with confidence knowing that we offer an unmatched level of flight safety and security, meeting and exceeding all federal and international regulations as verified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and third party inspectors.

When you fly C.J.C. Inc., customization comes standard. Your private jet flight program, in-cabin service and personal advising are all tailored to you.

"The Challenger 350 Exterior"

challenger 350 exterior, super midsize jet, jet charter, Bombardier Challenger

The Challenger 350 is one of the newest private jets that Bombardier makes, it is the upgraded model of the Challenger 300.

Super midsize jets can seat up to 8 - 10 passengers comfortably and have a range close to 3500 miles.

Super Midsize Jets are a good choice for flights last 5 to 6 hours long.

"The Hawker 4000"

hawker 4000 inside, super midsize jet, jet charter, private jets, private flights

The Hawker 4000 strikes a balance between all of the things aircraft owners value: cabin size, speed, operating cost, and range.

This goal was met in the Hawker 4000, a private jet that is strong on all fronts.

"The Gulfstream G-200"

gulfstream g200 inside, super midsize jet, jet charter, private jets, private flights

This Gulfstream G200 continues to compete today with the more recent G450 and G550.

The Gulfstream G200 has everything that could be desired in a private jet: great range, cabin size, and speed.

It’s the ideal jet for completing long-range missions rapidly and comfortably.

The Gulfstream G200 was one of the first private jets in the Gulfstream series, jets that would become top competitors in the super-midsize category.

"Super Midsize Jet Charters"

super midsize jet interior, jet charter, private jets, private flights

The newly-formed Galaxy Aerospace Corp, a division of Israel Aviation Industries (IAI), became a major contender in the super midsize private jet category with the Gulfstream G200.

It’s the ideal jet for completing long-range missions rapidly and very comfortable inside.

"The Legacy 600"

legacy 600 interior, jet charter, private jet charter, charter aircraft

The Legacy 600 has intercontinental range capabilities and is quite roomy for a mid-sized private jet.

It strikes a good balance between the various areas of private jet performance.

"Super Midsize Jet Flights"

super midsize jets, private jet exterior, jet charter

The goal of the Raytheon design team was not to design the fastest private jet, or the jet with the longest range, or the most economical mid-sized private jet.

"The Cessna Longitude interior"

The Citation Longitude is one of the newer private jets being made by Cessna.

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