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Westwind Jet

The Westwind Private Jet, Charter Aircraft. Private Air Travel, Aircraft Charter Services!

Westwind Aircraft, charter airplane, private flights,

The Westwind Private Airplane, Luxury Aircraft, Private Jet Charter, Airplane Flight. Private Airplane, Charter Flight.

Westwind Jet, jet Charter, Jet Services, Jet Aircraft

The Westwind Private Aircraft, Air Charter. Private Jets, Private Aircraft, Private Flights.

Westwind Jet, jet charters, jet flights

The Westwind Private Plane, Charter Flight! Private Aircraft, Charter Flights, airplane Services!

Westwind Jet, Aircraft Flights, Plane Flights, Airplane Flights

The Westwind Jet Private Flight, 24/7/365! Private Aircraft Charter, Light Jets.

Westwind Jet, Aircraft flight, charter airplane,

The Westwind Private Jet, Airplane Charter, Flight Services! Aircraft Flights, Jet Charter, Airplane Services.

Westwind jet, charter flight, charter jets, charter airplanes

The Westwind Jet Private Flight. Air Charter, Flight Charters, Charter Air, Charter Jet, Charter Plane.


  1. Passenger Capacity: 6 – 9

  2. Lavatory: Full

  3. Airspeed (MPH): 389 – 453

  4. Range (nm): 1,600 – 2,200

  5. Cabin Width: 4′ 8″

  6. Cabin Height: 4′ 8″

  7. Cabin Length: 11′ 0″

  8. Baggage Capacity: 55 cu. ft.

  9. Rate $2,000 – $3,000/hr.

The Westwind Private Jet by Israel Aircraft Industries is a BUSINESS JET that became a cornerstone of the Israeli Aircraft manufacturing industry and remained in production for 20 years. Usually configured for seven passengers, it can carry as many as 10, or be quickly reconfigured as a fast air freight Private Aircraft.

"Westwind Private Jet"

westwind jet, private jet, private aircraft

The Westwind Private Jet that was originally designed in the United States by Aero Commander as a development of its twin-propeller namesake Private Aircraft, first flying on January 27, 1963 as the Aero Commander 1121 Jet Commander. It was of broadly conventional business jet arrangement, with two engines mounted in nacelles carried on the rear fuselage.

However the wings were mounted halfway up the fuselage instead of the typical low-wing arrangement of aircraft in this class.

"Westwind Jet Interior"

interior westwind jet, cabin westwind 2, inside westwind 2

After successful testing, the aircraft was put into series production with deliveries to customers beginning in early 1965.

The Westwind Private Jet has had a complicated life story, but is now a success story and advert for the little known but high quality aviation industry of Israel.

The Westwind I private jet is unique among medium jets in its combination of features and benefits.

With a distinctive shape, an ovoid, the cabin is more spacious with a larger amount of head and shoulder room.

"Westwind Jet Cabin"

westwind jet Cabin, flight services, airplane charter, private air charter

The "Westwind Jet" started out as the Aero Commander 1121 Jet Commander, or Commodore Jet, a small business jet and was powered by General Electric CJ610 turbojet engines.

The Westwind Private Jet or before the Aero Commander was owned by a company known as Rockwell, which then bought out a company known as North American Aviation, which owned the Sabre-liner.

Featuring a respectable range of 2,392 nm and a swift cruise speed of 492 mph, the Westwind lives up to its name.

"Westwind Jet Inside"

westwind jet inside, charter flights, charter plane, aircraft services

However, the US Justice Department decided in 1967 that Rockwell had to sell one of these interests as a result of violations of anti-trust laws.

Thanks to this the IAI (Israel Aircraft Industries) was able to purchase the Jet Commander rights and designs in 1968.

The Westwind Aircraft now renamed Westwind Jet was initially manufactured in 1972, with modified wings that boasted fuel tanks on the wing tips.

It has a fuselage that had been elongated in order to carry up to 10 passengers, as well as brand new Honeywell TFE731-3 engines for increased efficiency.

"Westwind Jet Charter Flights"

westwind aircraft, private jet, private plane, private aircraft

The WESTWIND JET has a sumptuous interior that often includes a stretched couch seating three individuals.

Its competitive performance characteristics, the IAI Westwind I is a perfect private Light Private Jet for the busy executive looking to get around in style.

The Westwind private jet start’s at $2,000 per hour and up. The Westwind private jet.

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"WESTWIND Private Jet, Information"

The design and production rights for the Jet Commander were sold to Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) in 1968.

IAI completed production of the 1121 Commodore Jets then introduced a stretched version called the Commodore Jet 1123.

"Westwind Jet Charter"

  1. "9 passengers (all leather seating)."

  2. "2800 Statute Miles range."

  3. "500 MPH Cruising speed."

  4. "323 cubic feet cabin size."

  5. "Fully enclosed lavatory."

  6. "Refreshment center with choice of snacks and beverages."

  7. "Flat-screen TV with DVD, Sony Play Station II, CD stereo with surround sound and wireless headsets."

In 1976 IAI introduced the Westwind (model 1124). The Westwind came equipped with the efficient Honeywell TFE731-3 engines and a modified wing with tip tanks.

The Jet Commander is one of the most frequently seen of the business jets along with the Lear.

The Commander’s appearance is also unique with a long, slim fuselage and short wings set far back.

It is also one of the smaller of the business jets and one of the most economical to operate, consuming only about 225 gallons per hour.

The Jet Commander is so easy to control that flight controls are not boosted hydraulically and there is no artificial stall-warning device.

In a deliberate stall, the Jet Commander will not fall off either wing. When Israel Aircraft industries began production of the Commodore Jet, several improvements.

Increased takeoff weight, strengthened landing gear, greater fuel capacity, and improved performance.

The 1123 Westwind features a longer cabin, auxiliary wingtip fuel tanks, more powerful engines, two additional cabin windows, and modified wing leading edges.

The 1124 Westwind is the long-range version utilizing two 3,700-lb. s.t. Garrett turbofans with an 8,620-gallon fuel capacity.

The 1123 converted to the 1124 when Garrett TFE731 turbofans were added. That model changed to the 1124A Westwind 2 with improved hot and high performance, better fuel economy and longer range.

You deserve to travel in style, and this is why Central Jet Charter Inc., has become so popular.

We pay attention to every detail to ensure that you experience the highest standards of air travel.

With a stretched fuselage compared to previous models, the Westwind boasts plenty of legroom for its passengers, who’ll also appreciate the touches style and sophistication in the cabin area.

An ample 15.5-foot cabin length gives travellers room to stretch out, plus there’s 50 cubic feet of storage room available for their belongings.

There’s also an enclosed lavatory for added convenience

The Westwind Private Jet has a 104-gallon fuel tank for long range flight was later added and thus the Westwind I was born.

This is a quality light private jet capable of non-stop cross-country flights at a maximum speed of 450 mph, and for a maximum distance of 2,100 miles.

This type of performance, combined with its cabin features, mean passengers on this executive jet will relax in comfort for the duration of nonstop itineraries.

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"Charter Private Jets, the WESTWIND JET!"

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A large number of interior changes were also made, and the revamped aircraft was called the Westwind II, replacing the original design in production.

The pressurized cabin can seat up to seven passengers. The interior arrangement can be altered to suit every customers requirements and needs.

The cabin is heated, pressurised and has superior leather seats similar to many other jets in this range.

The West-wind had a lengthened fuselage, more powerful engines and tip tanks. The longer fuselage could accommodate up to ten passengers.

"Westwind Jet Private Aircraft Charter"

westwind jet interior

The first Israel-built Westwind 1123 flew on September 28, 1970 and 36 had been delivered when production ceased in mid 1976 in favour of the Model 1124.

This was re-engined with fuel-efficient Garrett-AiResearch TFE731 turbofans in place of the pure turbojets used in all previous models.

The first Model 1124 Westwind flew on July 21, 1975 since when production of the aircraft, known as Westwind I.

It has been running at three to four per month to meet heavy demand from United States business operators.

The pressurized cabin can accommodate up to ten passengers with a flight crew of two. The interior arrangement can be altered to suit customer requirements.

The cabin is heated, ventilated and air-conditioned. More than 90 have been delivered.

This makes it an ideal choice for shorter excursions to centers with regional or smaller airports.

Outfitted with high tech avionics, the Westwind offers business jet pilots the tools to ensure you reach your destination safely, and in complete comfort.

The Westwind for Light Jet Chartering is yet another light jet that is excellent for corporate or leisure charter.

The range and speed of the Westwind I allows for many non-stop destinations and only one stop cross-country.

Many Westwind’s include a de-van, or small interior couch which seats two or three.

The Westwind I typically seats seven, sometimes eight passengers, travels at speeds up to 450 mph, and has a range of 2,100 miles.

>Get on a flight, and get to your destination quickly and efficiently.

The Westwind is yet another light jet that is excellent for corporate or leisure charter.

The range and speed of the Westwind I allows for many non-stop destinations and only one stop cross-country.

Many Westwind’s include a de-van, or small interior couch which seats two or three.

The Westwind I typically seats seven, sometimes eight passengers, travels at speeds up to 450 mph, and has a range of 2,100 miles.

"Westwind Jet Charter Services"

westwind jet, private jet charter flights

The aircraft only needs a takeoff distance of 5,125 feet allows the Westwind to reach smaller airports that aren’t accessible by larger vessels.

This versatile business jet is typically configured to accommodate seven executives comfortably, however, it can seat up to 10 if the need arises.

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